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4 Lessons Learned From A Horrible Dating Profile

10 years ago 5 minute read

Internet dating websites have been the latest craze for many individuals that have the goal of finding true love in a less nerve-wrecking situation. Since online dating removes the in-person awkwardness, many individuals have opted to this strategy for finding the right person for them.

Online datingAlthough for some, online dating has been their gateway to finding Mr. or Miss Right, for others, it has been a disgusting whirlpool of talking to and meeting weirdos from all over the world. For some, internet dating websites have also been very dangerous, especially for women who meet up with unknown men with horrendous plans in mind.

Just recently, one curious woman immersed herself in the world of online dating. She was not set to finding the right man for her.

Instead, she created a horrible dating profile just to test out how desperate men really were on a specific dating website.

She created the profile of the “Worst Woman on Earth” hoping that she can prove that not all men on online dating websites were that desperate to meet a woman like the one she made up.

How Did She Create The “Worst Woman On Earth?”

Creating a woman with many flaws was the easy part. She created a woman that had the worse qualities that she felt men would not want to deal with. Her profile indicated a woman that was spoiled, lazy, rude, racist, manipulative, ignorant and had gold digging traits. She basically included all the traits that men really hated.

She also indicated how she was tricking her parents that she was in law school, but instead she was really using the money for partying. The only positive in the profile was the profile picture was of a beautiful woman who looked like she was on the prowl for some serious trouble.

Here are other pieces of information that was included in her fake profile:

“I’m really good at convincing people I’m pregnant.”

Money“The six things I could never do without are, $$$ (money), my car, my phone, keeping america american, my family, my friends, Aaron Carter.”

“I spend a lot of time thinking about desining a line of dog close with matching iphone cases, soooo cute <3.”

“On a typical Friday night I am knockin the cups out of homeless ppls hands, its soooo funny to watch them try to pick it all up.”

“The most private thing I’m willing to admit (is) convinced my ex I was pregnant and he still pays my child support.”

“I’m looking for…guys who like girls, ages 19-60, for new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating, casual sex.”

Did The “Worst Women On Earth” Receive Any Messages?

MessagesSurprisingly, the fake profile received 150 messages in just 24 hours of creating the profile. As the creator of the worst profile opened the messages, she was stunned. To try to disgust the men somehow, she acted more awful, more stupid and just increasingly revolting.

The creator tried out tactics to possibly turn off every man that had messaged her to prove a point that not all the men on online dating websites were just looking to get laid.

Even with an ill-mannered attitude, the men still asked for her phone number or possibly meet-ups, implying that she was a “sweetheart,” and saying how funny she was.

Some men would even play along with all the horrific acts she talked about playing with other men in the past.

Nothing would stop the menThe curious woman behind the “Worst Women on earth” just continued acting disgusting with every message that she received, thinking that men would get the picture, and stop replying or just get turned off with everything that was being said by Miss Cocky.

Instead, she just kept receiving more messages and more replies than ever before. No matter what way she tried to scare the men away, the messages, invites and flirting just kept coming. It seemed like nothing would stop the men from getting to know this mystery wild child. The more of an A-hole she became, the more compliments she would receive.

What Was The Conclusion Of The Entire Experiment?

The creator realized that no matter how repulsive she made her fake woman, the men still showed their interest in her. Even if she was rude, stupid, racist, cared nothing about reality and values, the men still wanted to get to know her and meet up with her.

BeautifulSince her profile picture and other photos showed a woman who was beautiful, carefree and wild, it seemed that men were blinded to her sour personality and grossly-exaggerated faults. Instead, they only saw her appearance and how “wild” she was.

What was revealed in this experiment was there were a number of men who thought about their penises more than they thought with their brain.

On the specific dating website that was used, men were looking to have a good time with pretty much any woman who looked sexy on the outside, but had nothing good in their personality and attitude.

Although this experiment ended for the worse, there is still hope for some. Just be smart and observant with everyone that you talk to on online dating websites.

What Are 4 Lessons You Can Learn About Online Dating Websites Based On The Experiment?

  1. Be CarefulBe Careful. No matter what gender you are, make sure you are fully aware of the consequences and of the people who are on the online website for the wrong reasons. As you can see in the experiment, there are many men who are not looking for a committed and serious relationship.
  2. Be Observant. With every message that you get, make sure you observe every little thing that the person says. Although you cannot really tell how genuine the person is through the internet, you could still get a heads up of how the person thinks. Be a bit more observant with how they answer you in regards to the questions that you ask.
  3. There Are Fake Profiles. You should already know that there are fake profiles. Just because you see a handsome young man, looking for a serious relationship it does not mean that the profile is telling the whole truth.
    By attentive and try to rule out if the person is real or not through how they think and message you back.
  4. Do Not Just Meet Up With Anyone. Make it a rule to never meet up with a person that you met online.
    If you want to, make sure that you meet at a public area, and bring a friend along that you trust and who could back you up just in case something goes wrong.

SmartOnline dating may be a popular and easy way to meet other people, but you have to keep in mind that there are many weirdos and dangerous people out there on the hunt for vulnerable and lonely individuals. Make sure that you are smart about your actions and what you say to other people that you meet on online dating websites.