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8 Things Your Gynecologist Won’t Tell You About Your Clitoris

10 years ago 8 minute read

The word “clitoris” is derived from the ancient Greek word that means “key.” It is one of the most sensitive parts of women’s genitals is located at the top of a woman’s vulva. The clitoris looks like a small, button shaped organ protected by a hood of skin. When stimulated, the clitoris engorges and becomes erect.

The clitoris is a mysterious spot that harbors various secrets most of us are not aware of. This vital female organ defines feminine sexuality and helps to unlock sexual pleasure. Although a pathway to a female orgasm, very little is known about this sexual organ.

In order to familiarize yourself with this potent female sexual organ, read these astonishing facts we have compiled:

1. Your Pleasure Button Never Gets Old

Your breasts may sag, your hair may turn gray, your tummy may bulge out; but your pleasure button always remains young.

Women may experience orgasms multiple times in their lives without causing any wear and tear to their pleasure button. Isn’t this amazing?

Once fully developed, the clitoris maintains its potency for the rest of a woman’s life. This simply means that you will carry the similar orgasmic capability even at your ripe old age, just as you did when you were in your twenties. So, that’s the good news for guy. Your woman may get old, but her mysterious love knob never will.

2. Coregasms are Possible

Guys already know this – foreplay is an important part of a sack session to make a woman experience fulfilling orgasm. But, did you know that there are many other simpler ways to stimulate your woman’s gem? Yes, we are talking about a “coregasm workout.”

Photo by Jaykayfit / CC BY-SA

You may be astonished to learn, but there are certain exercises like planks and crunches that can set off orgasm in women.

What is great about this clitoral stimulation is that there is no need to watch a porn movie or imagine dirty thoughts to achieve them.

Since you have learned about this discovery, you will be interested how exercises can contribute to an orgasm. While there is no one exact cause for these coregasms, studies indicate that they occur when the abdominal muscles of women are being used during exercises that cause friction.

Other theories indicate that increased flow of blood towards the vagina during workouts engorges the clitoris and stimulates it. Twenty minutes of abdominal crunches, climbing, walking or weight lifting are enough to expand a woman’s clitoris to a greater extent. We are sure as you are now aware of one more positive effects of exercising that you will be spending extra time at the gym with your honey.

Photo by GeorgeStepanek / CC BY-SA

So, next time when you feel lazy and directly want to jump in bed for that instant sex without working to stimulate your woman, consider taking your sweetheart on a walk or coax her to come along with you for a moderate exercise session. We are sure you are grateful to us as we have made things simpler for you after a long, tiring day.

3. Yes, It Grows

Hormonal changes occurring in a woman’s body will make her clitoris grow. When a woman enters her thirties, her pink button will grow four times as it was on the commencement of puberty.

SteroidsWell, the growth of the clitoris does not stop here. Another astonishing fact is that after menopause, the clitoris will be seven times larger than it was at birth.

Ladies, are you petrified? Take it easy – the clitoris grows at a very slow rate and the growth is not noticeable. However, other than genetic factors, there can be many external factors that can lead to drastic increases in clitoris size. We are referring here about the use of steroids.

It has been found that the use of steroids can result in enhanced and rapid increase in clitoral size. There are reports that indicate the increase of clitoris size to be at least two and a half inches due to steroid use.

4. The Clitoris: A Mini-Penis

Photo by Esseh / CC BY-SA

Although they are constructed differently, both the clitoris and penis are equivalent. It’s startling to know that as embryos in a mother’s womb, we all have a clitoris until the hormone testosterone kicks in for some future baby boys to form a penis.

In spite of having numerous nerve endings, the clitoris works like a penis in various ways. It has a penis-like shaft, erectile tissues just like a penis, and tiny glands with its foreskin, as well. Your clitoris is actually a mini penis, but it’s affected differently by your hormones.

Once the body is turned on, blood is forwarded towards the clitoris for more sensation, which causes it to engorge. It does get hard and the clitoral erection often increases further shortly before orgasm, drawing the clitoris upwards.

What’s more, the clitoris has erections at night as well, similarly to the penis. Although clitoral erections are not very visible, they work similarly.

5. The Clitoris: Your Most Sensitive Zone

Sensitive ZoneThe clitoris is regarded as one of the most sensitive parts of the female sexual system.

It has more than eight-thousand nerve endings, which is definitely more than any other part of the male or female body. You may be startled to know that this number is double the amount the penis has.

Clitoral sensitivity may vary from women to women. If you are one of those women with typical clitoral sensitivity, then licking, touching, rubbing and kissing will probably make you feel highly elated and put you towards the path to orgasm. Experts claim that it is easy to achieve clitoral orgasms and the majority of women love it.

On the other hand, if you have a highly sensitive clitoris, then you would usually prefer gentle touch or pressure on or around your clitoris. Also, you would like to prefer vaginal orgasm through G-spot. Some women who are lucky enough may experience a blended orgasm through C-spot, as well as G-spot stimulation.

6. Your Clitoris Has One Job: Sexual Pleasure

Sexual PleasureYour clitoris is a master of only one job. It has no reproductive function, but it is designed specifically for providing you the ultimate sexual pleasure.

This is why God has gifted it to remain young forever. Well, women should definitely be grateful to their clitoris for their sole commitment to make them happy.

It’s no surprise that only thirty percent of women experience orgasm through vaginal penetration and the rest reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation. So, now you have more reasons to love your clitoris.

7. Your Clitoris is Bigger Than You Think

Externally, the clitoris does not look big. However, the legs of the clitoris that are shaped like a wishbone extend up to five inches deep into the body and down the labia. Only the clitoral head and the hood are situated outside the body.

Photo by LearnAnatomy / CC BY

If we say, the button you see externally is just a tip of the iceberg, will not be an exaggeration. Yes, that’s right – the longest clitoris measured was 12 inches long in total.

Some women ignore the importance of the clitoris legs and focus all of their attention on the clitoral head. But, the clitoris legs contain lots of nerve endings. Let’s inform you that you can augment your orgasmic pleasure by stimulating the internal structure of clitoris.

You can do so by using deeper pressure on the labia to activate the clitoral legs and then focusing on exciting the internal part of the clitoral shaft. Activate the real pleasure from inside out.

8. Use It Often, Use It Well

Your clitoris will shrivel if you don’t use it often. Also termed as ‘clitoral atrophy,’ it is a medical condition where the clitoris withdraws into the body or the hood fuses and covers the clitoris head and shaft.

Sexually activeIs that scary? No worries, though. Usually, the clitoris can shrink during menopause when the level of estrogen is drastically reduced. However, if you are a fertile female with regular periods, there can be some other underlying reason for your clitoral atrophy.

Similarly to other tissues in the body, the clitoris is also dependent on regular blood flow to remain healthy. Thus, it is important to keep this sexual organ healthy by staying sexually active and using it often. If you are not sexually active with your partner on a regular basis, then ensure to touch yourself and bring yourself to orgasm every few days.

Achieving an orgasm often stimulates your immune system, keeps you healthy, regularizes your sleeping patterns, and keeps your hormones in control. So, go ahead, there is no reason to be shy. Love yourself and enjoy the sensuous effects of your forever young pink button.

HealthyWe have cited enough reasons for you to celebrate your clitoris and be thankful for the enormous sexual pleasure it can bring you. Your lady button is a central part of your sexuality, and thus you should get intimate with it often to fully enjoy your orgasms.

Most women may find it hard to engage in self-pleasure or with having sexual intimacy with their partner, as well, because of a lack of libido. Well, it’s no big deal for today’s busy women who are busy juggling their professional, personal and sexual lives.

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