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31 Super Hilarious Fun Facts About Sex – Laugh So Hard You’ll Cry

7 years ago 14 minute read

When it comes to sex, adjectives such as romantic, pleasing, arousing and the like come to mind. No one thinks of sex as something that can make you laugh your pants off. In fact, while having sex is far from being funny, talking about it can be hilarious.

Sex jokes won’t get you into the mood, but fun facts about sex can definitely lift it. Learning a few things about the way our bodies work and weird stuff about other people is a great way to spend your lunch break. Interesting facts about sex can make your day, so why not learn a few?

Fun Facts About Sex You Don’t Want to Miss

Even if you have no chances of having sex today, you can still get an excellent laugh reading these hilarious sex facts. Take a break to enjoy a good read.

1. Men Lost Penile Spines Due to Evolution

enjoy sexual intercourse longerDid you know that penises used to have spines? Scientists believe that our ancestors used to have penile spines, just as primates possess nowadays. Spines are required to complete the mating procedure as fast as possible before another male can fertilize the female. So losing the spines allowed men to enjoy sexual intercourse longer.

2. The Left Testicle Usually Hangs Lower Than the Right One

Did you just reach down to check? About 65 percent of women have a larger left breast. About the same percentage of men have a lower left testicle. Why? There is no exact answer. Some scientists believe it’s somehow related to body temperature regulation.

3. 70 Percent of People Fantasize About Others During Sex

More than two-thirds of both men and women have fantasized about people other than their partners during sex. Are you one of them? There is nothing terrible about it. Just make sure your partner doesn’t find out or it can backfire.

4. Men Can Have a Nipple Orgasm

Did you know that nipples in men are an erogenous zone? Most men and women don’t realize on the fun they are missing. Nipple orgasm is not easy to achieve but it’s doable and the sensations men get are unbelievable.

5. Orgasm Can Cure Headaches

HeadachesAn interesting fun fact you might have missed is that sex can be your doctor. The rush of endorphins produced when you are having an orgasm can numb different kinds of pains, including migraines, morning sickness, PMS cramps and even hiccups.

6. The Clitoris Is Designed Solely for Pleasure

The clitoris is not a small female penis as men tend to think. It’s much better. Clitoris is the only organ in the human body which is designed solely for the purpose of getting pleasure. The clitoris contains over 8,000 sensory nerve fibers while a penis has about 4,000. Just like the penis does for men, a clit hardens when a woman is aroused.

7. Your Ring Finger is a Penis Size Indicator

A study was done to show the connection between fingers and penises. It turned out that the longer a man’s ring finger is in relation to the index finger, the longer his penis is. So girls have an advantage of learning a guy’s penis size by just taking a close look at his hands.

8. Educated White Women Have Plenty of Anal Sex

Anal sex is something not many people are ready to talk about since there is still some stigma associated with it. A recent study showed that over 36 percent of women have tried anal sex, but only 13.2 percent had it within the past year. The researchers found that young white women in their 20’s with a higher level of education had anal sex more often than any other group.

9. Men Get More Aroused on Thanksgiving

pumpkin pieRecent studies showed that the smell of pumpkin increases the blood flow to the penis and works as an aphrodisiac. When men get a whiff of that tasty pumpkin pie, they immediately start having carnal thoughts. So if the traditional pumpkin pie is on your menu, it makes sense to get ready for fun-filled Thanksgiving night.

10. Men Who Do Housework Get Less Sex

You would think that when men do more housework, they get rewarded with more sex? Not at all. In a study done by March Institute and the University of Washington, the researchers looked at 4,500 married couples. It turned out that when the woman did all the female housework, the couple had sex 1.6 times more often than when men did all the chores.

The more cooking and cleaning a guy did, the less sex he got; however, the study also showed that couples who divided their labor more or less equally were less likely to divorce.

11. Penis Size Decreases with Age

Since with age the blood flow and the testosterone levels decrease, the penis starts to gradually shrink. By the time a man reaches his sixties, he may lose about one cm of penis size. By the time he is 70, his member might shrink by one and a half cm.

Overweight guys have smaller penises too. The penis base is inside the body. When the belly fat comes down, it extends over the penis base. That’s why men who have belly fat seem to have smaller penises.

12. A Surprising 85 Percent of Women Are Happy with Their Partner’s Penis Size

satisfied with their partner’s penis sizeWhile the common belief is still: “the larger the better,” the bedrooms show otherwise. In a recent study, 66 percent of men reported that they had an average penis size, while 22 percent said they had a large penis, and 12 percent rated theirs as small. Meanwhile 85 percent of women said that they were fully satisfied with their partner’s penis size.

At the same time only 55 percent of men said they were happy with what the nature gave them, while 45 percent wanted their penis to be larger and only 0.2 percent wished it was smaller.

13. More Than 50 Percent of Women Get a Sex Flush

If during sex you notice red spots on your partner’s body, there is no reason to stop and call a doctor. What these spots mean is that your mate is about to have an orgasm. About 65 percent of women and 25 percent of men get these red spots that are called sex flush.

They look like measles and appear on the face, neck, buttocks and chest. The cause is the increased blood flow below the skin surface.

14. Americans Love Car Sex

sex outsideHaving sex outside the bedroom is fun. Sometimes couples, especially young ones, don’t have the option of doing it in a bedroom, so they need to get creative. Others need to get an adrenaline rush.

People come up with weird places to make love at. Americans like to do it in their cars. A recent study showed that 48 percent of U.S. residents believe that sex in the car is incredibly exciting and they would choose it over sex in a bedroom. The next most exciting place to have sex at is an airplane.

Interesting Facts About Sex You’ll Be Surprised to Learn

While fun facts about the human body can blow your mind away, there are some interesting facts that might turn out to be useful. Let’s face it, people have been making love for thousands of years. They had plenty of time to learn a few fascinating things.

15. Sex Clears Up Your Sinuses

Ever feel as if your nose is stuffy and then it magically clears up after sex? There is no magic about it. When you have an orgasm, you get a rush of adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone that causes nose tissues to shrink. Your passageways open up and you can breathe freely.

16. Average Penis Size is 5.5 inches

penis lengthEvery man wonders how his penis compares to the rest of the world. The time has come to find out that what you might have thought was small is actually average. Men tend to think that they have size problems when they usually don’t.

An average flaccid penis length is between 2.8 and 3.9 inches, while the average erect penis length is between 4.7 and 6.3 inches. You can say that you have a small penis if it’s less than 1.6 cm when flaccid and less than three inches when erect. Only men with such sizes are candidates for penile lengthening.

17. Women Burn Less Calories During Sex Than Men Do

One of the fascinating facts about sex is that it burns calories. While it can’t replace the gym, it can give you an effective workout. It turns out that men get a better workout than women do. A recent study showed that while making love a man burns an average of 101 calories and a woman only 69.

Sounds unfair? No need to get upset. Women get plenty of great benefits from sex, such as a vibrant appearance, clear skin and bright eyes.

18. Men Get 11 Erections a Day

sexually excitedAn average male gets about 11 erections during the day and a few more at night, but not all of these erections occur because the male is sexually excited. The reason for the morning erection still hasn’t been found. Also, a man can get an erection when he is scared, angry, nervous or otherwise stressed.

There are also reflex erections that happen for no apparent reason. They are more frequent in young males and practically disappear when a guy gets older.

19. Men Over 70 Have 30 Percent More Sex Than Women Over 70

If you though sex ends when you are a senior, you were terribly wrong. Seniors are sexually active and some can even outplay their grandchildren. Older women have less sex than men do because of health problems and lack of partners, but their number is going up thanks to new medications that can deal with vaginal dryness and the lack of desire.

If you are nearing the age of 70, there is no reason to forget about sex. There are plenty of partners waiting out there for you. Grab your Viagra or HerSolution and join the game.

20. Kisses Increase Your Lifespan

While sex is great for your health, kissing can help you live longer. One of the fun facts about kissing is that men who get a kiss from their wives before going to work live five years longer than those who don’t get the magic peck on the cheek.

The reason can be that, on the average, married men live longer than single ones since they eat healthier meals, have regular sex, and make fewer rash decisions because they have a family to care for.

Here are a few other facts about kissing you can have fun with:

  • kissThe longest kiss recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.
  • An average person spends about two weeks of his or her life locking lips.
  • Kissing burns three calories per minute.
  • Most people remember their first kiss better than their first sexual experience.
  • 10% of the world population don’t have a kissing tradition.
  • Kissing keeps your teeth clean.
  • Kissing in public is illegal in some countries.
  • Philemaphobia is a fear of kissing.
  • Kissing engages over 30 facial muscles.

Smart and Interesting Sex Facts

Now that you’ve learned all this fun and useful information, you can go on to enjoy some smart facts about sex you had no idea about. They won’t teach you how to satisfy a woman sexually or how to attract the man of your dreams but the information can turn out to be useful at the most unexpected moments.

21. A Woman’s Personality Defines the Sex Frequency

If you ever wondered how much sex some couplesare having, just take a look at the girl’s personality. If a girl is curious about different things in life and is easy to be around, most likely her partner gets lucky in bed much more often than a husband of a quiet and homely woman.

On the other hand, a man’s personality doesn’t affect the sex life frequency at all. So women can easily be called the gatekeepers of sexual relations.

22. In One Week a Man Can Produce Enough Sperm to Impregnate All Women on Earth

Photo by Ioan-Mihai Gale I / CC BY-SA

This weird fact about sex can make your job drop. Why in the world would he produce so much sperm? The answer is simple: competition. Spermatozoids constantly compete with each other. The first one that gets to the egg is the winner. So the more sperm a male manages to send to the woman’s egg, the more chances he will have to become a father instead of the next guy.

Each spermatozoid is sensitive to the dangerous world around it. In order to serve its function, it needs a certain temperature and environment. Plenty of spermatozoids die before getting into a woman’s vagina. And many break the ranks before they even get close to the egg.

23. Humanity Is Losing Their Sperm Count

You must have heard about men not being as manly as they used. There is scientific evidence to back this fact. Danish researchers found that, over the years, an average man’s sperm counts have dramatically declined. If the trend will continue, the humanity has all the chances of becoming extinct.

Why is it happening? For starters, bad habits are to blame. Smoking reduces sperm count by 15 percent. Environmental chemicals could be another reason. The scientists are doing their best to find out how to stop this unfortunate decline.

24. Homosexual Males Have Larger Penises Than Straight Men

homosexualHow do sexual preferences affect penis size? There is no answer, but the cold and hard facts show that gay men have larger members. Out of a total of 4,187 straight and 935 homosexual men who participated in the penis size study, it turns out that the average erect length for gay guys was 6.46 inches, while straight men showed 6.14 inches.

The same was true for the circumference. Straight men penises were 4.80 inches and gay men flaunted 4.95 cm. Modern scientists believe that the study is erroneous, since the penises weren’t measured at the lab. The men did the measurements themselves – perhaps some of them exaggerated a bit?

25. Switzerland Is the Most Sexually Satisfied Nation on the Planet

A study done in 2013 showed that 21 percent of Swiss guys and girls believed that their sex lives were excellent. In fact, 32 percent of the studied group had sex in public places.

Surprisingly enough, considering all this excellent sex, Swiss have the lowest rate of teen births in the world. For comparison, the teen birth rate in the United States is 10 times higher than in Switzerland.

26. A Woman Has One Orgasm for Every Three a Man Enjoys

orgasmIt’s called an orgasm gap, because 75 percent of men always reach orgasm, while only 29 percent of women do the same. Women have a harder and longer road to reaching orgasm than men do. While they have an advantage of experiencing multiple orgasms, getting to even one of them is hard.

Women who sleep with other women experience orgasms more often than heterosexual females. The reason is understanding of female anatomy and plenty of patience. Women get fewer orgasms not because something is wrong with their bodies, as Sigmund Freud believed. It happens due to a simple lack of communication.

27. Sexting is a Criminal Offense

In many countries sexting with a minor is a criminal offense. Meanwhile, around 80 percent of teens participate in sexting and 11 percent admit that they have sent sexual text messages to strangers. One of the fun facts about sexting is that it’s a great way to start foreplay, even when you are not close to your partner and that’s exactly what adults use it for.

Weird Sex Facts You’ll Be Shocked to Learn

Besides fun and interesting sex facts, there are also weird sex facts you might want to learn about. Don’t be scared, you might pick up something useful.

28. Masturbation Can Cure Depression

masturbationOne of the weird facts about masturbation is that it can cure depression. Many people report that masturbation doesn’t just satisfy their need for sex, it can also significantly lift their mood. While, officially, masturbation is not an antidepressant, some studies showed that it can increase lifespan and prevent cancer.

29. Pubic Hair Keeps You Safe From STDs

Shaving or waxing your genitals can be dangerous. The hair removal process causes skin irritation and micro traumas that can open an entryway to sexually transmitted diseases. Research showed the number of cases when people contracted STDs increased as hair removal became increasingly popular.

30. Dolphins and Apes Have Sex for Fun

Sex is a huge part of every human’s life. It’s more than just a way to reproduce. It’s an emotional, communicative and fun process that is impossible to avoid. Animals have sex for reproduction purposes. They are driven by instincts, so they mate only when the female is ovulating.

Dolphins and apes have sex all year round regardless of the menstrual cycle phase. Accordingly, scientists believe that these mammals have sex for the purpose of having fun and pleasing themselves.

31. Sleeping on Your Stomach Causes Erotic Dreams

Sleeping on Your StomachWhen you are sleeping on your stomach, the body is more wired to get sexual dreams. The reason is that you don’t get as much air as you do when you sleep on your back or side. So the mind can imagine that you are constricted. At the same time, you are pressing on your genitals with your own weight. This combination can cause a fun dreaming experience.

These fun facts about sex don’t just give you some extra food for thought, they contain important advice you can use for improving your sex life.