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15 Cool Tips on How to Attract Love Easily Even If You’re Not a 10

7 years ago 13 minute read

Most people think that appearance plays a big role in finding love. This is mostly because they inherit the concept of love from TV, movies, books and other media. These media excessively project the importance of looks, albeit subliminally. After all, the actors and actresses in these movies are gorgeous.

Unfortunately, this concept has percolated deep into our minds. Now, everyone thinks this is true. However, real love is far from what people believe it to be. And finding this secret will teach you how to attract love, no matter who you are. In this article, you will read 15 tips that will bring you closer to true love. So, here they are:

1. Look for Love Where It Already Is

It is unlikely that you are absolutely 100-percent unloved. Yes, you are still searching for that dream relationship, but that’s just romantic love. Love has dimensions and depths beyond a romantic partnership. You have family, friends and co-workers who love you. Feel that love.

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but that’s a different kind of love.” No, it isn’t. Love is just love. Get in touch with it. See where it comes from. Watch it grow. After a while, you will see your existing ideas regarding what you call a dream relationship disappearing. Instead, you will come to know love at a profound level.

This realization alone will put you ahead of thousands of people – including the so-called “10’s.” Once you start seeing love the right way, it will flow to you naturally. And the world will orchestrate events to bring worthy suitors to you. If you do some work to clean your internal state, the universe will do the heavy lifting.

2. Accept the Way You Are and the Way You Are Not

This is a tough one. What exactly does accept mean? Words can’t describe acceptance because acceptance is a feeling. But, you can get in touch with it right now with the help of a simple exercise:

  • Think about a time when you were upset with gravity.
  • You will notice that nothing comes to mind.
  • How come you don’t have a single bone to pick with gravity?
  • It’s because gravity is gravity. It’s just there. In short, you accept gravity the way it is and the way it isn’t. You have no interest in changing gravity. This is what acceptance feels like.

yourselfNow, when you look at yourself, you have a lot of things that you would like to change about yourself. In fact, aren’t you reading this article because you’re looking for ways to change yourself? As long as this wanting to change exists, there is no acceptance. However, you can get to a point of complete self-acceptance within a few weeks and the Sedona Method teaches an extremely simple and effective way to do this.

3. Drop Limiting Beliefs About Love

How did you learn what love is? Books, songs, TV, movies and advertisements – these are the usual sources that inform people what love is. The chances are high that you got the concept of love from one or more of these outlets. So, you have inherited everything you’ve believed about love. Get rid of it.

Look at your life. What do love and non-love feel like? Observe couples who’ve been in love for many years. What are the things they say to each other? How do they act around each other? Form your conclusions from fact, not fiction.

As you observe what a loving partnership looks like in real-life, you will see that it contradicts with many beliefs you currently hold about love. So, drop these limiting beliefs. Instead, understand what people in love be, do, and have.

4. Picture What You Want, But Don’t Use Words

ideal partnerYour thought patterns impact your physical world profoundly. The thoughts you hold in your mind repeatedly must manifest themselves physically. So, it is important that you be sure of what you seek in your ideal partner; however, don’t use words. Your mind doesn’t understand words. For instance, when you see “shoe,” what comes to your mind. Did you think, “A covering for the foot?” No. Instead, a picture of a shoe entered your mind. This is how your mind works.

Therefore, define your ideal partner and dream relationships in pictures. Imagine your partner in your mind’s eye. Initially, the picture may be hazy, but if you keep at it, it will become clearer. In a short time, you can picture the thought in vivid detail. Holding this picture in your mind will cause it to become real in your physical world.

5. Muster 20 Seconds of Insane Courage

You miss a lot of opportunities when you do not respond to them promptly. Your hesitation stems from a lack of courage. To overcome this, force yourself to be brave for just 20 seconds. That’s all it takes.

The next time you see the person you’re attracted to, encourage yourself to be brave for 20 seconds. Talk the person. Keep the conversation light and easygoing. After this, talking to the person again become much easier. You can use this trick to overcome anything that paralyzes you from taking action.conversation

You might have taken 20 seconds to read the last paragraph. That’s not too much time, is it? You can be brave for that long – nothing to it. Having your foot in the door is much better than being totally invisible. But, before you using this approach, there are some things you should take care of first. The next three points cover these things.

6. Prepare Yourself for Opportunities

The first thing you got to do is prepare yourself for future interactions with potential suitors. Your first interaction is likely to be a short one. After you’ve talked briefly with the person you’re interested in, you can add the person on a social networking platform like Facebook. Before you do so, make sure your profile is complete. Share interesting details about your likes, hobbies, and interests.

Next, delete any posts that don’t show you in the best light. Also, remove posts that reflect strong opinions. Then, include recent pictures of yourself doing interesting things.

Since your potential suitor is likely to go through your profile, it makes sense to create an appealing one. So, look at your profile from your partner’s perspective. Given enough points of interest, you shouldn’t have any problem asking the person on a date. Moreover, the person is likely to say yes because you are interesting.

7. Build Your Story Treasure Chest

talkWhen you talk to people for the first time, you’re not going to have much to talk about. Initial conversations will revolve around getting to know the person better. So, you should have stories from your life that can convey your values, qualities, preferences, and ambitions to the other person. And none of this will come to you on the fly.

Spend some time each day and think about life experiences you can share with others. Don’t make them all happy stories. Include all sorts of emotions. You should have stories for when you were red with anger, green with jealousy, and pink with embarrassment. Then, you can reach into your story treasure chest and it will have stories that fit any occasion.

8. Experience One Interesting Thing Every Day

Let’s face it – life does become boring unless you do something about it. Interesting things will not happen to you by default. You should open yourself up to new experiences. Try to do one interesting thing every day. It doesn’t have to be a grand thing like skydiving. It can be as simple as taking a new route to work or cooking Chinese instead of ordering a takeout.

Doing this will not just make you an interesting person, but it will also give you more exposure. You will meet new people as you explore new horizons. And who knows, your perfect partner might be waiting for you in the new world.

9. Magnetize Your Mind to Attract Love

loving suitorsAttracting loving suitors is impossible when your mind is wired the wrong way. On the contrary, attracting love becomes almost effortless when you have the right mindset. Here is a systematic way to rewire the circuits in your mind:

  • Think about a situation where you think you failed to attract love.
  • Recall specific thought patterns that came to your mind during the situation. For instance, you might have felt, “My clothes make me look fat.”
  • State the reverse of that thought pattern. For example, “My clothes are fine.”
  • Add power to the new thought. Adding power is important because one powerful thought can knock down a hundred weak thoughts.
  • An excellent way to add power to your thoughts is to say it out loud. Anything you voice out loud is more powerful than the thoughts you do not.
  • Repeat the thought until you feel it sink in.
  • Continue the process for any other negative thought that appear in your mind.

As empowering thoughts begin to replace debilitating ones, your mind begins to assert a strong magnetic pull on the things you want. As time passes, the process becomes easier. Eventually, you can catch negative thoughts as they begin to arise and reverse it instantly.

10. Try a Love Spell

Have you ever thought about how to attract love with a spell? It can’t hurt to try, but you don’t need cauldrons, wands or potions. What you need is Hellen Schucman’s bestselling book, A Course in Miracles. The book has many exercises that teach how to attract love, and the best thing is, all the material in the book is available for free online.

occultWhen you apply the method in earnest, the results will seem magical. Although there are other books on this subject, those books border the occult. The results you can get from reading those books aren’t as predictable as what you can do with the exercises in A Course in Miracles.

You can try this method for fun if not anything else. Follow the instructions in the book with an open mind. Removing expectations will make it easier for the methods to work. If you stress too much on whether it’s working, you will delay the results from coming to you.

11. Contemplate How to Attract Love Daily

Every day, spend some time contemplating how to attract love into your life. Try and recall occasions where you were the most loving. Also, explore your memory for instances where you felt the most love. Think about times when you were strongly attracted to someone and think about when someone was strongly attracted to you. Explore past relationships that ended badly. Go through relationships that you wanted but didn’t happen.

When you do this, do so with a detached mind. Nothing in the past can hurt you. When you see yourself being pulled down by a negative emotion, relax into it. Tell yourself, “This too shall pass.” And when you become overcome with intense joy and happiness, don’t become attached to it. Instead, learn what you can about love from each event. As your learning grows, emotions begin to have less sway on is always around

Daily contemplation about love gets you closer to what love is. Eventually, you will get to the realization that you are always loved and love is always around you. But, this love isn’t what you think it is.

12. Use Feng Shui to Fill Your Home with Love Energy

Obviously, when you feel you are ready for a relationship, your home should reflect the attitude shift. But before you rearrange your house, you should explore how to attract love using feng shui. Here are a few ways how to attract love the feng shui way:

  • Make both sides of your bed accessible.
  • Remove photographs of friends and family in the bedroom.
  • Don’t place a mirror in front of your bed.
  • Get rid of any objects that trigger painful memories.
  • Place rose quartz crystals to focus love energy.

For more information on feng shui, you can read Karen Carter’s book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. The book covers topics like how to meet “the one,” find a dream job, and improve your sex life. If you are into feng shui, you shouldn’t miss this title.

13. Practice Law of Attraction the Right Way

attractionA lot has been said and written about how to attract love with the law of attraction. The process itself is rather simple. First, you ask what you want. Then, the universe grants it. Finally, you allow it in your experience. Step one is easy, all you need is ask. Step two is easy as well. It’s the universe that’s supposed to grant your desire – you don’t have to do anything. Step three is the tricky one.

People have a lot of trouble allowing love into their experience. This is because they seek love from a place of lack. It’s easy to check whether you fall into the category. Just ask yourself, “What if I don’t get it?” If your answer is anything but an honest “It’s okay. I’ll be fine,” then you’re asking from a place of lack.

You can use the release technique taught in the Sedona Method to get rid of the feeling of lack. When you ask from a place of abundance, the results will come to you faster. The method is worth learning. It will help you not only attract love but also anything else you’re searching for. But beware, the technique is so ridiculously simple that you will doubt whether it works. But, if you try it for just a couple of weeks, you will see that it works beautifully.

14. Do Your Best to Give Freely

Many spiritual masters who teach how to attract love spiritually stress the importance of giving freely. But most people seek a relationship to fulfill unmet physical, emotional, or mental needs. This turns love into a transaction. This attitude complicates relationships needlessly. Instead, think of love as a gift. A gift is something you give someone to show your appreciation, expecting nothing in return.

youthful appearanceLove is one of the pleasures of life that money can’t buy. It is something that almost everyone in the world looks for, but few find. So, when you start giving love, people seeking it will come to you. Even if you don’t fit the classical definition of beauty, you will have much more to offer than good looks. And, it will never leave you. You might lose your youthful appearance as you age, but your love will shine even more brightly with time.

To learn more about the philosophy of giving, read Bob Burg and John Mann’s book, The Go Giver. It covers five principles of stratospheric success through a captivating fable. Although the title says that it’s a story about a business idea, you can extend the concept to attract love as well.

15. Go Ahead, Love Has Nothing to do With Being a 10

The 10-point scale is a lust-based rating system. So, if you are looking for love, not being a 10 shouldn’t matter. In learning how to attract love, your most important take way should be that your physical appearance has little to with real love. Although you should care to bring your body back to balance, you shouldn’t aspire to change it in any unnatural way.

Before you take any action, check whether you are doing so to bring out the best in you. If you are doing it for any other reason, don’t do it. With these 15 tips by your side, you will have no trouble attracting love.