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How to Get a Guy to Like You – Leveraging the Law of Attraction

8 years ago 15 minute read

You just stepped inside your favorite coffee shop. Your day is not so crazy, so you’ve got some time to sit down for a little while. As you get settled in, you make a quick scan of the crowd and you see him. He looks like someone you want to go out with. All of a sudden, you find yourself wondering how to get a guy to like you.

getting a guy to notice usWomen may not always be known as initiators when it comes to dating or approaching the opposite sex, but we can’t deny that sometimes, we feel almost compelled to do just that. We are capable of attraction as much as we are capable of lust. We can’t also deny the thought of getting a guy to notice us can also be quite empowering and exciting.

Just like a guy though, we tend to prefer to make any move when there is at least a bit of a hint that the guy likes you back. That’s completely understandable, since there’s no reason to get caught up in catching a man’s attention if he has completely no interest in you. In that case, you might want to study his body language a bit more closely before you decide whether you should pursue him.

How to Get a Guy to Like You: What Do Men Look for in a Woman?

Just like women, men are attracted to a woman because of certain qualities. As far as, how to get a guy to like you, there are certain qualities men look for in their dream woman. According to recent surveys, a man likes a woman who:

  • Listens instead of talking about herself every time.
  • Has a good career, preferably someone with accomplishments.
  • Likes to eat.
  • Enjoys cooking.
  • Can easily be herself around a man.
  • Is funny.
  • Tends to be emotionally strong.
  • Takes pride in taking good care of herself.
  • Challenges him to become a better man.
  • Genuinely cares about him.
  • Likes to be spontaneous.
  • Possesses good driving skills.
  • Doesn’t freak out easily.

Signs a Guy is Into You

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Regardless of whether you’re in a meeting, party or coffee shop, there are always subtle ways to check if a guy is checking you out. If you are shy, don’t worry – you don’t have to be too close to him to notice these signals. Here are some signs you can watch out for from across a crowded room:

  • You catch him looking at you. You know a guy likes you when you catch him trying to get a glimpse of you almost all the time. It’s like he’s drawn to you, so he enjoys watching you closely. You walk in a coffee shop and he tends to notice you coming in before you even realize he’s there.

There may even be time when he’s got his friends around him. He maybe casual and looking cool around his crowd, but once he realizes you’re in the same room too, you’ll notice that he’ll maybe talk less and try to look at you from time to time. Depending on who he’s with, he may or may not try to show them that he’s looking your way.

  • smile at youHe likes to smile at you. If you keep catching that guy across the room smile at you every time your eyes would meet his, then there is probably something there. For one thing, you don’t usually smile at someone or something that doesn’t make you feel good. It’s the way human nature works. So, the next time you catch his glance and he just smiles at you for no reason, you should probably smile back. It might just be the start of something more personal between the two of you.
  • His friends tease him whenever you come around. If you thought this should have ended when you were in high school, think again. A guy who has told his friends how much he likes you may just get teased the moment you walk by them. Believe or not, guys are pretty much like girls when it comes to getting attracted to someone. They like to look. They like smile. They like to talk.
  • He changes the way he acts when he realizes you’re there. Just like any other guy, your object of affection might like to be pretty goofy around his buddies. When you walk into the room or join his company though, he changes his ways almost instantly. You’ll notice he may try to sit up a bit straighter and make himself appear more mature for you.
  • You start running into him everywhere you go, all the time. You don’t know how he does it, but he finds way to be around you every time he gets a chance. Even if you haven’t officially met, you find him getting a table or seat close to you whenever you go to your usual coffee spot. It’s almost like he’s trying to get himself to talk to you or even ask you out. He’s just still working on getting the nerve to do it so for the moment, staying close to you is what he can do best.
  • in the same groupWhen you’re in the same group, he tries to get as close to you as possible. You will notice this if you and the guy you’ve been eyeing are part of one social circle or you’ve been friends for some time. When you’re hanging out with your group, you might notice that he prefers to sit next to you. He doesn’t make a big deal about it. He’ll just discreetly try his best to be as near you as possible.
  • You notice he is dressing up or practicing better hygiene. If you see this guy you like on a regular basis, you will notice this change in him better. It’s like all of a sudden, he’s got a better fashion sense. He puts on clothes that makes him look good and almost irresistible. For him, looking good in front of you is just as important as making a good impression on a client.
  • Yes, he may be flirting with another girl, but he’s still got his eyes on you. There are some guys who like to test your reaction on certain situations. For instance, they want to see how you’d react if they were flirting with someone else. They probably want to see if you would care. When he’s hanging around someone else but is still looking at you, you’ll know he’s still thinking about you the entire time.
  • He gets nervous, even clumsy, when you’re around. When a guy seriously likes you, he can get quite nervous every time you come his way. He may not know what to do and as a result, get quite awkward or clumsy around you. What he doesn’t know is that his clumsy ways can sometimes be both funny and cute.
  • look at your face for a reactionWhen he does something funny or says something interesting, he’s always looking at you for a reaction. A guy who’s into you would absolutely want to know what you think about things. Even when you’re not in the same table but remain within earshot from him, he’d most likely to look at your face for a reaction after he’s told his crowd something funny or interesting. He would also smile when he catches your eyes.
  • He smiles or laughs when you say something funny. You know he’s going to stay close by if he realizes you’re in the same room. He’ll probably even be close enough to hear what you’re saying to your group of friends. Go ahead and say something funny then look over to where he is. More than likely, he caught your joke and is smiling right at you.
  • He suddenly makes raising his eyebrows a habit around you. Believe it or not, him raising his eyebrows at you is a good sign. It simply means he’s interested at whatever you have to say. More importantly, he is quite interested with you.
  • He tends to be protective around you. You may have known each other for some time and you tend to hang with the same group of friends. All of sudden, you may notice that he likes to hold the door for you when you guys are leaving a restaurant. He would also do small gestures like letting you use his jacket if you’re cold. You might also find that he’s the first one to tell you to stay home and get some rest the moment you tell your friends you don’t feel so well.
  • look at you before he takes offWhen he’s about to leave, he hangs back for a little while. When you’re around, he tends to stop in his tracks just when he’s about to get going. It’s like he’s hesitating a little bit. This may mean that he’s trying to work the nerve to ask for your number or even ask you to have dinner with him.
  • He likes to take one more look at you before he takes off. Since you’re the first person he always wants to get a glimpse of, it only makes sense that your face is the last one he would also want to see before he leaves. Not only that, he’s probably hoping that you’ll be looking at him too.

If you are noticing any of these signs in the guy you’re eyeing then perhaps, it won’t be too difficult to figure out how to make a guy like you enough to ask you out.

Get Noticed: How to Make a Guy Like You by Looking Your Best

Especially when you’ve got your eyes on someone you have never met, it’s usually a good idea to look presentable, so that he would notice your presence. In this case, the challenge of how to get guys to like you starts out visually. Here are some easy styling pointers that can help:

  • Make all your best features show. You know exactly what features you’ve got that make you quite attractive. Show them off. Accentuate your eyes to make them noticeable or wear something a little tight to show off your lean body. The important thing is you look your best. He will absolutely love that.
  • Dress up the way you normally do. Don’t overdo your wardrobe just because you know he’s going to be around. Besides, it helps to wear something comfortable rather than anything else that would make you feel uptight and overly conscious. Go for comfort, but also go for style. Look put together.
  • looking greatKeep it simple. Just because he’s around you, don’t overdo how you present yourself. Don’t put too much makeup on. Don’t draw attention to yourself for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, how to get a guy to notice you comes down to looking great, but not too flashy.

Now that you know there’s a definite attraction between you and this certain guy and now that you know how to dress up around him, it’s probably time to figure out how to get a guy to ask you out.

Giving Him the Green Light: How to Get Guys to Like You Enough to Ask You Out

You know he likes you and you like him. It’s definitely high time to move things along between you, but just how do you that? In case you’re wondering about how to get a guy to want you enough to ask you out, here are some easy tips:

  • Go ahead and flirt a little bit. Subtle flirting can be a clear sign to a guy you want to spend more time with him. Don’t overly do it though, just keep it slightly subtle by giving him a little touch here and there or making some eye contact. If you need some confidence boost, try taking a supplement like HerSolution that would surely make you feel sexy.
  • Give him some compliments. Yes, flattery goes a long way with men, too. Let him know what you like about him. Compliment him if he’s just accomplished something important. Let him know that his accomplishments don’t go unnoticed by you.
  • Send him messagesSend him messages that he won’t be able to ignore. Let’s face it, a lot can happen over the phone, even through texts or chat. Learn to make the most of technology to get that special guy to ask you out. Especially when he has asked you for your number, there’s no harm in sending him some messages before he even sends you one himself.

As far as how to get a guy to like you over text, there are different ways to do it depending on how long you’ve known him for. If you’ve just met the night before, you can simply check in with him the next day and casually ask him how his day is going. You two can end up a lighthearted casual exchange of messages soon enough. Before you know it, you two are already making plans to meet up later that day.

If you have known this guy for some time, however; you can try to be a little less subtle and flirt with him a little bit over text. Send him messages that will get his attention and even have him laughing a little bit. Be funny. Start with a joke you know he’ll get a crack out of. The next thing you know, he’s sending you some jokes back too and that eventually leads to some sexy phone flirting.

  • Know what the two of you have in common and make the most of it. Sometimes, the challenge of how to get a guy to like you is simply a matter of letting him know you both like a lot of similar hobbies and interests. Talk to him more. Ask him what he’s into and let him know right away when you’re into the same thing.
  • Indian foodIf you’re the only ones in your group who enjoy Indian food, go ahead and suggest to him that maybe you can try this new Indian restaurant in the area together. Don’t make a big deal about it. Just say something like you’d been wanting to try this place, but haven’t been able to find someone who can try it with you. He’d probably be thrilled with the idea.
  • If you are both into the same sports, make plans to watch the game together one weekend. This way, it’s not a formal date and neither of you will feel uptight and/or awkward. Let your common interests bring you and your dream man closer together. This way, no one needs to force anything.
  • Ask a little help from your friends. It is completely understandable that the idea of simply admitting to a guy that you like him scares you. That’s where your friends and his friends come in. Give them a hint that you’ve got an eye on their friend and watch them work their magic. If he hasn’t noticed you before, there’s a good chance that he’ll pay attention to you now. When he starts smiling at you, smile back.
  • Mention bits and pieces about your upcoming plans. A guy who wants to ask you will most likely try to figure out what you’ve got going on during the night or the weekend. Don’t make it hard for him. Mention it to your mutual friends so that he can get a good idea when you ask around. If you’re in the same group, you can even mention to them around time you will be free to hang out to let him when would be a good time for you to hang out with him.
  • give you a ride homeGet him to give you a ride home. Ideally, this would work if it’s just the two of you inside his car. This way, you two get some alone time and you can start talking more openly and honestly. Since it’s just the two of you, you may want to tell him that you want to hang out with him another time. You may be surprised by how he responds to it. He might just ask you out before you part ways.
  • Ask him for some assistance. Especially when you’re already friends, go ahead and tell him you could use some help with something at your place or in the office. The whole point of this is to find a time where the two of you can be alone together so that you can enjoy each other’s company. Besides, you also can’t deny that a man enjoys feeling needed, especially when it’s got something to do with coming to the rescue of his damsel in distress.

The next thing you know; you’re enjoying each other’s company so much, that he no longer feels shy or awkward about wanting to ask you out.

  • Make sure he knows that you are single. There are times when a guy has been wanting to ask you out, but feel he can’t because he thinks you’re seeing someone else. Whether you’re in a group or just by yourselves, be sure to drop hints that you are not with anyone at the moment. Perhaps, you can even get your girlfriends in the group to ask you how your single life has been going lately. When he finds out, he might just ask you about what you look for in your dream guy.

One Final Word of Advice

chemistry between you and a guyOne word of advice: Be yourself. As long as there is chemistry between you and a guy, you don’t have to worry about how to get a guy to like you. Just try these tips and see what works for you best.

Remember, it’s never worth it to change yourself just for a guy’s attention and affection. Being your best confident self is sure to win him over anytime. Do this and you may not even have to worry about dating or even how to get a guy to kiss you. The main goal is to find someone who is Mr. Right without having to change who you are, so be genuine.