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The Simple Secrets of How to Get a Man to Commit to You

7 years ago 14 minute read

Men are usually afraid to commit to a girl because of the added responsibilities they have to take on. Commitment is so rare these days. In fact, there are people who do not believe in committing to a relationship. Modern day people consider commitment to be a thing of the past, something outdated. Still there are many women who are looking to find the answer to the most common question: how to get a man to commit to you.

It might be that you have fallen head over heels for a man whom you have started spending time with. He makes you feel valued and you sense the love sparks when you are with him. You feel he is different than the guys you have dated earlier. Unfortunately, the only thing that is missing in your lovable relationship is commitment.

There is always a possibility that the man you are in love with does not want to commit, no matter what you do to make him happy. You prepare his favorite dinner, tell him how much you love him, and perform well in bed, but you still find that he is not going that extra mile to make you secure.

When you realize that your guy is in love with you, but is not committing to a relationship, there are few things you should do. In this article, we will discuss how you can get your man to commit to you. So, let’s start with our magic tips:

1. Remember: Men and Women Are Different

You need to understand that the level of emotional attachments of both men and women are different. Women tend to develop an emotional attachment much sooner than men. This is the reason women long for security and commitment rather quickly in a relationship.

When women don’t get that commitment, they start to worry about the fate of their relationship. Women want to make their partners feel the same emotional attachment, but they fail to realize that men are emotionally stronger them women.

It is essential to keep in mind that relationships with ingredients such as love, respect, perseverance and loyalty are bound to stay longer. Without all these, the relationship turns into artificial with no strings attached.

2. Find Out If the Relationship Is Worth Committing

Mr. RightYou need to take care of your emotional well-being prior to finding the answer to the question: how to get a man to commit?

It is vital that you put some effort into finding a man good enough for you. Gradually, know about him more and decide if he is your Mr. Right. You should not involve any emotional baggage while making the choice. You need to make sure that your guy believes in a healthy relationship. If you are dubious, you may ask him if he has some serious expectations from you.

Don’t jump to conclusions if your guy is not making any commitment. Assuming that he isn’t playing with your feelings or you aren’t dealing with sexual infidelity, it might be possible that he is an emotional unavailable man. In such a case, he may not find it easy to commit to you because he simply doesn’t know how to communicate his emotions.

Society has taught guys to establish a firm exterior. They consider man to be weak if they openly express their distress, vulnerability, and other emotions.

3. Give Him the Confidence to Confide in You

listenYour partner should be comfortable enough to tell you everything about himself. The more they will confide in you, the more confident they will become about the relationship.

When they share their woes with you, listen to them patiently.  If you realize that they need you mentally and physically, let them know that you will provide them all the support they need. However, refrain from giving any advice when they discuss their problems with you.

During such weak moments, they are not looking for your wise advice, but your emotional support.

4. How to Get a Man to Commit: Create an Intimate Connection

The guy you are in a relationship with should be attracted to you sexually. Remember, it is the spicy ingredient of every connection. If he doesn’t feel a sense of sexual attachment with you, then whatever you do to get him may not matter. It might not be the only feature needed for a strong relationship, but is definitely one of the significant one. This is the reason it is vital that you try your best to remain attractive at all times.

Attractiveness does not only convey your outer beauty, but your persona too. There are women who reduce their overall appeal by harboring feeling of low confidence, low self-esteem, and huge insecurities. They keep on thinking that they have some flaw in their appearance. When you are not confident of your appearance, it reflects on your overall personality.

your appearanceYou should bear in mind that you won’t be able to attract any man with this laidback attitude. Whatever flaws you may have in your appearance; they become more enhanced when you are not confident. Understand that nobody is perfect and no man will expect perfection from their woman.

When you are able to carry your flaws confidently, you look more beautiful. Thus, it is vital that you tailor your thought pattern and alters your appearance to look confident and alluring to your partner. Eat healthily, spend more time in the gym, and develop sexy body language.

5. Enhance Your Sexual Potency With Natural Treatments

If you think that you lack libido and are not able to satisfy your man in bed, you can take help of female enhancement pills from HerSolution. This supplement is available as a gel and tablets to increase women’s desire to have steamy sex. The best thing about this product is that it is completely natural, and thus free of any side effects.

You don’t have to worry about any unusual hormonal fluctuations while taking this supplement.

6. Become a Guide and a Motivator

encourageHave you ever considered what makes you unique to your man? It is your ability to understand and inspire him. You need to offer him something more than sex, if you truly want him to value you and treat you as a substantial part of his life.

Ask yourself what you are providing to your partner other than just sex. Sex isn’t enough for a long relationship. You should become their guide too. Try to inspire and encourage them to do better in life. You should know that most men harbor hidden fears of failures in their life and career.

Your real mission should be to motivate them and make them feel confident about their contributions. Stimulate them constantly to fulfill their aspirations, dreams and hopes. If you want to know how to get a man to commit after a divorce, you have to work a bit harder. But, when you will follow these tips, you will surely get back your ex-spouse.

7. Learn Why Curiosity is Vital and How to Develop It in Your Guy

One effective tip on how to get a man to commit to long distance relationship is to make yourself treasured to them. You shouldn’t present yourself as just an ordinary woman to your man. Work to make your qualities stand out. First, you need to instill that fact in yourself that you are special and also make him aware of the same.

It is essential that you maintain your dignity and refrain from jumping at his every gesture. Sometimes, do not answer to his texts immediately. This attitude will let him feel that you are a busy woman and you have many other significant things to focus on in your life.

your friendsYou should plan time for yourself and your friends. Let them know politely that you have other plans and will meet him some other time. Eventually, they will come to realize that you have your own opinions, thoughts, and life.

These simple things will create curiosity in him and will drive him crazy for you. Men do not pay much heed to women whose world revolves around their men. Thus, make him inquisitive and do not always spell it out for him.

Tip: Are you wondering how to get a man to chase you? Become unavailable to him for a few days.

8. Get to Know His Family and Friends Better

If your man introduces you to his family, get a hint that he likes you. For a majority of people, their family is the most imperative part of their life. If a man acquaints you with his family members, he is making sure that no major issues appear later if he decides to commit to you.

You need to consider it honestly and make sure that their entire family likes you. When you will manage to have the approval of their family, they will be ready to take the relationship to the next level.

get along with his friendsIt is also essential to get along with his friends. Once you become familiar with his friends, it will become easy for you to blend with his life. The approval of his friends might mean a lot to him. If his friends like you and they appreciate their friend’s choice, chances are that you are more likely to develop a long-term relationship.

9. Don’t Try to Change Him: Acceptance is the Key

You may like to change your life in accordance to your new relationship, whereas your man may not think so. You may plan to purchase a new house, change your job, have kids, and take vacations together. While on the other hand, your man might not be ready to change to a new routine.

If you plan to change his life according to your relationship needs, he might start to feel insecure and threatened. You should make small gestures to make him understand that you aren’t taking over his life. Make sure that he can still make plans according to his own wish and has his own space.

Push him to go out and spend time with his own friends, while you do the same. If men feel they have their own space, they will want you to be closer. This will make your man realize that you are a good and understanding spouse.

10. Take the Pressure Off His Shoulders

go off to the beachAccept his vices and faults. If he wants to watch sports, don’t get irritated. Instead, get busy catch up with a girlfriend, or go off to the beach. Gradually, he will become interested in you. It is essential that you spend some time apart in order to give him the opportunity to miss you.

This is an easy yet powerful tip on how to get a man commit to marriage. Burst your guy’s myth that being married means a life of monotony instead it would be a life of exploration if he were to commit to you.

11. Be Loyal to Your Guy to Gain His Eternal Love

You should know that men are actually serious when it comes to the subject of loyalty. No matter what your partner says, they are insecure about their sexual desirability and appeal. Your partner will be more willing to commit to you if they find out that you are completely loyal to them and that you consider them to be a handsome man.

This means you shouldn’t flirt in front of him and refrain from discussing your past relationships, even when he asks you to share.

Your narratives might bring him close to you for some time being, but in the long term he might start to suspect you. When your relationship hits a rocky spot, he might feel that you will leave him. So, make sure that you make your man realize how significant he is in your life. Do not ever compare him and his qualities with other men.

make a guy love youWhen you are thinking how to make a guy love you, keep in mind that men fall in love with women who make them feel good about themselves.

If you are in love with a man, pick out a number of things about him that you truly adore and admire. Give him compliments on those things and make sure that he knows how much you appreciate him exactly the way he is. Never ask a man to change for you. He will dislike it and gradually the relationship won’t last.

12. Make a Man Stay in Love With You

Don’t be a drama queen in front of your man. Trying to keep your naggings to a bare minimum is essential. Men want to be with a woman who is easy to be with. You may be surprised to know, but usually guys don’t appreciate high-maintenance women who do nothing but complain and express their every want and need.

If your life is full of drama, it is essential that you simplify it in order to enjoy a long term, meaningful relationship. In general, men are looking for easy-going, fun-loving women who are emotionally stable.

If your guy has not confessed his love to you, don’t panic. Make him understand that there is no harm in stating his live for you. Remember, if your man doesn’t tell you that he loves you then he is certainly afraid of commitment and is never going to commit to you.

13. Avoid Nagging Him: It Makes Him Disinterested In You

lose his temperIf you want to know how to get a man to commit to a relationship then the first thing you need to do is stop nagging him. He might lose his temper when you start nagging him about one thing over and over again.

There isn’t anything more annoying for a man than a messed up, nagging, and whiny woman. If you are doing it frequently, it’s high time you stop this. The only thing that you will achieve with this type of behavior is that he will drive away from you. Once he gets disinterested in you, it will become possibly tough to get him back.

In order to make him yours, simply embrace this powerful tactic: Allow him some freedom. However, not too much that he can cheat on you. You can find other ways to spill out what is bothering you and sometimes being silent is the best treatment.

When you become quiet for some time, he will start to wonder what is going on in your mind.

14. Do not Manipulate Him to Commit to You

cryIf manipulation is your answer to how to get a man to marry you, then you should know that this technique might work out in the beginning, but fail later in life.

When your partner will come to know of your sneaky plans, he will no longer share the same trust with you again. You should know that no one likes being in a relationship with someone who is manipulative and deceitful. So, whatever you are doing, you shouldn’t cry, beg, or blackmail to make him to commit to the relationship.

15. Avoid Giving Him an Ultimatum

The waiting game causes anxiety, especially if you have been waiting for more than a year or two for your partner to finally commit to you. Fear can lead to threats.

In your desperation, you might make the mistake of giving your man an ultimatum. In other words, you might tell your partner that if he isn’t committing to the relationship then you might have to end it. This may seem like a decent approach, but it isn’t. If you threaten him to pop the question, he may run away from you.

Women who use commitment threats on their man apparently don’t realize that this form of pressure and bossy attitude usually causes the death of the relationship. Slowly, he might start to romanticize the freedom that comes with being single.

If you are looking for more tips, read how to get a man to commit by Steve Harvey.

16. Enjoy Your Time Together

enjoy the timeMake your partner enjoy the time that he is spending with you. He should be at ease and comfortable with you. A man decides whether he wants to be with a woman or not based on how he feels when spending time with her.

When you are with your guy, allow yourself to be in the moment. Forget the glitches between you and your man for just a few seconds and take a look around, notice your surroundings. Engage with them. If they make you feel a certain way share that with your partner. This is an initiation for a connection.

Be open to your partner and get rid of all the resentment inside. Don’t let your mind wander. You might be with your partner, buy your mind is elsewhere, still at work, or thinking about other chores. Drop this.

17. Let Him Know What You Want

You might have given him more than a few hints about what you want from your relationship. However, you need to be clear about your relationship. He needs to understand that you are seeking a long lasting connection.

get marriedExplain things to him so that he understands. If you are planning to get married eventually, you should just tell him about this. Also, if you want kids, relate to him that as well. Make sure that you both are at the same plane before committing else it might become difficult in future to get things together.

After reading these tips, you must have got answers to the most commonly asked question by women: how to get a man to commit. So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips to convince the guy who hasn’t yet decided to commit to you. However, it is essential that you both love each other and you haven’t misread his signals.