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7 Public Places to Give Her Some Public Service

9 years ago 10 minute read

Public displays of affection can be exhilarating for anyone. Any couple looking to spice things up in their relationship should consider getting frisky in front of everyone. Now, we are not condoning public indecency or lewd conduct. But, there are ways to be +in public.

Whether it is the risk of getting caught or the fun of having sex anywhere, public hookups are enticing to many. In fact, studies claim that close to seventy percent of men and women think about committing sexual acts in public.

Public Displays of Affection 101

For those who have never tried a little PDA, here are some beginner tips for getting sensual in public.

  • Location, Location, Location

The first thing that any experienced PDA specialist will tell you is that it is all about the place in which you are attempting to have sex. Some places may seem to be inconspicuous, but in fact you may be quite visible.

Make certain that you are out of sight, or at least out of the mind of others. If you are somewhere where people may not care, then you can be a little less indiscriminate. However, if it is quite taboo to get it on where you are, then try to cover it up a little.

  • CarsTechnically, Cars Count

It’s true. Many states count cars to be public places. So, just know that any hook up in a vehicle may prompt a visit from an officer. Not cool.

  • The Best First-Time Location

Believe it or not, the best first-timer public hook up location is the bathroom. The bathroom offers quite a few qualities that one should look for in a public place for sex.

First of all, bathrooms are a pretty common location for public sex. If you are caught having sex in a bathroom, then you will likely just be asked to take it somewhere else. Bathrooms also include a few great props. Sinks are great props when looking to have sex in a public location. The sink can provide support to do it doggy style or prop a woman up to wrap her legs around a man.

  • dress the partDress the Part

It is important to dress the part when looking to score in public. Now, planning for it may take some of the fun out of the deed. But, if you have a feeling it may happen then you may want to go commando, meaning no underwear.

Ladies, if the weather is nice and warm, then consider a longer skirt or dress to help conceal any privates.

  • Don’t Expect Quality

Any veteran of public sex will tell you that you cannot expect to have amazing, tantric sex when in a public spot. For many, the idea of being so risqué leads to an amazing orgasm. But, ultimately it should be a quickie.

Now that you have some basic tips for having sex in public, let’s talk about the best locations.

1. A Walk In The Park

Trees blossomingParks offer many different qualities that make them ideal for a public sack session. Firstly, nature in itself is so beautiful.

The trees blossoming, the aromatic smell of flowers and freshly cut grass, and the sound of birds singing love songs. The park is really quite romantic if you think about it.

The park also tends to be empty, or close to it, during certain hours. Around dusk, most park strollers tend to leave, which leaves you and your lover some prime time for some public fun.

Go into a shady area by a tree that’s obstructed off from the road view. Make sure to stay away from anything that may irritate you or your partner, such as poison ivy, bugs, or rough branches or gravel.

ParksAlso try to find a large object that you two can hide behind, just in case you are caught. Bring a blanket or find a plush spot of grass and lay her down for the taking.

Indeed, park sex can be fun and audacious. But, there’s no need to let the other people in the park know that you are doing the deed. Ladies, keep your sighs, groans and moans down. When indulged in public straddling, try to make it quick. Don’t take it easy thinking that your grunts will be mistaken for dogs and cats.

If you find that you are more of a water lover instead of mother earth, then our next location may be the right one for you.

2. A Little H2-Ohhh

JacuzziSex in a pool or Jacuzzi is another hot location for many couples. Jacuzzis, especially can be quite sexy with the warm water, bubbles and invigorating jets pumping.

Try to pick a time when no one else is around the pool area, since things could get a little awkward if another person or couple is in the Jacuzzi with you.

If in the pool, then find a floatation device to hide what is really going on down there. Position so that you are facing each other, and you can get away with looking like you are just cuddling and being cute.

You can also try the sexual position the “Randy Raft.” Itis an erotic way to enjoy pool sex. And the best thing is that it can be accomplished without anyone noticing both of you. The woman just needs to keep her suit on and guy slips his shorts down just a little.

PoolThe same goes for the Jacuzzi. The most inconspicuous position would be for the female to sit on the male’s lap, either facing towards or away. The bubbles and jets tend to hide any movement underneath the water. So, keep it cool above water while things heat up down below.

If you are still not finding a location that works for you, then keep reading. Our next spot is perfect for anyone who wants even more of a thrill.

3. Balcony Sex

If you and your partner find yourselves in a situation where you are on a balcony or deck, then go for it. Sex on a balcony is super-hot. If you are too afraid to try in your own balcony, try having pleasure in your hotel balcony when both of you are on vacation.

BalconyOften times, decks and balconies overlook a scenic backdrop that will not have many people, or you will be up so high that no one will be able to decipher what is going on. For some, it may not even matter if anyone sees. In fact, even though some people appreciate a decent peep show, others may not.

It is best to avoid meeting the local authorities and bring a blanket or towel out on the balcony. You can wrap yourselves up in it or at least cover over whoever is on top. Use deck furniture and other items to conceal yourselves even further.

4. Bossman

Everyone has a fantasy of playing office with their sexy partner. If either of you have the opportunity to get it on in the office, then go for it. Offices include many props and opportune objects for a public hanky panky.

playing office with their sexy partnerFor starters, desks are prime locations within an office for a hot and steamy quickie. You can bend her over the desk, lay her on the desk, or sit her up on the desk. Any way you put it, the desk is a pretty hot option.

The setting of the office also creates a mood that is prime for role-playing. If he is at work, then she can become the new secretary who happens to also be a bit slutty. Pretend to be his secretary, bend over to find paperwork, and talk dirty.

Nonetheless, if you are scared of getting caught, getting naughty in your office bathroom is another best option. It is the least risky, with no security cameras, and the best place to do the nasty.

The office setting lends itself nicely to many exhilarating options, as does the next item on our list.

5. Someone Ordered Sex On The Beach

Beach at nightThe beach has always had a sensual, romantic quality about it. Any shore lover knows it is a guaranteed thing to find hook ups all along the beach at night.

Whether planned or spontaneous, the beach offers quite a few different options that are sure to suite anyone’s needs.

If you are planning for an encounter on the beach, then start to head out around dusk. The setting sun will decrease any visibility, so you have less of a chance to be caught in the act.

Position yourself wisely when having sex on the beach. Remember, missionary is not appropriate for beach sex. The naked butts of your guy will definitely be a dead giveaway to others that you are in a sensational act. The best position for sex on the beach is spooning. You could also sit on his lap facing him and wrap your legs around him. However, don’t forget to wrap a bath sheet around your shoulders for cover-up.

Sex On The BeachYou can also bring a blanket and any sensual objects as you see fit. But, remember that it will be pretty sandy.An option to escape the sand would be to find a lifeguard stand. Not only would this keep you both free of pesky sand, but you can also see if anyone is coming from the stand. Lifeguards typically turn the stands on their sides, so see his muscles bulge while he erects more than just the stand.

6. Getting Down While Going Up

Elevators offer a sexy location with the options to make it as risky as you want. Some hook ups in elevators may be completely spontaneous, so all planning is out the window. However, if it is a plan you are looking for then here are a few tips.

ElevatorsLook for a building that is not too busy. Elevators in office buildings are normally busy from nine to five. And, those in apartments are usually occupied during morning and afternoon. The best time for sex in an elevator, regardless of where you are, is in the midnight when no one is going to disturb you.

Once you have decided the right time and the right location, check to ensure there are no cameras peaking down from the ceiling before you decide to attempt the deed. Also, you can always hit the stop button to increase your time before you may hit a stop. For those dare devils, though, it may be more frisky to simply gamble with the odds of being caught by someone who opens the door.

Many claim that the movement of the elevator makes for an intense orgasm, and we imagine that this sensation paired with the element of danger can be extremely explosive, although quite chancy.

7. Just Wait And Watch The Show

Movie theatresMovie theatres can be romantic, whether it is a sappy romantic comedy or a thrilling horror movie that causes you two to become closer than before.

Cuddling, hand holding, and other movements often occur in a movie theatre. And, you cannot deny that when the moment hits there is no escaping it. Well, next time simply go for it in the movie theatre.

Try to pick a movie showing that is late and sit towards the back of the theatre. Wait to start having fun until the middle of the movie, so that no one notices you.

Depending on how daring you are feeling you can try different positions. She can get on the floor between his legs for oral sex and visa verse. Hand jobs are possible in these scenario, too. It is completely up to you how far you take it in this location, but do be discreet. You don’t want to make others uncomfortable, or worse yet, get kicked out of the theater forever.

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