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10 Things You Wish You Knew About Sex a Long Time Ago

9 years ago 8 minute read

While sexual skills may come innately to some, a little research must be done in order to learn some of those deep, dark secrets. Do you know exactly where your G spot is located? What about your man’s G spot? Did you even know that he had one?

There are a few things you should know about your body for better sexual experiences. Here are ten things you’ll wish you knew about sex a long time ago.

1. It’s All About the Clitoris

In the beginning, most women don’t know what to do to please themselves. Once females become more comfortable in their sexuality, they begin to explore their female parts to find that delightful little tip of a clitoris.

Women typically assume that orgasms are easiest to achieve through vaginal penetration, but any woman will tell you that it’s actually clitoral pleasure that leads to an easier, powerful orgasm practically every time.

Realizing that clitoral stimulation leads to the ultimate orgasm is probably something you didn’t know when you first starting having sex. It’s common for women to assume that penetration is the way to achieve an orgasm, and some women do have these orgasms easily, but almost every woman will orgasm from having her clitoris pleasured.

Clitoral stimulation
Photo by Robert McDonald / CC BY

What is even more interesting about the clitoris is that what meets the eye is not the entire story. The clitoris is actually an organ that wraps around the entire vagina. This is why activating the tip of the clitoris helps women achieve the ultimate orgasm.

The clitoris can be easily pleased during vaginal sex, through oral sex or foreplay. Vibrators are a great way to make your clitoris happy, and we are sure that once you discover this secret for yourself you will wish you knew it years ago.

2. How to Reach More Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Could you imagine what sex would have been like had you known about the G spot?  Chances are that it took quite a bit of time, experience, and research for you to learn about the G spot and its mystical qualities.

However, learning about the G spot is essential for achieving mind-blowing orgasms for both you and your partner. That’s right, both men and women have G spots, and once you learn this, your sex life will never be the same.

G spot
Photo by Tsaitgaist / CC BY-SA

A woman’s G spot is located at an angle at the very back of her vagina; this G spot can be hit through deep penetration. There are a few positions, such as rear-entry positions, that help a man reach this deep spot.

A man’s G spot is a walnut sized area in the prostate. In order to reach a man’s G spot, you will have to insert a finger into his anus. Of course, make sure he is aware of this action. He may be hesitant at first, but we guarantee that he will orgasm like never before with the pleasing of this particular spot.

Pleasuring your G spot was more than likely never on your mind when your first started having sex. What other incredible little jewels of knowledge were you missing out on back then?

3. Sex Makes You More Attractive

AttractiveIt sounds odd, but having sex actually makes you more appealing to the opposite sex. Our bodies are intricate systems that have various biological effects that we almost never know about. Learning about this particular bodily effect from having sex can help change a woman’s life.

Sex increases the amount of estrogen produced within a woman’s body. The production and release of this hormone actually sends a signal to men. Pheromones are being researched more popularly in various studies because they are affected by hormones and help us attract others.

Estrogen also enhances a woman’s hair, skin and nails – so truly, if you are a lady, then learning this information can help you feel sexier and make you want be more sexual. Truly, it’s in your best interest to have more sex.

4. Sex is Healthy for You

If you are health conscious, then learning that sex is great for your health is monumental. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Sex helps the body in a myriad of different ways.

People who have more sex have stronger immune systems. Sex helps produce various antibodies that fight against viruses and germs, so those who have sex one to two times a day are sick less than those who don’t.

HealthySex also counts as exercise, regardless of the intensity. The most laid-back, missionary sex can burn quite a few calories. Sex has the potential to activate muscles that you don’t normally use, and your heart rate is sure to increase.

Of course, if you partake in more rough, rigorous sex than you could potentially burn hundreds of calories and reach your peak heart rate – talk about a fun way to get your cardio in.

Often times, your partner might say they can’t have sex because they have a headache, but sex is actually proven to lessen pain. If your partner is having a headache, then it is really in their best interest that they have sex. Sex is also known to help induce sleeve and reduce stress – is there anything that sex doesn’t do?

5. Get Your Hands, and Mouth, a Little Dirty

Dirty talkDirty talk appears to be something that only porn stars and smutty people do, but once you learn that talking dirty is a huge turn on in the bedroom, the sex you have is sure to become even better.

Dirty talk can be as PG or R rated as you like. Stay true to you and your partner’s comfort levels while pushing the envelope a little with this new dirty secret.

Talking dirty doesn’t have to be lewd; you can find ways to inject some romance into it, too.

6. There Are Ways to Keep Your Lady Member Looking Young

Learning this secret is the key to refreshing and rejuvenating your vagina, and we guarantee that upon learning this fact about sex your sex life will just never be the same. Every woman spends countless hours trying to look younger, and keeping a vagina youthful is no arduous task.

Kegel exercises are becoming a popular research topic, and many women are beginning to understand their importance. Items such as Ben Wa Balls can be utilized in order to improve elasticity of the vagina.

Kegel exercises
Photo by OwenX / CC BY-SA

To use Ben Wa Balls, a woman gently inserts one ball at a time into her vagina. In order to keep the balls inside her vagina, the woman must squeeze her kegel muscles–the same muscles women activate to keep from peeing. Squeezing these kegel muscles can also be done without Ben Wa Balls at any time of the day.

The best part about kegel exercises is that you can perform them anywhere, anytime, however often you like. Who knows, you could be exercising your vagina right now as you read this–If you are, then you go girl.

7. Master the Art of Masturbation

Photo by Robert McDonald / CC BY

Many women assume that masturbation is something to be scoffed at, but when interviewed, women ranging from 40 to 49 claim to have mastered the art of masturbation. In fact, these women wished they had known this little sex secret sooner.

With the purchase of a vibrator, any woman can lead herself to the ultimate orgasm. Whether you are home alone for the night, or single and looking for immediate action without the baggage, then masturbation is a great idea. If it’s privacy you are looking for, then purchase a vibrator that is waterproof and get to know your lady parts in the shower.

It may not seem ideal at first, but pleasing yourself is essential in order to become the sexual person you’d like to be. After all, if you can’t please yourself, then how can anyone else?

8. Nipples – The Body’s Oddity

NipplesDiscovering the tantalizing sensation that comes with your nipples being fondled is simply magical.

There are many sensations one experiences during foreplay, but having your breasts sucked, licked and gently bit can turn any woman on exponentially. Most women discover this early on, but it takes a few a bit longer to learn this extra tidbit about nipples:

Men enjoy their nipple sensitivity, as well. Just like you enjoy your nipples being played with, men feel similar sensations when their nipples are pleasured. Don’t believe us? Try it out. Suck, flick and squeeze your man’s nipples – we guarantee that he moans in delight.

Everyone acquires more skill and knowledge as their experiences increase, and sex is no exception. Once a woman learns this little piece of information about her man, then she is sure to help him reach an even higher level of satisfaction – and what’s more pleasurable than pleasing your partner?

9. Change It Up Often

Quickie in the morningVariety is key to any sexual relationship, and once a woman realizes this, her sex life will never be the same. Regardless of how great the sex is, it is imperative to switch up the routine every now and then.

Change can come in the form of when you have sex, where you have sex, and how you have sex.

If you find yourself falling into the routine of having sex every night before bed, then it becomes expected and blasé. Instead, switch it up with a quickie in the morning before work.

10. Sometimes a Little Help is All You Need

Often times in a woman’s life she experiences a momentous life event that affects her sex life. Pregnancy, menopause and even a poor diet can affect a woman’s libido, and it can be difficult for her to feel sexual enough to please her and her man.

WebsitesWomen who find themselves in this boat should realize that they are not alone and that a little help is all they need. Natural, quality female enhancement products exist from websites such as

No woman should feel ashamed from consulting a little help. After all, sexual pleasure and intimacy is worth it.

Knowledge is power, and once you master these ten little pieces of sexual information, we guarantee your sex life will never be the same. It’s a shame that you couldn’t stumble upon this treasure trove earlier.