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Science Behind Women and Sex: What Makes Her Scream for More

8 years ago 15 minute read

After you bagged that promotion after a year of hard work, you wanted nothing more than to go back home and celebrate with your girlfriend. One thing led to another and you ended up having sex. Everything seemed to be going well, until you realized that your girl was faking her orgasm for your benefit. These disturbing findings may have propelled you to find ways to make her scream for more.

There are many men who spend their entire lives trying to unravel the mystery behind women and sex. Even though they try hard, they are unable to make their women experience the ultimate orgasm. In this article, you will learn some secrets on how to please a woman sexually and impress your girl, and perhaps even attract her forever.

Let’s start out straightaway with the ways you can make her scream for more.

1. Hold Your Horses: The G-Spot Might Not Even Exist

Your initiation into adulthood included extensive lessons on how to find your girl’s G-spot. Popular opinion held that the moment you were able to discover that ever elusive spot, you would hold the key to turn on any member of the female sex.

Sorry to say, the scientists at King’s College in London are here to shatter all those myths. They said that the concept of the G spot was a fallacy. Though there are indeed some areas inside a woman’s vagina which are overly sensitive to stimulation, it would be wrong to restrict it as only one singular spot.

Don’t get all discouraged, as this finding has not yet been validated by other studies, as of yet. We would advise you to clip your nails and attempt to find if your girlfriend has a G spot in case you want to know how to please a woman with your hands. If not, clitoral stimulation should do the job just fine.

Besides, do not forget to use your hands generously on your woman’s body in order to make her excited. Once she is all excited, it will be easy for you to make her orgasm.

2. Women and Sex: Are They Physically Aroused Without Knowing It?

You might experience the minutest of sexual stimuli and get an erection immediately, but for women, the narrative is quite different. Though the blood flow to their vagina and the perking up of their nipples might suggest they are physically aroused, they might not even be aware of it. There are four reasons for this:

  • This is because the genital stimulation in women having sex is well hidden and they become aware of their arousal much later.sexually active woman
  • Even the most sexually active woman could think twice before giving expression to her sexuality, due to the stigma associated with the arousal of women.
  • The vagina produces lubrication on receiving stimuli as an auto reflexive mechanism, without analyzing whether those are sexually desirable or not.
  • The women’s brain has an area known as the anterior cingulated cortex or the ACC. It gets your girl turned on when you are working that hot body of yours, but inhibits the genital stimulation.

Going by all this information, you must have realized that if you want to know how to make love satisfactorily, you should make extra efforts. It is essential to create the romantic atmosphere and perfect your sex game, so that she gasps for air at the end of intercourse. Girls are complex and you should be patient enough to arouse them fully.

3. Sex, The Well Hidden Secret Behind Her Happiness

When psychologists hold counseling sessions with depressed women, they usually ask questions related to their sexuality. One of the first questions they ask is whether they are having sex at least three times on a weekly basis.

In this day and age, women decide to settle for mediocre sex more often than not. This is because they feel overwhelmed with their busy schedules and their low self-esteem. Moreover, they think that asking their male partners to deliver what they want in bed would label them as being promiscuous.

Studies have shown that the women, regardless of age, who had sex frequently had better overall health and well-being than the women who didn’t. Researchers have still not discovered the exact relation between sex and women’s happiness. One thing is for sure: If you wish to please her in bed, you must keep her happy, and vice versa.

4. Spirituality and Sex Go Hand in Hand

intimacyWho, in their right mind, would even think of associating women’s sexuality with their spirituality, right? But, a study found that more spiritual or morally correct women were more likely to have unprotected sex frequently with a large number of sexual partners.

Before you start muttering “this is ridiculous,” under your breath, let us assure you that this is completely legitimate. When women become spiritual, they start ascribing a divine value to sex, based on the principles of human harmony and interconnectedness. On the other hand, since men don’t usually visualize sex as a medium to emotional intimacy as much as women do, spirituality would only suppress their sexuality.

Take her to church and allow her to meditate. Buy her those Paolo Coelho books if needed. As long as she is a naughty girl at night, it shouldn’t matter.

5. The Guilt Trip: Women Will Always Be Holier Than Thou

You must know that being in a long term relationship is not one of the easiest things in the world. Usually, men do not attach a high emotional value to infidelity. They are more analytical, and thus gravitate towards finding reasons to justify their actions.

A study discovered that men would feel guilty if they cheated on their partners, whereas women would feel guilty if they fell in love or got attracted to another guy. Socializing agents and educational practices directed towards women built up the inherent anxious aggressive guilt in them, a trend completely absent in men.

Men are hard wired to give preferences to their sexual impulses. On the other hand, women find it hard to commit an emotional transgression for fear that it would case their partner immense pain.

6. Do You Want to Have Sizzling Sex?

sizzling sexIn general, women over think everything, and sex is nothing different for them; however, the sexual performance anxiety related to women and sex does more harm than good.

As soon as their brain detects the anxiety, their body triggers the release of stress hormones. These hormones negatively affect their sexual desire and performance. When women become self-conscious, they do not take interest in sex and fail to orgasm or experience climax.

If you want to make your women scream in ecstasy in the bedroom, here are some tips to make her feel comfortable and get rid of her performance anxiety:

  • Communicate: If you feel unsure of yourself before having sex, communicate your issues to your girlfriend. She will feel closer to you and get past of her shyness, sooner or later.
  • Be Loyal: Let your woman know that you will always be there for her and that she can trust you.
  • Shower Her with Compliments: Appreciate her with compliments as much as you can. As her self-confidence soars, she would forget all about her performance anxiety.
  • Make Her Comfortable: Don’t force her into having intercourse with you. Give her time to get accustomed to her vulnerability. Focus on her sexual needs and encourage her to live in the moment, keeping aside her self-doubt for some time.

7. The Horniness Scale: Women Want Sex as Much as You Do

sexual desireYou may wonder at what age do women peak sexually? The answer is around their mid-20’s. Even so, cultural stereotyping has given rise to the myth that women in general are sexually passive beings, as compared to their male counterparts.

A fertility awareness app sought to find out whether this myth had an ounce of truth to it. On analyzing the orgasm frequency and women’s sexual desire, the app found out something that was shocking. Here are those findings:

  • Half the women in the survey stressed that they would like to have sex and be pleasured at least and more than three times a week.
  • Women were more likely to have sex due to a strong emotional bond rather than sexual attraction.
  • The only thing that can get in the way of women and sex is stress and performance anxiety.
  • Most women are able to orgasm once when they are having sex.
  • In the survey, all women unanimously agreed that intercourse was crucial for a healthy relationship.

The next time you feel like she’s not in the mood, take the initiative and ask her outright. In addition, if you find that you partner doesn’t want to have sex at all, try finding the reason. There can be some underlying issues, such as an unhealthy diet, post pregnancy depression, stress, exposure to synthetic estrogens and menopause – all issues that decrease the women’s urge to indulge in sex.

not in the moodA decline in women’s libido is not unusual, and there are ways to treat it. You can help your woman by introducing her to a female enhancement supplement or gel, such as HerSolution. These effective libido supplements contain natural and safe ingredients such as niacin, cayenne, gingko biloba, mucuna pruriens, epimedium sagitattum and hops.

After using such pills, your woman could be in her sexual prime once again within a few weeks.

8. The Clitoris Conundrum

Clitoris stimulation may help your woman reach a higher level of ecstasy in the bedroom. Although this is true, you should refrain from attributing too much significance to the clitoris. This is because the engorgement of the clitoris, due to the blood flow into it, might make her feel irritable with discomfort.

The clitoris does provide a fraction of the sexual pleasure because it is equivalent of the sensitive male penis. It has numerous nerve endings, but it doesn’t affect your menstrual cycle, urination or chances of getting pregnant in any manner whatsoever. So, how men know where to draw the line?

  • Try not to rub it vigorously and aggressively with a vibrator, your finger or your tongue.
  • Gentle stroking, licking or rubbing the area near your girl’s clitoris is more than enough to get her sexually aroused.

Is your girlfriend quite active in bed? If yes, then she might want you to be more aggressive with her clitoris. It’s up to you to try out different things with her clitoris. It will help you find out the level of stimulation she will be comfortable with, so ask her and experiment.

9. It’s Fact Time: Are Horny Women Crazy?

sexually active womenYou might have heard stories about how some communities consider sexually active women to be witches or insane. Surprisingly, this idea is far older and deeply ingrained than what you may have realized.

The founder of western medicine, Hippocrates, coined the term “hysteria” from “hystera” to describe the women who were horny. According to experts, the abnormal movement of the womb throughout the female body caused the condition. Sexual desire, irritability, nervousness, outbursts and fainting are some of the symptoms of this condition.

Even the medical practitioners held on to those views until recently. The health experts used pelvic massages, hosing and vibrators to cure women with horniness. This is surely backwardness at its worst.

10. Be Prepared for Your Worst Nightmare: Your Girl Might Be Bisexual

The Psychology Department at the University of Essex conducted a study. In this study, the researchers measured the blood flow to women’s genital area, their pupil dilation and biological responses. The study found that even the women who identified themselves as straight showed sexual stimulation to both men and women’s sexual expression in the videos.

The scientists who were involved in this experiment conjectured that women are almost never entirely straight. They were rather bisexual and were hiding a secluded sexuality. This is because they tended to get turned on seeing a woman touching another woman sexually, more often than seeing a man and woman in and woman in bed

Educational experience, hormonal exposure levels, cultural assimilation and relationship history are some factors which might give the impression that usually all females are straight, when in reality, they are not.

11. Does Having Sex on Her Period Have to Be Messy Business?

No two couples will have the same sex life; however, if you are active sexually, there is no need to stop having intercourse in the middle of the month, just because your better half is having her period.

According to doctors, it is completely safe and natural to have sex when your partner is menstruating. So, you can get into some sex action, provided your sweetheart feels comfortable with the idea.

Here are a few reasons for men to have sex during women’s periods:

  • Women feel more sexual. During menstruation, a woman’s body is preparing itself for the next cycle of ovulation, which increases the hormone levels of estrogen in their body. This increase in estrogen might make her feel more sexual than during any other time of the month.
  • It is easy to take care of the mess. If you are worrying about messing up the sheets, just don’t. Having sex under the bathroom shower or a bed layered with old clothes or towels is always an option. Women can also use a female condom or a menstrual cup in order to reduce the flow.
  • menstrual cup
    Photo by Michelle Tribe / CC BY

    Stimulate her clitoris. It is fine if you don’t want to go anywhere near her vagina at this time. Learn how you can stimulate her clitoris instead. You wouldn’t have to buy lubricant from your neighborhood store for lubrication since menstrual flow would suffice.

Tip: Don’t think for one second that she won’t get pregnant if you have sex during her menstrual cycle. The ovulation stage often overlaps with the periods. So, if you don’t wear protection or she neglects taking her birth control pills, getting pregnant is a possibility.

12. The Missionary Boon: If You Are a Woman with Back Pain

Earlier physicians held the belief that spooning would cure men and women of their back pain. This is because this position would relieve the stress on the back tissues and reduce the tension on the nerves, but this is not entirely true anymore.

The scientists at the University of Waterloo in Canada found out that when women have sex lying flat on their stomachs or arching their backs, they actually make their back pain much worse than it was in the first place. On the other hand, men tend to experience back pain by sitting in the same position for a long duration or thrusting with their spines.

The study stressed that men and women should try to have sex in doggy style and in the missionary position respectively to get rid of their back pain and improve the quality of their love lives.

13. An Apple a Day Makes the Sexual Arousal Stay

appleYou might have wasted your entire life looking at how to please a woman in bed pictures when you could have just brought her a dozen apples to eat? Read on to find out more how apples can help you stay sexually aroused.

A group of researchers found that women who didn’t eat apples had significantly lower sexual functioning than women who eat apples regularly. The antioxidants and the polyphenols in apples increase the blood flow to the female genitalia, thus contributing to sexual arousal. Not only that, the phytoestrogen phloridzin in apples played a major role in vaginal lubrication.

Regular consumption of apples reduces high cholesterol levels, prevent strokes, heart attacks in men and blood fat levels in menopausal women. Is it time to bake an apple pie for dessert tonight already?

14. First Know, Then Stand Up to Your Infertility

Given the population explosion of the recent years, infertility might not seem significant until and unless you experience it yourself. Research has shown that one in 10 men and one in eight women are infertile.

The most disturbing fact about this information is that most couples prefer a false sense of security rather than seeking help to sort out their issues. What follows is the everlasting circle of feeling depressed, irritability, anger and sadness at the repeated failures of conceiving a child. Your mental health takes a toll on your sexual life, your connection, making most couples end up separating eventually.

making loveNothing in the world can beat the feeling of women making love to you. Don’t shy away from accepting your diagnosis of being infertile and seek help while there is still time left. When you look at your wife playing with the kids in the garden a few years down the line, you will be grateful for the courage it took you to make the first step.

15. Seasonal Sexuality: Is That a Thing?

Findings by researchers suggest that most people reach the peaks in sexual interest during summer and then again in winter. The Google analysts also found that users navigated porn sites more in summers. Besides, condom sales are on an all-time high and more children are born during the months of June and July than during the rest of the year.

Though the reason behind this is not clear, experts attribute the seasonal sexual arousal to seasonal changes in your hormones. With an increase in sex hormones, there is a greater chance to socialize with members of the opposite gender in the summer vacation. Besides, the increased secretion of the pheromones, along with sweat during summer also increases the chances of having frequent sexual encounter.

This article will equip you with a lot of knowledge about women and sex. With patience, love and understanding, you can enhance your sex life. A better sex life will help the man, the woman and most of all, it will improve the relationship.