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The 7 Most Awkward Questions Women Ask About Sex

8 years ago 8 minute read

There is a reason most people keep their sexuality behind closed doors. Discussing sex or losing all sexual inhibitions is often ridiculed and considered a taboo topic. Therefore, not too many people feel comfortable talking about sex openly.

However, what if you are having an issue with a private area? What if you would like advice about your relationship, or you want to learn about sexuality and new positions? Too often, women refrain from asking these questions. Serious detrimental side effects can occur if a woman is too nervous or embarrassed to seek help.

In case you want some answers before verbally asking them aloud, here are seven common, yet awkward questions women want to ask about sex, with some answers and helpful advice for you:

1. I Can Make It Work, But Why Can’t He?

When women first learn to orgasm, they often learn on themselves. After all, who better to know your body then, well, you? Masturbation can lead a woman to her G spot and knowing the tips and tricks to stimulate it.

Photo by Robert McDonald / CC BY

However, many women can only find a satisfacting orgasm through self-exploration. It would be preferable to have your partner make you orgasm just the same.

Many women wonder why it is that they can make themselves orgasm, but he can’t. Truthfully, only approximately 30 percent of women can orgasm without clitoral stimulation. This means that even during sex, women need to attempt to hit the clit, as well. For many women, vaginal penetration simply is not enough.

Well, What’s The Answer?

Particular sex positions can help achieve clitoral stimulation during intercourse. For example, try being on top.You can also try laying on your back and having him enter you with your feet up by your head, or, as close as you can get your feet up by your head, that is.

Being on topYou can also encourage a little manual stimulation during intercourse. Chances are that he will enjoy this, too. All he might need is a little encouragement.

Sex therapists claim that oral sex can be the best option to help a woman achieve a powerful orgasm. The tongue can help all partners everywhere hit her magical spot. If your partner is unsure of how to give great oral, then work through it together.

Communication is key. Let them know to not overdo it. Less is more, and help them take their time. Any verbal positive reinforcement will lead to both of you being much more happy and satisfied. Speaking of your vagina and achieving more satisfaction, there is a way to make sex even more enjoyable.

2. Can I Make My Vagina Tighter?

AgingWomen everywhere would love a more youthful vagina, but it can be a little awkward to ask your doctor about this. After all, it is not a medical condition and it only means that you want to have better sex. However, no one should be embarrassed to ask this question.

Approximately 76 percent of all women experience decreased sensation and enlarging of the vaginal walls from aging and childbirth. Everyone wants to have better sex. So, listen up as we talk about how you can make your vagina tighter.

It is indeed possible to work out your vagina just like any other muscles. You have to train your muscles to make them more powerful. These muscles include your pelvic area and, of course, vaginal muscles.

Photo by bbchst91 / CC BY-SA

If you want to locate the muscle sets that you need to work, then try this. The next time you have to pee, stop your urine after you have starting and pay attention to the muscles that you flex.

Another way to find these muscles is to insert a finger into your vagina and squeeze your muscles. You are sure to feel them.

In order to work out these muscles, you can perform kegels, or simply reps of squeezing these muscles and holding them for 10 seconds. Five to ten sets of this exercise daily will surely help you have a tighter vagina.

3. How Can I Get Back To The Good Old Wet Days?

Most women have this question as they age. Menopause and childbirth can both cause vaginal dryness. Naturally many women want to know how they can fix their Sahara-like vagina.

Photo by Tom Adriaenssen / CC BY-SA

Lubricants can temporarily help the solution, but there is something more long lasting that you can try to solve this problem.

Instead of adding moisture, what you need to increase is your level of estrogen. The reason why the vaginal walls are dry is because of a woman’s drop in estrogen. Therefore, restore the estrogen and find yourself wetter than a squall down there.

Forms of estrogen can come in creams and pills. Simply bring up this question to your doctor and go from there. Just remember that you have to ask in order to solve the problem. So, do not be embarrassed and remember how many women suffer from this problem.

4. Where, Oh Where, Has My G Spot Gone?

We all know that the forbidden G spot is the mecca of pleasure. But, how in the world do we find it? Many people, men and women alike, are wondering about this question, so let’s explore the answer.

G spot
Photo by Elf Sternberg / CC BY-SA

Scientists have determined that the G-spot is an anatomical location or area, and that it will vary from woman to woman. We know that is probably not what you wanted to hear, but there is a silver lining. Playing around and experimenting with your partner is the surest way to find your G-spot.

Some scientifically proven tips, directly from the mouths of gynecologists, include the sexual position of having the woman on top and using a cock ring. That’s right, a cock ring. It is basically a vibrator in the shape of a donut that slips down the shaft of the penis. It is sure to rock both of your worlds.

Perhaps you both aren’t in the mood, though. Are you wondering about the normal amount of sex in a relationship?

5. Is It Normal That I Don’t Want Sex Anymore?

Sexless marriage
Photo by Tina Franklin / CC BY

Approximately 10 to 20 percent of married couples have sex less than 10 times a year. Psychologists have even dubbed this term “sexless marriage.” So, is it normal?

Sex experts claim that there are two types of sexless marriages. The first, and the less common of the two, is when both partners are completely content without sex.The second, however, is when one partner is worried about the lack of sex while the other is not.

If one partner is concerned, then the lack of sex can become a problem. The experts have an answer, though. Like Nike, just do it. Experts claim that the more sex you have, the more you will want it. It is easy to fall into an apathetic rut. So, get going and you are sure to be having more sex.

Sex can be self-sustaining if you continue to make an effort, and it can also potentially save a marriage. But, what if there is something hindering us from great sex? Continue reading to learn about a common question make women have.

6. How Do I Tell Him He’s Bad In Bed?

Erectile dysfunctionUnfortunately, it is a common question for many women to have. The answer is a fragile one. Go easy on him. Men have the tendency to be quite insecure about their sexual performance. So, it is imperative to handle the situation with great care.

Before bringing up the issue, sex experts claim it is key to stroke the ego a bit. Tell him that you love hooking up with him and being with him. Start on this positive note, and return to it at any point in the discussion if need be.

Next, you need to figure out the problem. If erectile dysfunction is the culprit, then he already knows about it. What must happen is that you must acknowledge it and support him battling it. Almost all cases of erectile dysfunction are mental. So, cheer him on and keep trying.

If the problem is that he is a little too, ah hem, early, then bring up the possibility of multiple male orgasms. This is different from female multiple orgasms. Instead of having the orgasm, the male stops in the heat of the moment. We guarantee that this strengthens his ability to wait, and makes him happy simultaneously.

7. Does Sexual Drive Decrease With Age?

Sexual Drive DecreaseScientifically, a woman’s body is at its peak of estrogen and testosterone production at the age of 19. However, most women do not boast of having great sex at that age. So why is it that women experience the best sex of their life at different ages? The answer is that sex is psychological, not physiological.

There is no set age to have great sex, and it does not deteriorate with age. There are plenty of ripe and ready women in their 60s and 70s getting it on. It is different with every woman, and important life events, such as menopause, can affect a woman’s sexual desire greatly.

Embrace your sexuality, and never be afraid to ask a medical professional about your symptoms or concerns. If you are bashful or looking for another option before consulting your physician, then look into an easy yet effective libido fix. Many women simply suffer from a lack in desire, and products from can offer a natural yet quality answer to the problem.

If you find that you are losing your sexual drive, bring this up to your doctor. You can try some over the counter medications or natural remedies to bring back your libido. Get the help you need today and venture on into a healthier, happier sex life.