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How to Achieve Long Lasting Sex That Will Blow His Mind Away

5 years ago 15 minute read

No matter how simple it might seem at first, long lasting sex is a complicated process that needs to be carefully orchestrated. If you don’t mind a three-minute back and forth maneuver that gets him satisfied and leaves you batting your eyelashes in surprise while Googling “orgasm” instead of experiencing it, then you can forget about research.

If you want to teach him to last long in bed, while satisfying your needs and experiencing amazing pleasure, you’ll need to do some work. Besides helping him last longer, you need to work on enjoying sexual intercourse to the maximum extent. Sex is great only when both partners are having fun.

1. Fight Your Insecurities and Allow Him to Enjoy Your Body

Your partner will not enjoy sex as much as he can if you keep hiding your body from him. If you constantly turn off the lights and try to slip under a blanket to make sure he doesn’t see that cellulite, you are damaging your sex life.

Men love with their eyes. They get turned on by looking at a woman’s body much more than from touching it, do you are taking half the fun out of the intercourse by being insecure. Men don’t usually notice the little things you are so obsessed about. If one of your breasts is smaller than the other or your tummy is not as flat as Milla Jovovich’s, just relax. He won’t notice it.

If a man made a conscious choice to have sex with you, it means he finds you attractive along with your “problems.” Allow him to enjoy the way your body looks and get aroused. You will have much more fun taking in his reaction then trying to guess what he is feeling in the dark.

2. Help Him Relax by Being Understanding and Loving

intercourseLong lasting sexual intercourse is not something you can’t live without. Allow your partner to understand that it’s not all there is to a good relationship. Start by reassuring him that you love and appreciate him, no matter how long the intercourse lasts.

After that’s done, go on by smoothly telling him about the techniques he can use to prolong the experience. Tell him that he is not alone, and you are also doing your best learning how to extend the sensation. Your goal is to change his mindset. Many guys have problems with lasting long just because they faltered once and fear that it will happen again.

3. Don’t Give Him a Chance to Watch Porn

pornPornography can ruin a man’s sexual life. Several studies were done to find that men, who watch porn, have trouble in bed. Their sex drive is diminished and they often can’t get excited without thinking about their favorite porn clips. They become demanding of their partners, hoping to repeat the scenes they see on the screen.

This approach ends in disaster and a plethora of insecurities for both. Give him enough sex so he doesn’t have a chance to watch pornography. Once he stops masturbating to the videos, you’ll see the immediate improvement in bed. If he can’t quit porn, ask him to watch it together. Turn off the video as fast as you can while pleasuring him, so he can’t complain.

4. Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

cigarettesIt’s not a surprise to anyone that cigarettes, alcohol and drugs are bad for our health. Besides making your teeth yellow, liver damaged and lungs eroded, they also impact men’s performance in bed. If your partner is having trouble achieving a long lasting sexual intercourse, think about his lifestyle.

It’s up to him to make important decisions about quitting smoking or drinking, but you can subtly help him do it by promoting a healthy lifestyle. Be an example to your partner by forgetting about the bad habits and start living healthy. You will notice positive changes in your body, as well.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Premature ejaculation is a common problem men face. Did you know that what they might be lacking is practice? One of the simplest tips to last longer in bed is to allow him achieve orgasm before you start. If you satisfy your partner manually or orally some time before jumping into bed for an actual intercourse, his body will not be so quick and eager to climax again. You need to remember that the older a man gets, the longer the periods between arousals might be, so don’t expect him to be up and ready seconds after the orgasm. Allow him to have at least half an hour break.

6. Teach Him How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

While some men try to last longer in bed using pills, there are plenty of natural ways to deal with the problem. before he runs to the doctor for a prescription, teach him a few simple tricks. Do it subtly and make it fun. Since most of these exercises will lead to sex, be ready to satisfy his needs.

  • Kegel Exercises – Surprisingly enough, these are not just for women. Men can also do them to help extend the sexual intercourse. He needs to squeeze the muscles as if he is trying to stop peeing. Keep them squeezed for 10 seconds and let go. Doing these exercises several times a day will help your partner control his ejaculation.
  • condomsSpecial Condoms – Buy special “climax control” condoms that numb the sensation. While sex might not be as fun using these condoms, it will be longer.
  • Deep Breaths – Teach your partner a relaxing technique of deep breathing. Deep breaths oxygenate our blood and reduce stress naturally. They can do wonders preventing premature ejaculation.
  • Penis-Squeezing Trick – If you squeeze the base of your partner’s penis when you notice that he is about to ejaculate, you can cool him down a bit. Discuss this trick with your partner and ask him to signal you when he needs some help.

Learning how to last longer in bed naturally can help you avoid unnecessary medication; however, if all else fails, don’t be afraid to turn to some of the male enhancement remedies in the marketplace today.

7. A Little Help: He Can Use a Penis Spray to Reduce Sensation

Photo by PiccoloNamek / CC BY-SA

If you are still asking questions about how to last longer in bed for men without pills, you can have him try one of the latest developments: a penis spray. It is a local anesthetic that numbs the sensation. The trick is choosing the right dosage. If he sprays on too much, the sexual intercourse can continue forever. If you spray on too little, it won’t work.

Ask your partner if he wants to try something new and offer him a spray. Make a show out of rubbing it onto his penis, so he doesn’t feel nervous. Perhaps this approach will work for you. The FDA-approved penis-spray goes under the name of Promescent. Even if he doesn’t last longer in bed using spray, you’ll still have a fun time trying a new product together.

8. Pleasure for Both of You: Long Lasting Sex and Foreplay

foreplayMen who can’t last long in bed often run to skip the foreplay, since they are afraid to finish before getting started. The problem is, skipping foreplay is no fun for a woman, who might not have a chance to reach orgasm without being prepped mentally and physically.

If your partner is limiting touching before sex, tell him that foreplay is essential for you, and that you don’t mind if he finishes before the actual sex starts. In fact, it’s a great way to go through lengthy foreplay while getting him aroused the second time.

Proper foreplay is the key to mind-blasting sex and orgasm, so come up with your own tricks to keep it going.

9. When Things Get Hot, Ask Him to Slow Down

intimateWhen you are all heated up and ready to go, fast thrusting might seem like an obvious choice; however, it will lead to fast ejaculation, which is not satisfactory to both of you. Ask your partner to overcome the urge to be fast and slow down. Slow sex is much more romantic and intimate and it will improve the experience for both of you.

If it’s hard for your partner to keep it slow, remind him of Kegel exercising. Practicing them while going back and forth will help him slow down. Remember, the longer he delays his orgasm, the more amazing it will be when it finally comes.

10. Be Adventurous and Try New Positions

The basic sex positions don’t just get boring with time, they might make the sexual intercourse too fast for your taste. Do your research and come up with new and exciting positions to enjoy yourself. Choose a couple where your partner doesn’t need to strain his muscles to keep his penis inside you.

This will extend the time he needs for reaching orgasm. To make this trick a bonus for you, pick a position that gives you the most pleasurable sensations.

11. Just for You: Pump Up Your Libido

pillsInstead of trying to teach your partner how to last longer in bed using over the counter pills, you may have to spend some time thinking about your own libido. Are you excited enough when it comes to sex to give him the best sensation in bed? Some women have problems getting heated up, and that makes their partners rush through the intercourse.

To make the sexual experience amazing for both of you, take care of your desire first. It’s hard to get all excited after a hard day of work or doing homework with restless kids. You can give your libido some help with the following remedies:

  • HerSolution– A natural supplement that contains herbs, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs to help you start wanting sex more often and enjoy it.
  • Femigor – A natural supplement that increases desire, stimulates vaginal lubrication, and reduces painful sensations.
  • Nymphomax – Increases the duration of intercourse and helps enjoy multiple orgasms.

12. Practice Yoga: The Power of Movement for Better Sex

YogaIf you are still thinking about how to last longer in bed, exercises can help both you and your partner. Yoga is an exercise of choice for people who want to build their stamina. This is true for both your mind and your body. Knowing how to control his muscles will help your partner get a longer and more pleasurable experience in bed.

If your partner is not up to doing yoga, offer to practice together. You won’t only become more agile in bed; you’ll learn how to focus your attention. This is a vital skill for a man who wants to learn how to last longer in bed without pills, sprays or special tricks.

13. Be Proactive: Hot to Take Control of Your Sex Life

take controlThe next time you are about to have sex, take control. Tell your partner that you want to be on top. This position has plenty of advantages. If you are controlling the way the thrusting is going, you can extend the intercourse time. Don’t allow your partner to move and proceed slowly. Every time you feel as if he is ready to climax, use your hand to squeeze the base of his penis.

While you are on top, he can pleasure you by caressing your breasts or stimulating your clitoris. This way you will orgasm faster while he will be busy with doing stuff that can keep his mind off immediate climaxing. Once you become a guru in extending the sexual intercourse in this position, you can search for other similar poses where you’ll be in control.

14. Make Him Thank You Later: Ways to Teach Him a Special Breathing Technique

The right breathing is the key to many things in life. One of them is long lasting sex and premature ejaculation prevention. Learn this technique yourself and show it to your partner. If you do this right, you can achieve mind-boggling sex every time.

  • Focus all the attention on breathing. Slowly follow your inhalations and exhalations.
  • Visualize how the air is filling your stomach, rises to your rub cage, reaches your heart and the throat. Keep these four points in mind when you inhale.
  • Exhale smoothly and relax. Do force the exhalation. Make a “haaaa” sound as you exhale.
  • Keep this technique in mind when you are making love. When you feel as if you are close to the point of no return, use the breathing technique to extend the pleasurable moments.

15. Enjoying Sexual Sensations: Ask Him to Consider Circumcision

last longerIt’s been a long time since circumcision was done only by people with certain religious beliefs. Now, many men decide to go through this procedure for hygiene reasons. A study was done to show that circumcision in adults helps extend the ejaculation latency time. Meaning men who go through circumcision find they can last longer in bed.

This is a serious step since circumcision is a surgery; however, it’s a rather simple procedure that surgeons have been doing for many centuries. There are many advantages to being circumcised, so you can easily offer this solution to your partner.

16. Food as a Healer: Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men

It might seem strange to fight premature ejaculation with aphrodisiacs. The truth is, men who can’t last long in bed most likely have deeper rooted problems. Premature ejaculation is a just a symptom of performance anxiety or low libido. If you manage to help him boost his libido, it will increase his confidence, and you’ll be able to enjoy pleasurable, long lasting sex.

  • chocolateDark Chocolate – The most popular aphrodisiac that has been used for increasing libido for over 1,500 years. Studies show that chocolate stimulates our bodies to release the same chemicals, such as dopamine and bioflavonoids, it does during sex. Go for the dark chocolate with at least 60 percent cacao.
  • Basil – This product can increase libido and fertility levels. The minerals it contains can help maintain good performance in bed. Basil also increased blood circulation that helps maintain the erection.
  • Watermelon – This sweet fruit is a natural libido booster and performance enhancer. Watermelons contain nutrients that stimulate blood flow to the genitals and enhance sexual experience.
  • avocadoAvocado – The nutrients in avocado improve overall sexual health. Aztecs called avocado a “fertility fruit.”
  • Pumpkin Seeds – This healthy snacked is packed with zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are vital to maintaining male sexual health.
  • Goji Berries – Many people believe that goji berries increase testosterone levels. They also boost overall stamina that is required for lasting longer in bed.

Try to help your partner avoid such libido-killing products, such as processed food, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

17. Some Tips to Last Longer in Bed

You can spend hours, days, and even months trying to subtly help your partner overcome problems in bed, while a male friend can do it in minutes by offering some smart advice. Here are some of the top tips that men share with each other to last longer in bed:

  • positionsThe Right Position: Don’t choose the positions that make the groin, stomach, and thigh muscles contract. Avoid standing positions, doggy style and missionary. Choose the ones where he can lie down, such as cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and spoons.
  • Switch Positions: Switching positions will keep his arousal in check. Just make sure not to do it when you are close to an orgasm, or you will lose the momentum. He can even pull his penis out for a while continuing to stimulate you orally or manually.
  • Do It Twice: If you think he has finished a bit too quickly, go for a second round. He will be much less likely to climax fast again, if he’s had an orgasm within the last hour or two.
  • Relax. Relaxing his muscles can do wonders for extending the sexual intercourse. Try to get him to use meditation techniques to ease the tension. Just tell him not to don’t overdo it or he might get a limp penis.
  • Use Lubrication: The less tight your vagina is, the more likely you are to last longer. Slippery lubricants will ease the stimulation.
  • Go to the Bathroom: If he has a full bladder, a quick ejaculation is guaranteed, so ask him to to the bathroom before he gets into bed.
  • Foreplay is Everything: Never skip foreplay. The longer he caresses you, the more fired up you will be by the start of the actual intercourse and the faster you’ll climax, taking the pressure off him.
  • Explore Tantric Sex Techniques: While it might seem like a long shot, these techniques will teach him how to last long without climaxing – and they are fun for you both.

18. When All Else Fails: He Could Consider Taking Medication

consult a doctorIf he’s tried all the tricks and even read all about how to last longer in bed in Hindi, French and Latin, but nothing helps, the time has come to consider a more serious approach. Since men have been struggling with premature ejaculation for thousands of years, the pharmaceutical industry came up with a few “magical” pills to help them last longer in bed.

Unfortunately, such pills have certain side effects, so if you and your partner have made a conscious decision to take medication to improve your sex life, make sure you consult a doctor before doing it. Otherwise your fight for long lasting sex can turn into a nightmare.

19. Get Professional Help: Try Sex Therapy

supportIf you have problems in bed, talking about them with you partner is hard enough. Sharing them with a stranger may seem embarrassing; however, many problems men have with not being able to last in bed come from their minds. That’s why solving them might be as easy as taking a seat in front of a therapist.

Men usually have a hard time admitting that they have a problem. That’s why it’s often up to the women to give them a subtle push. Always be ready to support your partner. Go to the therapist together at first. You can even be the one doing the talking. Do whatever works in order not to allow this problem to become worse.

Men are ready to go to great lengths to achieve long lasting sex, but they often can’t do it on their own. It’s up to a woman to help make the sexual experience as long and enjoyable as possible. Don’t leave your mutual pleasure up to your guy. Give him a hand.