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How to Keep Him Interested in You and Only You

7 years ago 14 minute read

They say “forever” is a figment of the imagination and long-lasting marriages are hard to achieve. In fact, 70 percent of married men have admitted they cheated on their wives, and 17 percent of divorce in America is because of infidelity.

How can you make sure your husband stays interested in you and only you? There are many steps you can take that will work in keeping him interested.It sounds challenging and somewhat impossible considering the statistics, but there are ways on how to keep him interested and make sure his eyes are only for you.

Check out these 16 techniques on how to keep him hooked:

1. Be the Confident Woman and Keep Him Hooked on You

They say confidence is sexy. That’s true. In fact, men easily notice when you are in your confident self. Still, how does confidence help in making sure he is all yours?

Here’s how:

  • You live your life with friends, work, and interests to keep you busy.
  • There is no need for constant need and attention from him, thereby making you less clingy.
  • You don’t look for constant reassurance especially when you are dealing with uncertainties in life.
  • Large social networks are a big plus.

Wearing the confidence may be challenging at first, but the first step is believing in yourself. This will make it easier to wear the confidence hat.

2. Dating is Like a Mystery, Keep Him Intrigued as Long as It’s Necessary

One of the cardinal rules in dating, especially during the first date is to never reveal everything about you at once. He doesn’t need to know the name of your first pet or the school you went to when you were four. As the dating progresses and as you get to know each other better, you start to reveal certain things about you.

Still, remember this: keep him intrigued. Intriguing a guy makes him think that you are amazing and leaves him wanting you more. This will also keep him wonder, thereby an effective way on how to keep him interested even when texting.

happy and comfortable with yourselfHere’s how to do it successfully:

  • Show a little bit of interest. This means striking a balance between giving him a cold shoulder and being too obvious.
  • Let him see that you are having a good time even without his help.
  • Don’t say yes to all his invitations and make it appear that you have other plans too.
  • Avoid telling everything about yourself.
  • Be independent.
  • Show him that you are happy and comfortable with yourself.
  • Surprise him by being unpredictable.

In other words, leave something that will make him want you more. He will surely run after you.

3. Get Him Thinking Through Intelligent Conversing

Most guys want to date the pretty girls. Apparently, if you want the relationship to last, then you need to push his intellect to his limits, but not too far that it would be intimidating.

What does this mean?

There is nothing wrong with knowing the latest Hollywood gossip, but if that is what you talk about all the time, then you might be in trouble. Men like women who can voice out their opinions on climate change and not afraid to engage in intellectual conversations. If you really want to know how to keep him interested in you, then you need to be intellectually engaging too. This will also seal the deal on how to keep him interested even in long distance relationship.

Here are tips on how to encourage intellectual conversations:

  • Get past the small talkShare your intellectual goals, whether taking a Master’s degree or enrolling in short courses for added knowledge.
  • Get past the small talk and start asking about thought-provoking questions to encourage substantive conversations.
  • Discuss mutual or similar intellectual interests or pursuits.
  • Use and cultivate your intellect as a means to discover and get to know each other better.

Is your spiel ready?

4. Win Over His Parents: A Secret to Keeping Him Interested

Are you serious about keeping him for keeps? Then remember this: make sure you make his parents like you, too.

Meeting the parents can be stressful and nerve-wracking. You want to make sure they will like you while still being yourself, and not trying too hard and being overly obvious. His mom can be over-protective too, which is normal for most mothers with sons.

So, how do you win them over? Try these tips:

  • Dress appropriately and keep your makeup simple. It won’t hurt if you ask your man about his parents’ style and fashion preferences.
  • Bring something homemade, like baked cookies or cake.
  • Smile often.

More importantly, be yourself. Remember who you are and don’t make up stories just to impress his parents.

5. Give Him Time for Himself and His Friends

 give him some timeWho doesn’t want some “me time” or having a nice dinner with girl friends? Apparently, when you are in a romantic relationship, there is a tendency to set aside friendship because you want to be with your man 24/7.

Here’s another secret on how to keep him coming back for more: give him some time with himself and his friends. Let him go out with his buddies, allow him to hang out with friends while watching their favorite team play, and don’t disturb him during his “alone time.”

You want to have yours too and you expect him to respect that, so make sure you do the same. The important thing is to lay some ground rules and keep communication lines open. This will surely make your relationship more successful.

6. Boost His Ego: Another Surefire Way to Make Him Stay

Admit it. You like it when a man thinks highly of you and complement even the smallest things like your new haircut or how good you look in your dress.

The truth is he wants to feel the same way. Men may not admit it all the time, but they also need your help in making them feel more confident and maintain their alpha state of mind. This makes them feel better about themselves, which will also show in the way they present themselves to you.

Here are tips on how to boost his ego:

  • Praise him for doing a great job, be it at work or for helping in chores.
  • Ask for his help when fixing things.
  • Pull out your damsel in distress card and let him save you.
  • Notice what he did and don’t wait for him to say it.
  • Initiate sex, which you will learn more about in the succeeding sections.

7. Tips on How to Seduce a Man – and Make Him Beg for More

Wear clothes that accentuate your figureAre these tips on how to keep him interested over text and in personal still not enough? Then try this: if you want to make sure he will stick around, and then make sure you know how to seduce him.

How will you do that? It may be challenging, but you can try these tips:

  • Wear clothes that accentuate your figure, but not too revealing that there is no room for imagination.
  • Make eye contact as much as you can.
  • Don’t forget the power of body language, such as leaning a little towards him or facing him while he is talking.
  • Send sexy, flirty text messages.
  • Show the man that you can still have fun without him.
  • Laugh often.
  • Try to get him alone even for a few minutes.
  • Touch him frequently and lightly, but in a subtle manner.
  • Avoid playing the “desperate” card by throwing yourself at him.

So far, what is your favorite seduction tip? Can you still add more to this list?

8. The Secret on How to Keep Him Interested: Initiate Sex

Without a doubt, men like sex, which explains why they initiate it most of the time. If you are serious about how to keep him coming back for more, then remember these two words: initiate sex.

Men like to feel wanted and pursued, as well, because it makes them feel that they are desired. When you initiate lovemaking, you make him feel that he is a catch, which isa good thing. This can also be stimulating and sexy for him, which are enough for him to give his best performance.

Initiate SexTherefore, don’t be afraid and initiate sex. Make him feel loved, wanted, and desired inside the bedroom. It doesn’t matter how many times you initiated. The bottom line is you initiate and make him feel that you are in the mood.

Since you are initiating sex, don’t forget to take HerSolution female enhancement pills. It contains natural ingredients that will surely give you a boost inside the bedroom so you can fully enjoy the experience.

Since you already initiated, make sure to read this next tip.

9. How to Keep Him Coming Back for More: Keep Things Interesting Inside the Bedroom

Now that you initiated the deed and he is happy, here is another tip you should remember: keep things interesting inside the bedroom.

Most sex experts will tell you this: if you want to maintain sparks in the relationship, then you need to introduce creativity inside or even outside the bedroom.

Trying new positions and having sex anywhere outside the bedroom are surefire crowd favorites and good places to start. Doing something new in your foreplay sessions such as giving each other a massage or taking warm bath together are also good ideas you can try. Role playing and using sex toys are also good options to keep things interesting inside the bedroom.

Still, don’t limit yourselves with these ideas. The important thing in keeping things interesting is to bring back spontaneity in your relationship, especially if you are going out for quite sometime. Make sure to flirt continuously to boost intimacy and eroticism between you two.

Speaking of spontaneity, this next tip is something you should remember on how to keep him interested after the first date.

10. Boost Your Relationship with a Bit of Spontaneity on the Sidefun and spontaneity starts

Whether you’re going out with your guy for a two weeks or two years, here is something you need to remember: be spontaneous, both in and out of the bedroom.

What is the reason behind this?

As the relationship progresses, the fun and spontaneity starts to wander away. Instead of enjoying a snack while watching your favorite film in your pajamas, you start to think of this activity as dull and boring. Being spontaneous allows you to bring back and be reminded of the feelings you once had for each other.

That’s not all. Spontaneity brings back curiosity in the relationship due to your unpredictable but good tendencies. Go ahead, break your routine, and do something new and spontaneous in between.

11. Think Like a Man: Another Key to Keeping Him Interested in You

There are many ways on how to keep him interested in a relationship. One of the best and most effective ways to do this is by thinking like a man.

You know that men and women are wired definitely. So, how does this strategy work?

Here’s how:

  • Avoid complicating thingsAvoid complicating things.
  • Don’t look for the “why” in everything.
  • Say goodbye to mind games, speak out, and be obvious with what you want to say.
  • Smile, it is your most powerful weapon of attraction.
  • Avoid playing coy and be straightforward with your intentions.

In other words, start changing your dating energy and take responsibility for your dating life. Relax and avoid over-thinking and expectations and you will surely make a man fall for you.

12. Support Your Man the Right Way

Let’s say your man lost his job and he got depressed because of it. Being a loving and compassionate partner, you proofread his resume, help him look for a job, accompany him in interviews, and make sure that he is loved. It sounds like you are a loving girlfriend or wife and there is nothing wrong with that.

Here’s the surprising part: being the extra supportive partner can hurt your relationship.

According to series of studies conducted by researchers from University of Iowa, giving too much support to your partner may negatively affect your relationship.

The truth is being supportive of each other is one of the key ingredients to a lasting relationship Still, the key here is to give the right kind of support. You don’t need to freeze your life and focus on your partner alone.

This is why it is important that you keep communication lines open. Let him set guidelines on how and when you should show support and make sure you do the same. Being open as to the amount of support enables you to support your man the right way without hurting your relationship.making coffee

Here is that one kind of support you need to master: invisible support. According to Columbia University researchers, this kind of support is that hand that helps behind the scenes – the casual back rub while he is busy working, cooking his favorite food, or making coffee even without asking. This is that one kind of support you can and will never go wrong with.

Don’t go yet. There are few more tips on how to keep him interested plus the most important tip in making sure he won’t leave below.

13. Make Your Relationship a Priority to Keep Him Happy

Work, kids, household chores, bills waiting to get paid, and the list goes on. Whatever it is you are going through, there are certain equally important responsibilities and obligations you need to go through that makes your relationship take a back seat.

Still, it’s all about making a conscious effort to prioritize the relationship. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Ask how he is doing, including how his day went.
  • Listen to what your partner has to say, even if it means raising a complaint.
  • Avoid the counter-attack to minimize the possibility of a non-constructive argument.
  • Solve arguments and misunderstandings in an adult, responsible manner.
  • Practice this: “Yes, and.”
  • Make time for date nights as much as you can.
  • Learn to treat each other with respect.
  • Encourage intimate conversations and who knows, it might lead to something else.

These tips sound simple and doable, don’t you think?

14. Learn His Love Language to Make Sure You Love Him in a Manner He Understands

Receiving giftsEvery person has a love language. This means you have your ways of showing your emotions to your partner which other people might now understand. The same goes with your partner.

What exactly is love language? There are five types:

  • Physical touch
  • Words of affirmation
  • Receiving gifts
  • Quality time
  • Acts of service

Find you and your partner’s love language may be challenging, so this test can help. Once you identified his love language, make a plan on how to carry out this love language. Explore options to keep you both excited. This will encourage not just sex and intimacy, but also better relationship.

15. Be Yourself: Another Secret Weapon in Keeping a Man Wanting You

Being in a relationship means adjusting to your partner’s needs and changing a bit about yourself to suit his preferences. It’s called compromise and if done within boundaries, that’s fine. On the other hand, it’s a different case if you makeup stories and pretend to be someone that you’re not just to make you look interesting.

Therefore, remember who you are and don’t change for the man’s sake. Otherwise, you start losing your identity, you start to feel resentful about yourself, and you may create damage in your relationship.

It doesn’t matter how long you two are already going out. The bottom line is when you are in a relationship, stick to yourself and remember who you are. It’s okay to compromise, but not to the point of forgetting who you are as a person. In case the relationship didn’t work, you can still pick up the pieces and make yourself whole again.

16. The Most Important Trait to Remember in Keeping You and Your Man Togetherrespect

The techniques you learned on how to make him want you and hooked on you will work. If you want to keep him for keeps, here’s what you should remember: respect yourself.

Self-respect plays a major role in every relationship. Apparently, being in a relationship also means forgetting a part of yourself to compromise with your partner. How do you strike a balance between these two?

Self-respect is when you have high respect for yourself. It is about believing in yourself and knowing that you are worthy as an individual. Self-respect is also about commanding respect from your partner and other people around you. It is also giving and knowing that you are getting something in return because your partner is also willing to do the extra mile for you.

In other words, the higher self-respect you have, the more he will respect, appreciate, and take you seriously. This is the reason why respecting yourself is important, otherwise, you start to lose your voice in the relationship and you will be taken for granted.

It takes time, but learn to gain that respect for yourself. Once you do, combine it with these tips on how to keep him interested and you are on your road to living happily ever after.