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11 Types of Sex to Keep Your Relationship from Hitting the Skids     

9 years ago 8 minute read

No relationship should ever feel old and worn, especially in the bedroom. However, sometimes our sex lives take a turn for the worse when we have been in a long-term relationship. Naturally, we become comfortable with our partner and fall into the mundane routine of our everyday lives. But, don’t you want to feel the way you felt when you first starting dating, all over again?

You used to crave to be with one another. It was impossible to wait to pounce on your partner, but now it’s gone. Learn how to get it back and keep the sexy in your relationship with these 11 tips. Some might be easier than you imagine.

1. Take Charge And Initiate It

You have to admit it. Nothing turns you on quite like your man longing to be with you. Even when you don’t want to have sex, whenever he shows that he’s absolutely dying to sleep with you, it turns you on.Well, imagine how he must feel when you act the same way.

Get physical with your man and show him how badly you want him. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get A Little Forceful

When he expects it the least, grab him and plant a good long one on him. Possibly even some tongue in there, girl. Think of this as a much more invigorating option as opposed to kissing him goodbye every day. Instead, wait until he’s just about ready to leave and just grab him and give him a good, passionate kiss. We guarantee he will be thinking about what is waiting for him all day.

  • Get Down With It

Oral sexOral sex is the best way to spice things up and make him feel wanted. Learning how to give your guy an unforgettable blowjob will certainly leave you on his mind constantly.

Try to spice things up by making eye contact while you are down there, using a hand simultaneously, and caressing his balls, too.

  • Get Creative

Initiating sex outside of the bedroom is another kinky idea that will keep you both happy. This could range from being on the couch, to being out in the woods on a hike. Initiate by kissing him, and go for it by copping a feel if you really want to take it to the next level.

2. Get Fifty Shades of Grey, Girl

BDSMEveryone is obsessed with the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Why? Simply because we all have an inner BDSM side inside of us. You can take it easy and start off slow by putting a blindfold on him. This will give you a great idea of whether or not he can be submissive in addition to being dominant. Take care not to push too far, but we are imagining that he won’t have any complaints.

Once he is blindfolded, explore his body with your tongue and hands, and be sure to leave him guessing. Use your voice in a low, sexy tone and take things slow. You can also tie him up, blindfolded or not. This is a fantastic way to ensure that you are in full control. To take it to the next BDSM level, you can have him be your slave for the day, or vice versa. We imagine he would love having you as his sex slave for the day.

Check you both have ground rules before starting, as you do not want either of you to become uncomfortable. There should be a safe word, so that you can stop at any point. But, remember to get sexy and creative with it.

3. Okay, Now Let’s Get Serious

Stare at himSo, there’s kinky, and then there’s deep passion. If you are looking for deep passion between the two of you in addition to the kinky, freaky type of sex, then learn to admire one another.

Figure out the talents and qualities that you adore in your partner. Truly appreciating these characteristics will help you reach a deeper level of passion with your partner.

For example, take a step back and really analyze your partner. The next time you are out, really step back and just stare at him. What makes you physically attracted to him? Appreciate the muscles he works out for, or the way that he grooms his hair.

Learning to admire your partner will carry into the bedroom, we promise you.

4. Find Distance

getting away for the weekendAnother way to create passion in the bedroom is to leave your partner alone sometimes. It sounds crazy. But, space away from your partner will help you appreciate them more and enjoy the time you spend together, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Just like the saying, distance does make the heart grow fonder. But, in this case it also makes the genitals tingle. Try getting away for the weekend with your friends or sign up for a book club. The space created between the two of you will absolutely make the time you do have together passionate.

5. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sex toys
Photo by Martin Abegglen / CC BY-SA

It seems intimidating, but falling into a routine and never pushing the boundaries a little bit can lead to boring, humdrum sex. It can be nice to know what to expect. However, sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone can lead to new, mind-blowing sex.

Occasionally a little harmless discomfort or nerves can do wonders for the both of you. What better way to explore new territory than together? Test each other and find new erotic discoveries. You might learn something new about your partner. Some ideas include role playing, pursuing any fantasies, or involve some sex toys. These are all relatively easy ways to push your boundaries a little bit and add some new spice to your sex life.

6. Your Orgasm Should Step Out Of The Comfort Zone, Too

OrgasmSpeaking of comfort zones, you and your partner probably know each other pretty well. You know how to make them orgasm, and vice versa. However, find a new way to reach that mecca of pleasure. There is more than one way to make your partner’s experience memorable, so find a new one.

It might be a little frustrating at first if you are not successful right away. However, we guarantee that pushing the envelope when it comes to orgasms will help you both stay on your toes.

7. Kick The Electronics To The Curb

Fall asleep after having sexUsually, couples enjoy watching some television in bed together before falling asleep. However, this activity can actually hinder your sex life. Instead of falling asleep to the T.V., fall asleep after having sex. Sex is a great way to relax naturally. Your body will release hormones that will help you fall asleep, and you will even sleep better than if you fell asleep to a T.V.

If you are not in the mood to have sex right away, then light some candles and give your partner a sensual massage. Perhaps they will return the favor, and maybe it will turn into more than just a massage.

8. Don’t Act Your Age

Sure, we can’t exactly wear jeggings and boots with fur on them, but we can still partake in some racy activities that the young people are doing these days. For starters, sexting can be great foreplay if some responsibly and respectfully. As an adult, you can send a sexy message to your partner in a non-chalant way. We assure they will love it and you come home to one happy partner.

Photo by Pro Juventute / CC BY

Sexting doesn’t always have to be a picture. You can just send a message. Here are a few great sexy messages that are safe, yet a little naughty:

  • Tonight, I am all yours.
  • You can do whatever you want to me.
  • I want to make your fantasies come true.
  • You’re all I want right now.

Of course, you can spice it up to your comfort zone. For starter’s sake, we have decided to keep things relatively PG.

9. Look The Part To Feel The Part

Dress a little sexierIt’s true that you feel the way you look, so start to dress a little sexier. Once the kids are in bed, slip on some sexy negligée. It might be tempting to throw on your pajama pants and a T-shirt, but that probably will not be turning anyone on except your fleece sheets. Dressing this way is sure to get the both of you in the mood. You will feel much sexier, and your partner will certainly notice your efforts.

10. Slow Down, Turbo Racer

It is easy to rush things and expect your partner and you too, to be in the mood and get down to it. But this rushing attitude is what kills the vibe a lot of the time. Taking your time and enjoying each other’s company is more likely to lead to an orgasm and pleasurable sex. Spend time on foreplay. It will make a world’s difference to your sack sessions. Instead of rushing it and having sex for the sake of doing it, spend time exploring your partner’s body.

11. You Reap What You Sow

Show each other that you careThe age-old adage is absolutely true in the bedroom. Too many times we find ourselves busy or too tired. We all know the old excuse of having a headache, or doing the laundry. All this surmounts to a lack of sex and a display of not appreciating your partner’s company.

Take the time, or make the time, to show each other that you care. You get in what you put out, and you have to show your partner that you care. It is impossible to expect your partner to always initiate sex. So, ensure to reciprocate sometimes, too.

If you find that you need that extra push to feel sexy, then consult a reputable website, such as Her Solution offers a natural yet effective solution for any woman looking to increase her libido and get back to feeling sexy in the bedroom.

Try out a few of our tips today and get back to that sexy, freaky relationship you once had.