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5 Convoluted Sexual Myths on The True Nature of Female Desire 

8 years ago 8 minute read

Men want sex more than women, right? Society has believed this statement to be true for years and years. Yet, recently scientists have begun to find that just the opposite rings true. Women want to have sex just as badly as men. In fact, women might be even kinkier than men.

So, you may ask, if this is the truth, why are the experts preaching the exact opposite – and for so long? Is it that women are evolving? Has something else been hindering the female sex drive?

There is hardly any truth behind the sexual myths everyone knows to be “true.” Here are five completely haywire myths, with their sexual facts close behind them.

1. Men Are Sexually Programmed To Want Sex

MenFor thousands of years, science has backed up the claim that men are simply more sexually driven beings than women.

The earlier majority of people believed that men want sex more, and women are much less enthusiastic about the activity.

Even if a woman wants sex, it is as if it is a one-time thing, whereas men crave it all of the time. However, recent studies are proving that women can get down, too. In fact, women are sexually animalistic when compared to men, in these recent studies.

It was always been common knowledge that the presence of testosterone indicates sex drive. Testosterone is the sex hormone that is present in both men and women. Because men have more testosterone, professionals think that they have escalating sex drives.

WomenRecent studies prove that testosterone does indeed coincide with a stronger sex drive. There are other factors that influence the mood, as well. The heavier influence, according to these researchers, was the happiness of the woman in her relationship. The majority of women who indicated that they were horny often were all in happy, healthy relationships.

Stereotypically speaking, women are more emotional than men. The fact that women have an emotional response to a physical act should then not be surprising.

What is surprising, though, is that more women claim to be sexually driven far more frequently than the researchers expected.

2. Men Think About Sex More Than Women

First, the researchers determined that women want sex just as often as men do. The next step, then, was to determine how often women think about sex.

It’s no secret that most men think about sex often throughout the day. In fact, the average man thinks about sex close to 20 times per day, whereas women ranged in at 10 times per day. While the female statistic is not as high as the male’s, it is worth observing the societal standards set forth for both sexes.

It is socially acceptable for men to think about sex. One popular belief is that men think about sex every seven seconds. However, that would equate to over 500 times in one hour, and over 8,000 times in one day. While experts believe that men are sexually charged, the above figures are almost a little too unrealistic.

For one reason or another, the concept of stud and slut shaming is all too real. Society has made it acceptable for men to crave and go after sex, while a woman is slutty if she does so. Therefore, why would a woman admit to thinking about sex, especially if she is not in a committed relationship?

Women think about sex more oftenResearchers claim that this societal impact weighs heavily on the female sex drive. When delved into, researchers found that women think about sex more often than men. However, the women need to be in happy, healthy relationships.

Looking at this from a neurological stand point can affect the findings, as well. Men can only think about one thing at a time. Therefore, if a man wants to think about sex, then he will likely think about sex. The average female brain can juggle anywhere up to seven different tasks or thoughts, all at once. Therefore, if she is thinking about sex, then she likely push it to the back burner, either out of shame, or due to a lack of time or energy.

It looks like men and women are now on an even playing field when it comes to sexy thoughts. Let’s see how women are actually more animalistic in their sex drive.

3. Men Want to Have Crazier Sex Than Women

PornSimilarly to the previous two myths, it has always been popular belief that men are more sexually experimental and creative compared to their female cohorts. However, this is where it actually gets interesting.

In a recent study into the female sex drive, both men and women watched various genres of porn. Researchers studied both men and women using monitors that tracked sexual responses from the genitals in addition to a survey that was provided.

The findings were interesting. Most men admitted that heterosexual porn made them incredibly excited, and the genital monitor verified this answers. Women, however, were all over the place.

Turned onSome women that they got turned on by homosexual porn, both men with men and women with men, animal sex and much, much more. Most women did not admit this in the survey, however the genital monitor told the researchers otherwise.

More than likely, most women did not want to admit to these sexual feelings, or perhaps they do not even recognize that they had them.

One theorist believes that societal norms have sexually repressed many women. Therefore, it is quite probably, according to this theorist, that women cannot even fathom the sexual desires within them.

Women might have more wild sexual imaginations, but they are supposed to crave monogamy. Right? Wrong.

4. Women Are Better Suited For Monogamy

MonogamyHere is another myth created from a societal standard. If you ask anyone, most women want to settle down and raise a family. However, the United States Census Bureau is reporting that more and more women are refusing to get married or have children.

In fact, the average age for marriage has now risen to approximately 30 years of age. This statistic shows that women are not as driven by society’s view of the ideal monogamous situation. This is not to say that women want to go be sexually promiscuous and have multiple partners. However, the truth is that women are not as hard-wired for monogamy as popular belief tells us.

In recent findings, women tend to become bored in their sexual scenarios. This boredom is likely to lead to more sexual thoughts and branching outside the monogamous relationship.

5. Men Don’t Feel Guilty About Their Lust

Men reported feeling guiltyThe proof is in the pudding. Women are just as sexual as men, if not more so sexually driven. This last research finding deals with the emotions behind sexual thoughts. While society deems it normal for men to have high sexual interests, it turns out that women feel no qualms about their sexual desires.

In a recent study, most men reported feeling guilty about their sexual thoughts. Even the men did not state it directly selected answers along the lines of feeling badly for how often they entertained thoughts about sex.

Women, on the other hand, had no remorse for their sexual thoughts. Perhaps this is because women tend to not realize their sexual charge, or maybe women are starting to embrace their sexuality.

Sexual thoughtsWomen are just as sexually aroused as men, if not more. More than likely, these findings are startling for men and women alike.

If anything is going to change, then women need to embrace their sexuality and come to terms with their own personal desires.

Here are some ways to embrace your own sexuality.

  • Find Your Sexy

ExercisingWomen need to feel sexy in order to crave sex and enjoy it. In order to feel sexier, you should try exercising and eat healthy. Once you love the skin you are in, you are sure to enjoy passionate sex.

If you are having some trouble feeling sexy, consulting the help of a doctor, counselor or natural supplement is nothing to be ashamed of, especially in the modern day and age.

There are also OTC natural alternatives, such as the HerSolution lubricant. The HerSolution lubricant works to increase sex drive in women. This in turns make women feel better and confident about themselves.

Lubricants are an effective solution for many women who have never experienced satisfying sexual intimacy, as well.If you are interested in lubricants, speak with your doctor before using them. Your doctor can check to your medical history, allergies and special needs better than anyone else.

  • Find An Emotional Connection

Emotional ConnectionOnce you are in a committed relationship, you should work on finding that passionate spark between you two. Too often,monotonous routines keep adults busy. Finding time for the two of you will help improve your bedroom situation.

This emotional connection will also help you feel comfortable in your sexuality. Society seems to have deemed it unacceptable for a woman to be sexual, but with your partner, you should feel comfortable and free to express your desires.

If at any time you are uncomfortable, talk to your partner. If the problem is your relationship, acknowledge this is not the relationship for you and move on.

  • Start Small

Have a conversationOnce you decide to let your sexual drive empower you, you should start small and work your way up to enjoying sex better. Have a conversation with your partner about your sexual desires, and gradually find your sexuality.

There is no rush. If anything, enjoy this new found sexual freedom with your partner. After all, your partner will love the new and happier you.

Women are more than capable and genetically programmed to enjoy sex, just as much as men are. Out with the old outdated sexual myths, and in with a healthier female sexual desire.