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7 Ridiculous Sexual Fetishes That Unfortunately Exist 

9 years ago 11 minute read

Sexual fetishists are people whose sexual stimulation is largely dependent on a particular situation; often associated with body parts such as toes, feet and bosoms; or on some specific object such as lingerie, heels or even leather products.

If you are one of the normal sex partners, you may possibly not realize how many sexual fetishists exist with their abnormal and bizarre imaginations. And you possibly may not be aware of your own partner’s erotic sexual fetish. Why? This is because most people are uncomfortable revealing their weird sexual desires with their partners. After all, it may come as quite a shock to a person with normal sexual preferences.

Even though it’s a taboo subject, most people want to lean about peculiar sexual fetishes. Here we have compiled seven of the weirdest sexual fetishes that will definitely make you jump in anxiety and shock.

1. Katoptronophilia: Mirrors Turn Some People On

front of mirrorsKatoptronophilia is a common sexual fetish that both men and women enjoy. It involves an arousal from having sex in front of mirrors.

Katoptron is the Greek word for mirror. Psychologically, the urge to have sex in front of mirrors signifies the person’s self-love and his need to analyze himself.

These fetishists enjoy indulging in certain activities such as sexual intercourse, masturbating, stripping, having an orgy, and performing all other types of sexual activity in front of mirrors.

There are even a few extreme mirror sex maniacs who have installed mirrors in every room of their house just in order to have sex anywhere they like. They cover their walls with mirrors, and even fix them on the celling over the bed to see their reflection in a mirror during sex.

Watching yourselfWatching yourself and your significant other in a mirror during foreplay or intercourse is definitely an erotic way to upsurge your self-confidence. Who wouldn’t get more excited from seeing his women in ecstasy?

Even though you might not have this sexual fetish, trying mirror sex once in a while can surely help to spice up your sex experience. It’s no wonder that many porn films show porn stars having sex in front of mirrors.

2. Diaper Fetishism: It’s A Love For Diapers

Sexual desires and turn-ons differ widely among people. Don’t get alarmed when you find your baby’s diaper go missing from the diaper bag.

Your partner, or perhaps some other family member, may be using it. Diaper fetishism, also known as diaperism is a type of sexual fetish that involves an individual who gets sexually aroused from wearing a diaper.

Photo by David Shankbone / CC BY

There are two different types of people who have this diaper fetish. The first types are the diaper lovers, who are interested in wearing diapers for the sake of sexual arousal and gratification. They can also wear diapers because of comfort, security and the feel good factor.

The other group of people with this fetish are termed as infantilists. Such people not only love wearing diapers, but they enjoy the age regression factor, as well. Some even go to the extent of pretending to be a baby. They use other baby items such as baby clothes, baby bottles, bibs and pacifiers in order to enhance their sexual pleasure.

Some others are so obsessed with baby diapers and their belongings that they have a complete nursery at their home with high chairs, adult sized baby clothes, adult diapers and adult sized cribs.

Diaper fetishismYou may ask what is so erotic about diapers. Well, a diaper equates to a sense of freedom and infancy for many. There can be many causes for a person to indulge in diaper fetishism. Children who are potty trained too early often become obsessed with diapers. This is because they miss the feeling of soft diapers and their snug fitting over their genitals. Conversely, some kids who are potty trained late also become a victim of the diaper fetish. They enjoy the feeling of the wet and soiled diapers between their legs.

Some individuals with diaper fetishism may have been humiliated as children for having wet, stinking diapers. It makes them feel mischievous and offensive wearing diapers for sexual arousal. Diaper sexual fetishism is seemingly popular and appears safe. However, there are a few diaper fetishists who have a bad reputation for harming children. So be aware if somebody else is using your baby diapers at your home.

3. Erotic Asphyxiation: When Sexual Thrills Can Be Fatal

Erotic asphyxiation
Photo by portugalpictures / CC BY

Erotic asphyxiation, also termed as auto-erotic asphyxia or AEA, is a sexual practice that belongs to sexual masochism and involves reducing the supply of oxygen to the brain while masturbating in order to attain a heightened orgasmic climax. There is a delicate line between the hypoxia state and death. And it’s this small pause in which an individual becomes highly sexually aroused and experiences an ultimate orgasm.

The procedure to auto-erotic asphyxiation: The practitioner loops a rope or a belt around his neck, and fixes it to a pipe or a door knob. When everything is set, the person lowers himself and starts masturbating.

The pressure from the belt cuts the supply of blood through the veins in the neck. Consequently, the levels of oxygen begin to drop as levels of carbon dioxide increase, which in turn causes lightheadedness and creates escalating erotic pleasure.

Unfortunately, when the pressure on a small bunch of chemoreceptors situated on some specific part of the neck increases, death occurs. This sexual practice can be risky, even when executed with ultimate precaution.

BeltErotic asphyxiation often starts during adolescence. Indeed, this practice is mostly prevalent in young men. Moreover, people often consider doing it alone, which makes it even more lethal as nobody else is around to help when things go wrong. AEA has caused a substantial number of unintentional deaths. You may be astonished to learn that there are at least 700 deaths caused by AEA in the United States each year.

What’s more shocking is that there is a long list of celebrities who died of erotic asphyxiation. Some of the famous names include Kichizo Ishida, Albert Dekker, Kung Fu star David Carradine, Michael Hutchence, Kevin Gilbert, and the list goes on and on, unfortunately.

Usually, people practicing erotic asphyxiation have no intention to die, and thus they follow all the safety measures before indulging in this sexual pleasure. Sadly, most of the time, something goes wrong and they face death. Certainly, this compulsive activity is one of the deadliest ways to attain sexual bliss. So it’s best to stay away from it.

4. Zoophilia: A Pet As A Sexual Buddy

Photo by Aotearoa / CC BY-SA

Also termed as bestiality, zoophilia is a sexual fetish that involves sexual enjoyment with animals, such as intercourse between humans and dogs or humans and horses. Both men and women indulge in this sexual fetish. Even though sex with animals is illegal, some countries don’t outlaw it.

One of the most dangerous sexual practices, zoophilia can lead to several diseases such as zoonoses. This is an infectious disease that spreads from animals to humans through intercourse or from casual contact. Additionally, sex with animals can cause more serious incidents such as accidents and bites that can even lead to death.

The most popular example is of Kenneth Pinyan who allowed a stallion to have anal sex with him, but regrettably suffered a perforated colon, which eventually took his life. Similar to other sexual fetishes, there’s no cure for zoophilia. Also, most people harboring sexual feelings for animals don’t consider it as a disease. However, a few who realize they are abnormal are able to seek psychological treatment.

5. Necrophilia: When A Corpse Becomes A Sex Toy

Photo by Jenn Turner / CC BY

Necrophilia is a type of sexual fetish that involves sexual pleasure with dead bodies. It also includes sexual intercourse with non-human bodies. This strange sexual fetish involves a wide range of bizarre behavior such as kissing or inappropriately touching dead bodies, sexual intercourse with corpses, and even homicide to obtain a corpse with which to engage in sexual activity. It’s no wonder most of these sexual fetishists seek an occupation within the morgue.

There are desperate necrophiles as well who shoot animals before engaging in sexual intercourse with them. Most cases of necrophilia involve males who are heterosexual.It is still not easy to figure out the accurate statistics of necrophiles because of the bizarre nature of the disorder, and the fact that the victim is unable to report the act.

Anyone who has sex with a corpse has serious mental problems. Experts indicate that children who suffered from mental or sexual abuse in childhood usually become the prey of this sexual disorder. In addition, people with low self-esteem; those who are socially withdrawn; and those with a fear of love, rejection, and relationships are also the victims of such heinous sexual thoughts and actions. They desire a sexual partner who is incapable of rejecting them.

Necrophilia is wrong morally, ethically and legally. How perverted and mentally sick would one have to be to get on top of a corpse? That’s not only horrible, but disgraceful as well to the dead. People having the inclination towards corpses need to seek immediate psychiatric help. Anyone who is an advocate of this bizarre sexual fetish also needs counseling.

6. Coprophilia: That’s A Shitty Business

FecesCoprophilia, also termed as scat or scatophilia, is a kind of sexual fetish where people get sexual satisfaction from feces. Most fetishists enjoy the sight of another person pooping. They even get pleasure by closely examining the feces. Some such fetishists may even ask their partners to empty their bowels upon them, or even express a desire to poop on their partners.

They also like the texture, feeling, and smell of feces in a sexual manner. Sexual gratification results from having feces touching the skin or by rubbing the feces on the genitals. An even creepy subclass of this fetish is “coprophagia,” in which sexual fulfillment is attained from eating feces. The risks of eating feces include hepatitis, HIV and many more infections. Moreover, even the consumption of one’s own feces is hazardous since the bowel bacteria are harmful to ingest.

Coprophilia often involves some degree of bondage and dominance. The dominant partner is the one who defecates and orders the submissive partner to eat the feces in order to embarrass them and demonstrate their dominance.

Bondage and dominance
Photo by Tudor / CC BY-SA

Dominant partners may also stop the submissive partner from defecating, and only allow them to do so with their permission. This is again a display of dominance over their sexual partner.

The cause of sexual arousal with regard to feces often goes back to childhood. It could also be in association with genital stimulation during the changing of diapers.

Coprophilia is featured prominently in some Japanese pornography. Although a foul sexual fetish, watching scat play is a much safer alternative to partaking in this sexual activity, as it removes the risk of the transmission of any serious infection. Of course, nothing can be as shitty as poop all over one’s bed. Not to mention, the subsequent foul smell and flying bacteria.

7. Spectrophilia: Play Safe With Nobody Or No Body

For a few heartbroken individuals, ghosts seem more loyal than humans. Spectrophilia can be both a phenomenon and a fetish. There are people who find sexual pleasure by imagining having sex with ghosts. They are attracted towards spirits or ghosts and aroused by images in a mirror or reflections. On the other hand, there are some who literally experience actual sexual encounters with ghosts. Yes, the ghost took their fantasy too literally.

GhostsThe religious description for this phenomenon talks about the existence of the incubus and succubus. The incubus is a demon that takes on the male form and seduces women. On the contrary, the incubus is the female form of a demon that seduces men through intercourse.

There is speculation on whether such spirits do exist or not. However, folklore is full of such incidents in various cultures. Although the stories are different, the idea of ghosts having intercourse with humans is common in all cultures.

According to experts, these so-called ghostly sexual encounters are because of a condition known as sleep paralysis. It is a transitional state between sleep and wakefulness where the affected person finds it difficult to move temporarily. Sleep paralysis is also associated with petrifying visions, and the feeling of pressure on one’s chest. These elements, along with erotic visions, often cause the person to believe that they are having a sexual encounter with a ghost. We are not sure if ghostly sex stories are true or not. But if so, the people receiving them definitely deserve a bravery award.

We wonder if there are only a handful of people left that like to have sex the old fashioned, traditional way. It now seems like the world is full of perverts who find sexual gratification with feces, animals, or even ghosts. If that was not enough, some go to the extent of having sex with dead bodies. Well, experts link these weird fetishes to mental problems, issues with childhood, the fear of rejection, or the inability to have sex normally.

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