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8 False Sex Facts About Women

10 years ago 4 minute read

When you were younger, adults told you all sorts of information about sex, some of which were untrue. Now that you are older, you realized that there are so much misinformation floating around sex and women – and science has its way of proving it.

Here are eight sexual myths about women’s desires you need to know.

Myth No. 1: Women Are Not Interested In Sex.

False.  Sex and men may seem inseparable, but this doesn’t mean women don’t want it.

The truth is men and women both want sex – it’s just that men are more proud to admit it, because of the dictates of the society.

There is pressure on women to adhere to sex role expectation, which means women should be more relationship-oriented, that veering away from that expectation and unleashing the animal in them can be seen as promiscuous.

Myth No. 2: Women Aren’t Aggressive In Bed.

Aggressive In BedStill false. For centuries, women were more likely to be penalized for showing too much aggression, while men were rewarded for such behaviour.

Based on research, women can even be more aggressive than men in bed, especially when they are placed in a situation where they don’t have to conform to societal expectations.

Myth No. 3: Women Are Not Into Porn.

PornAlso false. The porn industry is not dedicated to men alone. The truth is a woman’s brain reacts quickly to erotic messages, just like men do, and believe it or not, yours may even be stronger.

In one study, a group of female subjects were exposed to different images, including erotic ones. Researchers found out erotic images elicited neurons to 160 milliseconds. This means your brain can immediately light up in response to naked images, even before you consciously registered what you saw.

Myth No. 4: Women Can’t Get Pregnant During Red Days.

PregnantStill not true. According to Dr. Sherman Silber, Director of Infertility Centre in St. Louis, you can get pregnant at any stage of your menstrual cycle.

Keep in mind that sperm can live inside your body up to a week. So if you have sex during your period and ovulate after a few days, the little guys could still be swimming around and ready to make sexy time when the egg arrives.

The bottom line: use protection when having sex during your period to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Myth No. 5: Women Are Naturally More Bisexual Than Men.

BisexualAlso not true. While porn videos show thousands of girl-to-girl in action, this doesn’t mean men are less likely to be bisexual.

As a matter of fact, sexual orientation is natural and the possibility of men being bisexual can be the same with women.

It’s just that being bisexual is more socially acceptable for women, making it easier for them to be flexible with their sexuality compared to men.

Myth No. 6: Women’s Sexual Response Is A Pattern: Desire, Arousal Then Orgasm.

Women’s Sexual ResponseThis is not always the case. Forget the Masters & Johnson’s model of sexual response, since desire is not even included there.

The truth is sexual desire may happen at any stage and doesn’t necessarily have to come first.

There are moments when your partner will play around with you and you’ll get aroused – even before you realized that there is a desire for sex.Also, every sex session doesn’t have to end with orgasm, since there are women don’t always climax at every sexual encounter.

Myth No. 7: Women Don’t Have A G-spot.

partner stimulate the upper front wall of your vaginaThere are studies that say the G-spot is purely fictional. In fact, it’s all in the mind, which can be good news.

According to Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., co-author of The Orgasm Answer Guide, the G-spot or the magic orgasm-inducing button will depend on one’s sensitivity down there.

What you can do is to lie on your back and have yourself or your partner stimulate the upper front wall of your vagina using one or two fingers. And believe it or not, you’ll know when the right spot is hit.

Myth No. 8: Women Suffer From Sexual Dysfunction.

Sexual DysfunctionThe lack of desire for sex can be perpetuated by many factors, such as health concerns, relationship issues, sexual performance issues or cultural or societal expectations.

The problem is science is more focused on men and their issues down there, so that women and dysfunction issues are not immediately addressed.

Sexual Tips For Men To Please Your Partner.

Given these myths debunked, the key to a pleasurable sex is communication. Understanding your partner’s needs, desires and fantasies can help a lot in giving her and yourself the best sex of your life.

Address any issues in bed and constantly look for ways to make sex more pleasurable for both of you. And lastly, use protection. You don’t want to end up being a dad without being prepared and fully understanding the consequences of your actions. In other words, play it fun, yet safe.