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Medical Breakthroughs: The Top 10 Benefits of Gingko Biloba

9 years ago 12 minute read

The ginkgo biloba tree is one of the oldest living residents of our planet. Known as a living fossil, this species of tree has been around for hundreds of millions of years. For centuries, mankind has been using all of the parts of this famous Chinese tree, from the roots to the leaves, to treat all types of diseases, conditions and natural problems.

Thanks to this species natural strength and resistance, it has survived all sorts of natural disasters and now grows in abundance all around the world. Nowadays, this tree is gaining popularity in Western society for its health-boosting benefits and use as a natural remedy.

Ginkgo biloba tea, for instance, is easy to find these days and offers delightful, detoxing properties because of its high concentration of antioxidants. Regular drinkers of this increasingly popular beverage claim that it provides them with a youthful vitality. Meanwhile, the nuts of the tree are beneficial as an ingredient in various medicines, while its leaves can aid with circulatory problems. Overall, the ginkgo biloba is truly a miraculous tree.

Ginkgo Biloba Affects Our Genes

Photo by Jean-Pierre Chéreau & Roger Culos / CC BY-SA

With the increasing popularity of the tree, scientists have begun to take more of an interest in its properties. Just recently, through the advancements in genetic science, it was discovered that ginkgo has an incredible effect on the expressions of our genes. All kinds of compounds can affect and instruct our genes in different ways, some positive and others negative. Fortunately, ginkgo affects our genes in an ideal way.

Essentially, ginkgo manages to encourage and induce beneficial processes at a genetic level, from cell repair to the production of helpful enzymes, and even energy production. It’s also worth mentioning that those who use ginkgo have higher levels of vital growth hormones within their brains.

What scientists have discovered is that ginkgo extract offers an entirely unique blend of antioxidants and helpful properties, perfectly designed to help the human body’s natural functions. This means that it contains its own helpful elements, like flavonoids and terpenes, while also encouraging the body to produce more of its own. Ginkgo is, therefore, popular as one of the most helpful natural products the human body can ever possibly need.

So How Does It Work?

So How Does It Work?As previously mentioned, scientists have discovered that ginkgo contains two primary helpful elements, known as flavone glycosides and terpene lactones.

Glycosides provide the antioxidants properties that ginkgo provides. And, terpene lactones help to boost bodily functions, including blood flow and the production of energy.


10 Miraculous Benefits that Ginkgo Biloba Provides

You can use ginkgo biloba in various ways to help with your health problems. Below, you will find 10 of its top health benefits.

1. Ginkgo Can Prevent Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the most beneficial ways ginkgo can help the body is in the improvement of blood circulation. Better blood flow means the various muscles and organs around the body, including the brain, get the vital nutrients that they need.

Alzheimer’s disease or dementiaThe brains of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are heavily affected, and so any additional blood flow can only help with the problem. Ginkgo also helps to prevent these conditions from ever occurring by ensuring the brain remains healthy and has a sufficient supply of minerals every single day.

Ginkgo can also help the brain in other ways, such as to aid with memory recollection. Sufferers of dementia may have their memories improved with the addition of ginkgo to their daily routines. Ginkgo works to keep the neural pathways of the brain functioning properly.

Scientists have seen that the inclusion of ginkgo in one’s diet can have beneficial effects on the brain. You can add ginkgo extracts to meals, smoothies, drinks, yogurt and more. Those who suffer with severe mental problems should take 80 milligrams (mg) of ginkgo three times a day, while others with more minor conditions need only 60mg twice a day.

2. Take Ginkgo To Live Longer

WrinklesAs we grow older, the parts of our cells known as the mitochondria lose their effectiveness and actually start to do damage to our bodies. The degeneration of these mitochondria is one of the major causes of aging, and it’s important to try and prevent, or at least slow down this process as well as we can.

Luckily, ginkgo biloba is useful in this instance, as well. It helps to protect the mitochondria and prevent them from degenerating. Ginkgo slows down the aging process gradually, and helps people remain youthful for longer.

In physical terms, this means that ginkgo can help you look younger by reducing the classic signs of aging, like wrinkles and spots.

AcneResearch has identified an element known as bilobalide in the extract to be the most effective part of ginkgo biloba’s capacity to fight against aging. Additionally, the antioxidants present in ginkgo help reduce the amount of harmful free radicals in the body, again produced by degenerating mitochondria.

And, it’s not just the elderly that can benefit from these restorative properties of ginkgo. Ginkgo offers protection to the sufferers of acne or eczema, or other skin conditions, as well.

3. Fight The Signs Of Menopause

Memory degradationThe menopausal stage is an inevitable part of every woman’s life. No mediation can stop it. However, you can manage its symptoms, and this is where ginkgo is once again useful. Some of the symptoms of menopause include poor circulation and memory degradation. As previously explained, ginkgo is effective in helping the blood flow smoothly and rapidly around the body, as well as protecting the brain from any damage.

Ginkgo is also capable of boosting our enzyme and hormone production, including estrogen, the vital hormone necessary for maintaining the balance of all female bodies. During menopause, the levels of estrogen fall down. Doctors often conduct hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) to remedy this condition.

However, the side effects are many, and can even be dangerous. Ginkgo is an all-natural alternative to this therapy that offers the same effects with less of a risk for the patient.

4. Make Migraines Disappear

MigrainesMigraines affect a huge number of the global population. According to the records, over a quarter of women and around 15 to 20 percent of men suffer from these painful headaches.

Blurred vision, throbbing pain and a state of exhaustion are just a few of the symptoms. Anyone experiencing a migraine would happily take any sort of treatment to get rid of it. Well, ginkgo biloba extract can help.

Migraines occur because of the constriction of blood vessels around the brain, leading to a low level of blood flow in this area. This low level of blood flow is unable to transport sufficient blood around the brain, and thus causes severe headaches.

Ginkgo ensures that a rapid and sufficient circulation of blood is maintained throughout the entire body. This relives the symptoms of migraines and prevents them from occurring in the first place.

5. Use Ginkgo To Help With Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS comes with various types of painful and unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately for women, ginkgo can help.

Premenstrual Syndrome
Photo by TipsTimesAdmin / CC BY

Studies have shown that women who use ginkgo biloba during their menstrual cycles notice greatly reduced symptoms, less breast tenderness and fewer mood swings.

Further studies are necessary to identify just how much of an effect ginkgo has, but it’s sure to help you through this difficult time of the month.

6. Take Care Of Your Eyes

EyesDegeneration of the retinas in the eyes is a normal process that most of us endure as we age. In some cases, the degeneration can be so bad, it leads to cataracts, glaucoma and blindness.

Fortunately, studies have shown that sufferers of visual impairment who take ginkgo extract daily are able to see an improvement in their eyesight. The science behind this is unknown for now. But, according to the researchers, the flavonoids present in ginkgo extract help to repair the eyes and reduce retinal problems.

7. Reduce The Symptoms Of Intermittent Claudication

ClaudicationThe clogging of blood vessels in the legs causes intermittent claudication. As cholesterol builds up in these vessels, blood circulation is degraded, and sufferers find it difficult to walk. When less oxygen is being delivered to the leg muscles, they go into spasms and it becomes painful to walk long distances.

Ginkgo is popular for its circulation-boosting properties. The elements found within ginkgo extract help to get the blood flowing faster around the body, providing our muscles and organs with the nutrients and oxygen they need to function effectively.

By improving the blood flow with ginkgo biloba, sufferers of intermittent claudication are able to walk longer distances without pain. You should accompany this treatment with a carefully-planned leg exercise program, and perhaps a change in diet. It’s important to consult your physician if you suffer from walking pains.

8. Recover Your Hearing With Ginkgo

As we grow older, our hearing can also deteriorate in the same way as our vision does. Tinnitus is an example of a common hearing disorder in which sufferers endure constant ringing sounds in their ears. Often, the cause of hearing problems is auditory nerve damage and certain blood vessel disorders. Some of the symptoms of ringing ears include hissing, buzzing, ringing, humming, roaring, clicking, whooshing, ticking, and so on.

Photo by Travis Isaacs / CC BY

Ringing in the ears or tinnitus can be an annoying thing for many individuals. Unfortunately, there is no known effective medical cure for the same. However, there are conventional treatments that can help to manage the symptoms that a tinnitus sufferer bears. This is why more people are taking advantage of natural remedies to permanently cure their ear disorders, instead of going with conventional cures.

Gingko biloba is one of the widely used treatments for ringing ears. The antioxidant properties of this herb work to increase blood circulation in the capillaries and vessels. This makes it a perfect cure, because poor blood circulation is one of the causes of tinnitus.

So, how you can take gingko for the treatment of ringing ears? For sufferers, ginkgo is available in all forms, from tablets to liquids, and even in teas.

9. Reduce The Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease
Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY

Parkinson’s disease affects over 50,000 Americans each year, and many more worldwide. Some of the primary symptoms of the disease include muscle stiffness and uncontrollable shaking. Scientists believe that a lack of dopamine is a factor in causing these symptoms.

Use of ginkgo helps to improve the body’s circulation, allowing dopamine to flow to the muscles where it is most necessary and reduce the problems caused by Parkinson’s.

Ginkgo also boosts circulation around the brain, allowing it to function more effectively and help the sufferer regain control of their body. Of course, you should use this treatment in combination with proper medical care, as Parkinson’s is an extremely serious disease.

10. Regain Your Sex Drive

TiredThe main benefit of ginkgo biloba, as previously mentioned many times, is its positive effect on the body’s circulation. This is important, because the blood is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen all around the body, providing our muscles with the energy they need to move and remain active.

Without enough energy from a sufficient amount of blood flow, a person can feel sluggish and tired. Meanwhile, when the blood is flowing properly, we feel more active and youthful, and can partake in more activities, including those in the bedroom.

A reduced libido can affect both men and women of all ages. Regardless of the cause, a surefire way to regain some of your spark is to use ginkgo biloba.

When you body’s circulation is improved, more blood is delivered to the sexual organs, making arousal easier than before and improving performance during sexual encounters.

Increased levels of desireThe results of the various trials and studies conclusively prove that ginkgo biloba makes people more interested in sex, with increased levels of desire and more fantasies. For women in particular, the extract is helpful in attaining regular orgasms. By increasing the blood flow to sexual organs and helping the brain to stay active and alert, one can easily regain their youthful libido.

Another helpful supplement for those suffering from a lack of sex drive is HerSolution gel. Sex is a vital part of any relationship, and if a couple’s sex life degrades or disappears, then they will begin to notice negative effects in all other aspects of their lives, as well.

HerSolution gel is not just a lubricant. It helps to make the blood flow more regularly to the sexual organs, increasing sensitivity and helping with arousal. The entire sexual experience is improved and orgasms are easy to attain with the use of this effective product.

Additional Information To Know

  • DoctorIt’s important to remember that even though ginkgo is an all-natural product, it can still have side effects, just like anything else. These may include headaches, allergic reactions, dizziness and nausea. You should consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplement, natural or otherwise, including ginkgo. Also be sure to seek medical advice if you are already taking other supplements and treatments, as ginkgo can have negative effects when combined with other drugs or products.
  • Ginkgo boosts the body’s circulation. Thus, those who take it may bleed more profusely than normal. It is important to avoid taking any ginkgo extract around the time of an operation. Also, anyone with a pre-existing medical condition like diabetes should consult their doctor before beginning to take the supplement. Pregnant women should not take ginkgo at all.
  • Allergic reactionsAll of the parts of the ginkgo tree are effective for medicinal purposes. But, it is important to do your research and make sure you find the correct part of the plant for you. Visit your local health store and ask for advice about ginkgo biloba. Moreover, be sure to never consume fresh ginkgo seeds. These may cause severe side effects like diarrhea, vomiting and allergic reactions.

Ginkgo has just started becoming popular in the Western medicine world. Because of that, it may take some time to complete the proper research to evaluate just how helpful the extract is for various medical conditions.

Moreover, the ginkgo extract is unregulated and not tested for safety. So, it is important to be aware of the potential risks one takes when adding a supplement to one’s diet. Make certain to check with your doctor and discuss the potential benefits and downsides of introducing ginkgo to your life.