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7 Sex Teasers to Build Up Her Anticipation for the Big Night

9 years ago 9 minute read

Are you ready to build her up for the biggest night of her life? Whether it is your wife, girlfriend, or one-night stand, you want to be the one she remembers forever. So, make it a night she will never forget with a few different tips and tricks.

Female anatomy
Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY

The major secret deals with the female anatomy. Women tend to take a little longer to heat up compared to men. If men are a microwave, then women are more of an oven. In order for your food to cook just right, you need to let the oven heat up all of the way. If you stick in your food during the pre-heat cycle, then no one will be happy. Catch our drift?

Read on to learn about our seven different teasers for you to build her up for the best night of sex she has ever had:

1. Go For Your Secret, Kinkiest Dirty Talk

Dirty TalkWomen are attracted to anything that makes them feel sexy. Help to make your woman feel sexy by talking dirty to her. Now, there is a fine line between a completely crass remark and a sexy little one liner. It is important to feel the water before diving on in.

Many men avoid making sexy statements due to misconceptions. Dirty talk can consist of a naughty word all of the way up to a naughty thought. Talking dirty is an art that can do double duty for your sex experience. However, that will happen only if you know how to talk dirty to a girl the right way and not say the wrong things.

The first step is to know your partner. This is where it becomes difficult to know what you are dealing with if you randomly pick up a partner. If you want to spontaneously try it, then just know that you may be slapped if you take it a little too far.

Start off a little PG rated. Start with phrases such as:

  • You look so sexy tonight.
  • You smell good.
  • Girl, that is a hot ass.
  • I can’t wait to rip off your clothes.
  • Guess what? You are mine tonight.
  • I want you right now.
  • I’m gonna make you groan tonight.

These little phrases will get her hot and bothered, especially if you are whispering them near her ear and neck. Why not pair it up with a nibble and kiss, too? She is sure to be begging for action after these slick moves.

If this is a little too PG for you, then try our next tip on for size.

2. Take It To The Streets

Today, public display of affection is something that most duos indulge in. Now a few may ask why do couples indulge in PDA in front of others when they can find a room or a backseat in their care. The answer is simple. Most women love PDA. There’s something about pubic display affection that makes them feel good. It’s kind of exciting to make out in parties when there are others around.

Public displays of affectionSo, public displays of affection make your woman feel wanted, and it lets her know that you only have eyes for her. We are not exactly condoning public indecency or exposure, but a little foreplay in a public place never hurt anyone.

Gently place your hand on your woman’s backside, or nibble on her neck. You can also do light petting inconspicuously under a table or in a crowded place. These little moves will send the right message to your lady, and we guarantee she wants you then and there.

In fact, if you begin your foreplay in a public place then the car ride home may very well be the location of your steamy sexcapade. Regardless of where you are eventually going to have sex, there are a few unwritten rules for foreplay that you should be aware of first.

3. Don’t Forget The Twins

BoobiesThe biggest mistake most men make is to forget about the boobies. Undoubtedly, men gawk and gape at them when they are visible in a low cut shirt, but take it to the bedroom and all is forgotten. During foreplay, women want their men to handle their twins. Spend time fixated on her curves, and you will indeed heat her up.

It is important to note that breast size does not matter. Regardless of her size, your lady wants you to play with her partners in crime. While most men want to jump right to other private areas, you will stand out in her mind if you take it slow and practice some foreplay. Women vary in their expectations as far as breasts go. Some women like a dainty nibble and kiss, while others want it rough. Take it slow and figure out what your woman wants.

Keep both ears open, as she will start moaning once you hit the spot. Do not stop once she appears to be enjoying herself. The nipples are one of the best erogenous zones on a woman, so really heat her up with this type of foreplay.

In fact, taking it slow is our next tip.

4. Slow Down

Slow Down
Photo by Richard foster / CC BY-SA

Another major mistake that men often make is to repeatedly jump the gun and forego any foreplay whatsoever. It is imperative to remember that women need time to heat up.

Unquestionably, there may be times when she spontaneously is ready to go for a quickie. But, for the most part, she wants you to take it slow.

Unless your woman is unique or has a lot of sexual tension, she will appreciate the time spent on her body. Take the time to practice massage therapy. Offer her a full body massage, or perform other sexual acts other than penetration, such as oral sex.

Show your lady that her needs come before yours, and she will certainly please you in return. In addition to slowing yourself down, there is another important way to put her needs before yours.

5. Pay Attention To The Visual

Admire herRemember to make your partner feel special. Every woman likes compliment. In order to make this happen genuinely, and trust us when we say that she will sense any false flattery, you have to pay attention to her.

The odds are that she has taken some time to prepare herself for you. Does her hair look nice? Is she wearing lingerie? Does she have on special panties?

Complimenting her at dinner is a start, but do not forget to pay attention in the bedroom, as well. It is easy to become caught up in the moment and simply rip off her clothes. Instead, take a few seconds to admire her in that lacey get-up, and then by all means, take it off.

There is, however, a rule when it comes to undressing her, so keep reading to learn all about it.

6. But Do Not Take It Off Too Barbarically

Yes, we told you to take off her clothes, but there is a particular art to this move. This is the perfect opportunity to put that patience to good use.

Removing her clothing slowlyTantalize her a little bit by removing her clothing slowly. Use your teeth, and lick and nibble at any exposed areas.

This slow process will surely start her begging for more. Leave nothing but her panties on and move your way all around her privates. We guarantee she starts to beg you to take them off.

She will go wild if you take it slow, as we have mentioned before, instead of ripping off her clothes. There may be times when she wants it then and there, so you have to gauge her mood. If she wants a steamy quickie then by all means, rip off her clothes like you are Tarzan. Otherwise, your slow moves will kill her escalating sexual urge.

7. It Is All About The Multi-Tasking

Eventually things will heat up beyond kissing, if you catch our drift. Once you move into the steamier foreplay, remember to practice all of the aforementioned tips. It is understandable that things heat up, but you have to keep it cool. Remember to use your hands to please her, but take it slow. Combine our tips together. Continue whispering dirty talk into her ear while pleasing her with your hands.

HandsPut your mouth somewhere else, if you know what we are saying, while playing with her breasts.

Speaking of oral sex, one of the biggest taboos of foreplay is performing oral sex. Too often, men claim this sexual act to be out of their comfort zone. But, if you truly want to prepare your woman for the best night of sex in her entire life, then you have to be willing to venture southward.

If oral sex is something new to you, then here are a few down and dirty quick tips:

  • Practice taking your time by slowly building up to your tongue’s penetration. Play around her vaginal lips, kiss her thighs, and gently nibble on the outside of her vagina.
  • Slow and steady is usually preferred. No woman wants a sloppy and slurpy deed done down there.
  • Implementing the use of a finger can be extremely sensational for her. Simply slide in one finger at first. You can always work your way up to more, and gently massage her with a light, come-here kind of motion with your pointer finger. While you are doing this, also lick and continue to massage her with your tongue.

Amazing sexIn order to perform the most memorable foreplay, you have to put all of these tips and tricks to work together. Never become stagnant in your approach, and switch it up.

Remember that in order to help her achieve a night she will never forget you have to be a little selfless in your approach. If she is enjoying herself, then you will definitely have amazing sex as well. So, never lose sight of what you are attempting.

Also keep in mind that women need a little more foreplay than men, so do not skip it. If you find that your lady needs a little more help than you can provide, then recommend her to try a safe yet effective, natural female supplement.

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Sex is one of the best ways to refresh your love. If you think your woman is not as horny as before, use these tips. And, we bet you will be amazed to see her horny side again.