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An Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How to Satisfy a Man Sexually

8 years ago 16 minute read

Many women wonder how to satisfy a man sexually and make them theirs forever. If you are also seeking the answer for the same question, we are sure this article will be extremely helpful for you. Let read on to find out the answer to the most asked question.

answer for the same questionWhile on the subject of mutual activities, there’s nothing better than sex, is there? Loving your man passionately, exploring his body, touching him all over, letting him get inside you and doing so much more to discover his wild side. Oh, just the thought of it turns you on. But remember, you cannot get a boost from sex unless you both are deeply engrossed and enjoying the lovemaking act.

Whether it’s your first time with him or you are both sexually active on a regular basis, one thought that comes to every girl’s mind is, “Am I doing it right?” or “Is he loving the sex or only faking it?” It can be easy to start doubting your abilities.

In this article, your passionate inquiries will be adhered to in the most exciting way. Dive in deep to learn some uber-cool ways on how to satisfy a man sexually and rest assured the next time you are in bed with your guy, he will exclaim, “Wow, what was that?”

So, are you looking for the secret of letting your man experience some steaming sexual pleasure? Keep reading to find out the 15 magnetic tips that will broaden your horizon on how to please a man in the bedroom and make him stay with you for eternity. In the end, we will also tell you a bedroom secret that you have got to try.

1. Let Go of Your Body Issues

You must not forget that your man will love your body only when you are confident and in love with your structure. You cannot be sexy unless you know you are sexy. So, whether you are fat or skinny or whether you are dusky or fair, let go of your insecurities inside the bedroom.

You need to feel good about your body, and simply remember that your man loves you and he is with you for a reason. Stop body-shaming yourself. You are the only naked woman in front of your guy, or even better your husband. Surrender yourself to him and he is bound to love you even more, because you trust him with your body. Find out how you can overcome your sexual insecurities.

  • Walk Around Naked: Take off all your clothes and watch yourself in the mirror. You may discover you have cellulite in certain parts of your body. One of your breasts may be smaller than the other and you may have pubic hair, which you can easily get rid of, but so what? Apart from the bodies of woman we see in porn, it’s completely okay to not be perfect in real life.Accept yourself as you are. Fall in love with your body. Your man will find more sexual pleasure in being with a confident woman.
  • Indulge in some self-pleasureGive Yourself a Hand: Yes, we are referring to masturbation. Discover what stimulates you. While some women go crazy when their clitoris is touched, a few prefer anal or vaginal penetration. Indulge in some self-pleasure to understand what makes you feel good and you can ultimately guide your man to do the same.
  • Find the Right Man: If you are too afraid or reluctant to ask your man to slow down, wait or stop, just because you think he will leave you, stop right there. He may not be the one for you. He’s probably unworthy. Don’t be hesitant to leave him. There are plenty of men out there who will love you for what you are.
  • Doctor, Doctor: If you feel sex is painful for you or if you notice you do not get wet easily, a sexual lubricant or a medical treatment may solve the problem. Don’t shy away from talking to your doctor.
  • Female Libido Enhancer: You can also use supplements that aim to increase female libido. Hersolution is a potent combination of topical gel and oral pills that work to increase women’s desire for sex. The best part of this sexual health formula is that it is completely natural, and therefore free of nasty side effects.

2. How to Please a Man Behind Closed Doors: Why Grooming Matters

  • make sure you have brushed your teethFresh and Clean Breath: Who could deny that bad breath is a total turn off? Before your guy appears, make sure you have brushed your teeth or chew some gum to be totally kiss-ready.
  • Dab on Some Gloss: Shiny or bold lips are an absolute turn on for men. Be it some lip gloss or a bloodshot red lipstick. Prepare your lips to look colorful and make them appear totally kissable.
  • Invest in a Good Perfume: Smelling good is an absolute must. Fork out your money to invest in your favorite perfume and you will be half-way there to attract your man towards you.
  • Dress Right: Nothing satisfies a man like a sexy costume. Get a little playful with your costume. Something like a plain white shirt with nothing underneath or sexy lingerie will get you going. Deep and plunging necklines, G-strings or crotch-less panties, lace bras can also help to sexually please your man and make him throw you on a bed to have a steamy bed scene.
  • Wear Pumps or Stilettos: Most of us have seen porn-stars wearing high heel sin sex movies. Sure, they are sexy in real life too. Even if you find high heels uncomfortable, remember you do not have to walk in them for too long. It is only to seduce your man and don’t forget the old saying, “no pain, no gain.”

3. Be a Sex-Goddess for Your Guy: Initiating The Act

Sex-GoddessWhile most of you may believe it is a man’s job to arouse you, here are some news: most men would love their ladies to seduce them. So, what can you do? Here are some helpful ideas:

  • Photo Shoot: Make him know what’s on your mind by sending him a photo on his phone. Dress sexily or just take a close shot of your crotch that reveals your lace panties and send it to him. Just send him a sexy picture of you. It’s going to make him long for you badly. Just be careful what you send and how you send it to avoid problems later on – you don’t have to be completely naked to turn him on.
  • Dirty Texts: Send him sexy texts continuously or just cook up a sex scene going on in your mind and make sure he reads them. You could do it just by sitting next to him, and we are sure he’s going to love the idea.
  • Surprise Him: You know how men love blowjobs. So, get going and give him a surprise blow job. He couldn’t have asked for a better surprise gift, really.
  • Films Will Always Help: Have a DVD-night with him and watch a hot and sexy film together. He will get the idea, because you have chosen the movie. Hold his hand and take him directly to the bedroom once you will are done watching it.

4. Do What You Love Doing The Most: Talk Dirty

Spice up your chatsNo we don’t mean you have to engage him in your never-ending stories or fairy tales. That would bore him, on the contrary. We want you to talk to him dirtily. Spice up your chats with sexual scenarios or fantasies and watch him blush like never before. Before you even realize it, your man will be completely turned on.

Check out some dirty things which you can whisper to his ear, or just shout out:

  • “Baby I want you right now.”
  • “It turns me so on when I think about the last time you made love to me.”
  • “I feel so happy and contented when you take me in your arms.”
  • “Make me your toy tonight and just use me as much as you want.”
  • “Come closer and I’ll give you the best oral sex you have experienced to date.”
  • “I want to tie you to the bed and use you to my heart’s delight.”
  • “I love that horny look you give me when you get inside me. It’s so sexy.”
  • “Don’t stop baby. Keep going.”
  • “Dominate me. It’s such a turn on.”
  • “Shut up and just do me.”
  • “Take control of me.”
  • “Finish as and when you like.”

5. Be a Flatterer to Give Him Pleasure

men love to be praisedGetting compliments is not only a woman’s thing, you know. Even men love to be praised or simply get showered with flattery. Just make sure the compliments are or at least sound genuine. Here’s what you can tell him:

  • Your intelligence is sexy.
  • Your humor level completely turns me on.
  • Compliment his shaven look or the stubble that he pulls off so sexily.
  • Say to him how you love his effortless, yet chic, dressing sense.
  • Disclose to him that he has the power to turn you on, by simply touching you.
  • Tell him that his tongue running over your body takes you to a different world altogether.
  • Let him know what you love about him the most, when you he ‘does’ you.

6. Now Do What You Probably Don’t Like Doing: Listen

Just like it’s significant to be a little vocal, remember, dirty talk as an initiation to get him to do what you want, it is equally necessary to listen to him. Men are known to have ferociously wild fantasies, and you have got to hear them to also see how strange they can be. Though some of their fantasies may even seem like they are unachievable, just listen to him patiently and look excited. Be engaged in the conversation and pay attention.

Men often worry of being judged by their partners for their wild imagination. You have got to act mature and be understanding, and in case you are comfortable with it or it seems equally exciting to you, then jump in to try it during the next sex-session. Your guy is sure to find it sexually satisfying.

7. Use the Element of Surprise: Do It Out of The Blue

Your husband would love to have a steaming sex session when he least expects it. Turn into an animal and seduce him wherever possible. You could use these tips:

  • sexy lingerieWear his shirt or simply don sexy lingerie and wait for him at the door when he returns from work.
  • Join him in the shower and get all touchy and yes, get all cleaned up to continue the sex in the bedroom ‘afresh.’
  • Pull him to the car’s back seat in a desolate parking lot, and engage in a steamy sex session.
  • Drag him inside a changing room and have a quickie.
  • Take him to your apartment’s balcony, preferably at night when no one’s watching, and indulge in some wild love-making.

8. Kisses Can Work Wonders

Kiss is the starting point of every steamy sex episode. Here are a few tips:

  • Start gently and have a slow approach. Slow passionate kisses are thrilling. Try and give him a soothing ‘lip massage’.
  • Change your slow mode and start to get a little more aggressive. Pull his lips wildly and move your hands through his hair or body while doing the same.
  • Use your teeth to add a different sensation to the whole kissing session. We are not asking you to literally bite his lips off. Just use them to give him a nibbling feeling.
  • Keep changing your head positions occasionally, and do not tilt your head on the same side for too long.
  • Kiss him, not just on the lips, but on other parts, like his forehead, eyes, nose and places around his lips, too. Try kissing or licking his ears softly. Your husband is unmistakably going to find it satisfying.

9. Make Sure He Finds Sex Entertaining and Gets a Big Kick Out of It

Spice up the sex by treating it as a recreational activity. You could invite him to play some passionate lovemaking games or simply use sex toys to make the coitus-scene smoking hot. Here are a few ideas:

  • Play the Card GamePlay the Card Game: Take three cards and write your hard-core sexual fantasies on each of them. Ask him to do the same. Shuffle the cards and ask him to pick one. Whatever is chosen, you have to make sure to realize the fantasy
  • Play the Ball Game: His testicles can take the ball game to a whole new level and they are undoubtedly one of the most erogenous zones in a male’s body. Suck, lick, manhandle, pinch or simply touch them, and you are sure to sexually please him beyond his imagination.
  • Power Cages: Use a power cage for his penis to go in. Not only will your man enjoy the sensations, even you will love it, when it goes inside you.
  • Extension Sleeves: These will make his penis seem longer, and not only will you enjoy it, your guy will fancy the extra pleasure too. Make sure you don’t hurt his ego, though. Buy it with his consent.

10. Girls, Practice Your Oral Skills

PracticeAfter doing all of the above, you are sure to bring your guy closer to orgasm and just then you can give him what he longs for the most, oral sex.  There is nothing better than a blow job for a man. Just a little practice can make you perfect in it.

  • Make It Wetter: Men like it more when you use a lot of saliva while sucking his penis. Your guy wants it to be wetter because it is sensual and more stimulating for him.
  • Work on The Tip: While you may feel you have to deal with the entire penis, the truth is, just the top of the penis can take care of the rest. The tip is the most sensitive part, and if you lick and work on that properly, your husband will be half way to be sexual pleasure.
  • Your Hands: Use your hands to stroke base of the penis, while your mouth is busy licking the tip. A hand-job can be equally pleasing, you see.
  • Let Him Finish: You may not necessarily like it, but letting your man ejaculate on you or just swallowing his sperm, can be very motivating for him. He is bound to feel appreciated and will unquestionably return you the favor. So, why not?

11. Know Where to Touch Your Guy to Sexually Please Him

Besides the penis, you should know there are several other erogenous zones in men’s bodies. Discover them and don’t forget to play with them, the next time you are in bed with your guy. Here’s a list displaying some of the trigger points:

  • men's bodiesThe Outer Part of Lower Lips: Stroke your tongue up and down and pull and kiss his lower lips, while he is having sex with you.
  • Neck: Bite his neck gently or ferociously, as you like it. Suck or lick it. It is sure to drive him crazy.
  • Back: Pull the skin of his back with your fingers or move your nails wildly there, to make it appear like you want to draw him closer to you.
  • Nipples: Contrary to popular belief that only women’s nipples should be worked on during sex, here’s what you didn’t know. Most men’s nipples are even more sensitive. Try moving ice cubes on them, or simply suck and lick them to get your man excited.
  • The Prostate Gland: located about three inches inside the anus, it is similar to a girl’s G-spot. Try fingering your man’s anus to entice or stimulate him.

There is more on how to please your man. So, keep reading.

12. Know the Male Pleasure Sex Positions That Will Undoubtedly Please Him

Spice up your sex life by engaging in different sex positions, instead of the most common missionary style. Your man is sure to crave for you even more. Here’s a list of a few tips you can try:

  • Start by giving him a lap dance.
  • Be the boss by getting on top of him. Ask him to insert his penis inside your vagina in this position, or you can initiate it.
  • Try the doggie style. It not only attempts to hit your G-spot, but it’ll allow him to penetrate deeper, making it more sexually satisfying for him.
  • Lie down while facing each otherStand up and let him get inside you from behind. This is an irresistible position, whether you are at the kitchen or facing the wall, and is perfect for a quickie.
  • Do the sidewinder. Lie down while facing each other and put your upper leg across his body, so that he can enter you. Then wrap your legs tightly around him to experience a stronger thrust. Kissing and making eye contact, add a bonus to this position.

13. Be a Naughty Girl

While they may love the simple and sweet nature of yours, they would undoubtedly want you to reveal your animalistic side in the bedroom. Most women fear being judged or misunderstood for acting naughty.

You’d be glad to know that men want their girls to be wild with them and indulge in a steaming hot and raunchy lovemaking act. For the beginners, try grabbing his bottom or bite him on his neck hard during foreplay.

14. How to Satisfy a Man Sexually: Stop Treating Lovemaking Like a Daily Chore

both ready and equally wanting itPlease remember that only your attitude can do all the talking. Your man will probably catch you if you are not really into sex. It’s always better to make love when you are both ready and equally wanting it.

Stop treating sex as a ritual. Instead, show excitement to have sex with your guy. Approach your partner with more enthusiasm and spark and he’s sure to notice the intense desire to have sex in your eyes.

15. To Please Your Man:Fake It Till You Make It

Here’s the bedroom secret to fool your man, in case you are not orgasmic and do not want your partner to know.

No doubt it takes longer for a woman to climax. However, you can encourage your man to stay longer in bed by faking orgasms. Most men want you to shout their name aloud while he’s making love to you or simply moan and groan during the sex scene. If you do not want to let your man down, learn these quick tips.

  • quick tipsMake sure your eyes are shut.
  • Gasp occasionally.
  • Pant heavily.
  • Try to grab the bed sheet or the pillows around you.
  • Start with moaning slowly and then become louder.
  • Talk to him and let him know you are almost there.

Now, that you have learnt about the 15 different ways of how to satisfy a man sexually, we hope the next time you are on bed with your guy, you will apply all these tricks and tips. Give him the experience of a lifetime, not just once, but every time that you have sex. Not impossible, right? You can thank us later. Get going right now; after all, sex has no specific time or date.