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Not in the mood...ever? Why women lose their sex drive

It is not surprising that women are overall less interested in having sex everyday compared to men. While sex is suppose to be pleasurable, some women are just not into it at some moments. However, not being in the mood for eternity is just not healthy. If you feel you've lost interest in sex altogether then it may be time to visit your doctor.

Otherwise known as hypoactive sexual disorder or HSDD, this is a common sexual dysfunction found in women. These women have just lost their interest in sex. Moreover, the problem is not only psychological but can also be seen in how their bodies react during sex.

Below are some of the most common causes why a woman's sex drive can go quickly downhill:

  • Stress. A woman trying to balance a family and at the same time work is highly likely to suffer from stress. Juggling both of these inefficiently can increase anxiety thus affecting the mood for sex. The last thing that a woman would like to think about when they've work so hard during the day while taking care of their kids is to have sex. The body just cannot deal with it even though sex is supposed to release all that tension in you. Working smartly while having enough rest can be a simple solution to this problem.
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    Lack of rest. A lack of sleep can greatly affect sexual drive. When the body is not well rested, hormones can go haywire leaving women uneasy and irritable. Take some time to doze off. Sleep in a room that is conducive for sleeping. Take a few minutes off after a difficult chore or simply sit down and read a book to relax your mind.
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    Overactive bladder. This can lower your self-confidence thus decreasing sexual desire if the leak happened once during a sexual encounter. Emptying the bladder before sexual intimacy might just help save the day.
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    Birth control pills and other hormone-based contraceptives. While it is supposed to give women all the freedom to have sex and forget about having an unwanted pregnancy, contraceptives can also on have a negative effect on their sex drive. Estrogens and progesterone levels are controlled with the use of contraceptive pills. Levels of these sex hormones have a significant effect on a woman's sex drive. Injectable contraceptives are also more likely to drop libido. Consulting your gynecologist is the best way to choose the right contraceptive that will not affect your mood for sex.
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    Medications. Drugs such as anti-depressants can have a devastating effect on a woman's sexual drive. Some of these medications include Valium, TCAs, or MAOIs. If you are taking maintenance drugs for hypertension, diabetes, and allergies these can also have a significant influence on the body's processes during sex. These drugs can affect the release of lubrication in your vagina making sex less pleasurable. Switching to another brand by consulting your physician can be very helpful.
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    Menopause. This is simply something that cannot be avoided. Hormones which are mainly responsible for arousal are depleted. It can cause the vaginal wall to dry out making sex painful. It can make you feel irritable, old, and no longer sexy. Using hormone replacement therapy can help women cope with this stage in their lives. However, hormone replacement therapy may not be for everyone. These types of therapies are quite expensive and have their own share of side effects. Those looking for an alternative to hormone therapies could get the same benefits of this type of treatment by using libido enhancement pills. Aside from giving women better libido it also helps in their overall sexual health.

Libido Enhancement Pills

Sex can be the fuel that keeps the flame of a relationship burning. Losing the appetite for sex can be a limiting factor in expressing one's appreciation of their partner. The stress of everyday living can have a negative effect on our sex lives but for those times when we need to take it up a notch, libido enhancement pills like HerSolution natural libido supplements can be the solution women have always been looking for.

HerSolution libido supplements offer women a natural way of increasing their sex drive without the fear of side effects. They increase the amount of lubrication, eliminating the pain felt during intercourse. They'll help you want sex more, enjoy it more, and get that drive back into your sex life.

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