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8 Pieces Of Movie Relationship Advice You Should Ignore

10 years ago 7 minute read

Movies are a wonderful go-to when it comes to feeling good about your relationship with your special someone. Chick flicks could make you feel all giddy inside, since the story lines usually end up with a happy ever after.

In a majority of the chick flicks that you have watched, you have probably noticed that it all starts the same, boy meets girl, they date, fall in love, get into an argument, fight or break up, but then eventually end up together again through unusual occurrences.

Although it is very entertaining to watch the fairytale love stories in the movies and get ideas from the super cheesy pickup lines and plans, it may not be a good idea to follow the relationship advice from them.

Yes, they may be appropriate for the movie, but it does not mean that you have to make it your reality. Here are eight pieces of movie relationship advice you must ignore to save your own relationship.

1. “Run To The Nearest Airport And Try To Catch Your Special Someone Before Departure.”

We are sure that you have seen this quite a few times in the movies, especially during the gut-wrenching breakups. Typically, the women packs her bags after the heart break, drives to the airport hoping that Mr. Right will follow her, but then realizes that no one is coming as she is heading for the airplane.

AirportOn the other side of town, the man tries to find her and finds out that she is leaving, rushes through traffic to the airport, goes through airport security, expresses his love and passion for his sweetheart and they kiss while everyone witnessing the moment applauds.

Now when does this ever happen? Probably in one out of million situations.

That means that you should probably cancel the thought of rushing to the airport and trying to get on the plane or even standing in front of the aircraft.

The best thing you can do after realizing your special someone is at the airport about to board a plane is to follow them to their destination the next available day or try to contact them once they arrive. Be smart and keep yourself safe and away from a chick flick fantasy.

2.  “If You Find Out Your Significant Other Is About To Marry Someone Else, Stop The Wedding.”

distressing feelingsBefore the person you love ends up at the altar with someone else, make sure that you have already told them how you feel beforehand. The truth is, having a wedding called is emotionally traumatic.

Anyone who has gone through this experience has some sort of trauma about embarking into a new relationship with another person. By stopping someone’s wedding, you will be creating unwanted and distressing feelings.

If you want to prove your love for someone, do not let it get to a point where they will be getting married to another person. Declare your love for them before. You would not want to cause upsetting emotions for anybody, most especially the person that you are in love with.

3.  “Being A Close-minded Jerk Makes A Person More Attractive And Secretly Lovable.”

Close-minded JerkHave you seen in movies when the man or woman falls in love with the person who treats them like crap?

This happens in many chick flicks because the audience loves seeing the challenge of making the lonely jerk a sweet and endearing partner.

After the long journey of trying to soften up the cold-hearted one, it turns out that they really are one very loveable individual. Think about it, when does that really happen in real life?

In reality, if you are dealing with a creep, 9 out of 10 times they actually are a real A-hole. A person rarely changes their personality or attitude just because of a little softening up. They may change for a few months, but after some time, they will eventually revert to their real self.

If you are with an unpleasant person now, try your best to get out of it as early as possible. Those individuals may be verbally or even physically abusive. You want to stay away from a no-win relationship like that.

4.  “Being In A Healthy Relationship Means That You Should Change Yourself Completely.”

Healthy RelationshipYou see this relationship advice in many chick flicks. Girl wants boy to change his usual ways, so that she could learn to trust him again. Although it may seem like a sweet gesture, it really does not happen in reality.

There are many definitions of a healthy relationship, and one of them does not include changing yourself entirely to make it work out. Although people do change in small ways, changing someone’s personality and attitude is close to impossible.

Instead of trying to change yourself or trying to change someone else for the relationship, try to rethink things through. Do you really want to be with a person that wants to change you in major ways?

Do you really want to be with a person that you do not get along with? Ask yourself those questions because the answer all depends on you. Both you and your partner should be yourself from the very beginning so that you two can get along.

5.  “People Who Cannot Function Socially Are Interesting And Attractive.”

Cannot Function SociallyYou know those movies that contains the physically attractive man or woman who does not know how to be sociable, but it turns out they are the perfect person for you?

Many movies depict this character with the same twist, thus concluding with a happy ending. As much as it is exciting to believe that a person like that could exist, you have to realize the reality behind it. It never ever happens as it does in the movies.

You have probably met a couple of individuals who are beautiful physically, but when you try to talk to them, they cannot keep up a conversation. Do you really want to end up with a person that you cannot talk to, especially when it comes to serious topics? Of course not! Remember to find a person that you have common goals with and who could keep up a chat with you.

6.  “You Should Always Maintain Power In The Relationship.”

RelationshipYou have probably watched movies where one partner was far more dominant than the other. This is another piece of advice from movies that you should ignore.

The truth is, no one should have more power than the other person should. It should be more or less equal.

No one should ever feel down about how who they are because of how their partner makes them feel. Although the perception is that the man should always be the powerful one, it is not the case in real life.

Both people in the relationship should have say in what is happening with their relationship or their life. If you are in a relationship wherein you are overpowered by your special someone, chances are that they will be trying to control you your entire life.

7.  “Make Sex The Ice Breaker.”

SexSince movies try to attract both genders, who would ever want to leave sex out?

Have you seen those movies wherein the deciding factor of whether or not the main character should make the person their boyfriend or girlfriend is having sex with them?

This is probably one of the worst movie relationship advice ever! Sex should not even be the biggest factor at all. It is definitely something to consider, but not the deciding element.

8.  “Stay Together For The Kid’s Sake.”

Some movies give off the advice that staying together even if everything else is going wrong is necessary for the kid’s sake.Although in the movies it seems to work out eventually, it is not exactly the same in real life. It does not end up as happily ever after for many couples with children in the real world.

Stay Together For The Kid’s SakeThe best thing to do is to think and talk about what is best for the children. If staying together is just toxic and impossible to handle, then go ahead and break-up, as long as the kids are safe.

You should be able to recognize which movie relationship advice you should use, and what you should not. Just because it works in the movies, it does not mean that it will work in real life. Chick flicks are usually made to romanticize the audience and not made to follow as a guide in relationships, unless your life is a move, that is.