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6 Apps That Use Your Friends List To Say You’re Ready For Love

10 years ago 6 minute read

Here’s the hard truth: Not all relationships are meant to last. While there are people who are able to find their “happily ever after,” after their “love at first sight,” there are many others who find it difficult to look for Mr. or Ms. Right. If you currently ended a five-year relationship, immediately looking for love is a recipe for disaster. Or if you are still available on the market, what are the chances of running to your soon-to-be partner?

The good news is there are apps which you can install in your electronic device that can help you back in the dating scene. Thanks to technology and Facebook’s popularity, here are six smart phone apps that can tell whether you are ready for love. And the best part? These apps come for free.

On The Rebound

How It Works: This app was launched in 2013 and analyzes the current and previous relationship statuses of your Facebook friends for the past six years.
This information will generate a rebound potential score to help you determine whether it is the right time to make a move or not.
So, if you recently become available in the market or you get dumped by the person you like, this app will help you get back on track.

Yay: Aside from the potential rebound score which can help you gauge your chances of scoring a date, On The Rebound also offers pieces of advice to help you whether you should ask them out or not.

Nay: The downside of this app is that it only analyzes data based on the relationship status provided. What if your potential love interest had or has a special someone, and he or she did not formally declare it on Facebook? On The Rebound will not be able to check other stats, which you can use to your advantage.


Photo by DanielGar93 / CC BY-SA

How It Works: Launched in September 2012, Tinder also uses your Facebook profile in order to deliver more targeted results.
Once your profile is connected, Tinder will show you pictures of other members where you can choose whether you like them or not.
If you and the other Tinder member like each other, which means a match is created, it will open a chat prompt where you and the other member can talk.

Yay: More than 70 percent of the “matches” end in a meaningful conversation.
Tinder is also easy to use and the chance of malicious behavior is reduced, since you have to approve the person first before the start of a conversation.

Nay: Weird matches happen, since there are instances where you will be matched with Tinder members below 18 years of age.
Plus, there was a security breach issue in 2013, although the developers of the app said the issue has been fixed.


Photo by See-ming Lee / CC BY

How It Works: OkCupid is one of the biggest free online dating sites that recently ventured into mobile apps.
Instead of filling out questions about how you feel, OkCupid uses polls to gauge your personality and calculate a match percentage for you and another person. Hence, the app focuses on the data, rather than your perception of yourself.

Yay: OkCupid features Facebook connectivity and powerful matching algorithms to accurately make matches based on your answers. At the same time, you can rate profiles and choose to show when the profile is available.

Nay: OkCupid is geared towards younger, hipper singles. So, if you are on the nearing 40’s line and recently got a divorce, then look for other dating apps that are more geared to your age group, say Tinder?

Coffee Meets Bagel

LikeHow It Works: This app enables dating with a different approach.
Using your Facebook profile, this app will set you up with friends of friends.
Coffee meets Bagel works by sending you one potential match, or bagel, which you both share with a mutual friend every day. You can either LIKE or PASS your bagel within 24 hours and if your bagel likes you back, you two will be connected via a private chat room.

Yay: This can be your perfect mobile companion, especially when you don’t have much time finding the right person to connect with. Coffee meets Bagel is a relationship-oriented app where members are more interested in serious relationships. Plus, the one match per day can provide you with enough excitement without taking too much of your time.

Nay: Sending a potential match or bagel can be awkward, since you share mutual friends. Good thing it’s just one match per day.


Gay menHow It Works: Good news, gay friends. There is an app that is designed exclusively for gay men.
Grindr is a mobile app that features gay men in your vicinity and tells you whether they are online or not.
Simply tap the picture, and either send a message or tell him your location. Originally, Grindr was developed as a method of hook up, but since some users end up finding serious relationships, it has become a promising dating turned love app for gays.

Yay: Grindr is a great place where gay men can interact with their fellows who are either looking for casual hook-ups or serious relationships.
It also has a chat function that allows you to talk to your potential partner without giving out too much information about yourself.

Nay: There is a tendency of crashing due to the high volume of users, although recent updates show that this issue is fixed.
There are also ads popping out of the app, but you can get rid of them by paying $12 a month.

Down Dating

Arrange a dateHow It Works: Formerly known as Bang with Friends, Down Dating is the ultimate app for those who are looking for someone to pass some time with.
Once registered, you can swipe through pictures of people, which includes your friends, and friends of friends on Facebook to show your interests, or lack thereof.

Yay: Down Dating offers an “arrange a date” option, so you can go further than just chatting or physically getting down. Unlike OkCupid, you don’t have to answer personality tests and polls in order to find a potential partner. At the same time, you will be notified when another party chooses the same option to keep potential embarrassment to a minimum.

Nay: There is no filter option. Hence, you can come across a family member while looking for a potential hook up – and this doesn’t look good.

Dating Apps: Are They Worth The It?

When it comes to dating, nothing beats seeing and meeting a person face to face and just letting everything fall into place.

In this electronic age, more people are inclined to use Facebook and other social media rather than dating sites when looking for potential partners.

Dating AppsWhile there are people who find love and end up getting married through these websites, there are also many others who become victims of fraud and inducement, being easily swayed by attractive profile photos.

So, should you download dating apps in the hopes of finding Mr. or Ms. Right?

It Depends. In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to dating and looking for potential mates. Still, it is important to be careful and employ necessary precautions before giving out your personal information to someone you barely know.

You can use these dating apps as a stepping stone towards finding your happily ever after. However, this does not mean you should rely on them entirely. Do the traditional route and go out and see the world. Have your friends hook you up with someone else they really know. Be friendly and approachable, but not too flirty and obvious. Dress up nicely, but not too sexy and learn when to say stop when you feel something’s not right.

Your future love is out there somewhere. Be patient and you’ll find them.