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7 Thoroughly-Modern Sex Toys for Your Bedside Drawer

10 years ago 7 minute read

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have a little something hiding in your bedside drawer. If you have never considered using a sex toy for additional stimulation, then consider this: sex toys can amplify sensations, and who wouldn’t want that?

Often times our partners may feel as if they are inadequate and that’s why we are seeking pleasure from something other than them. However, sex toys don’t necessarily need to be pleasurable for just one person. Couples are beginning to experiment more in the bedroom, and sex toys have never been more tantalizing.

We have compiled a list of seven modern and pleasurable sex toys for you to keep tucked away in your bedside drawer:

1. Give Your Vagina Some Exercise

Thanks to the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, not too many people are unaware of the infamous kegel balls.

Also referred to as Ben Wa Balls, Vagina Balls, Orgasm Balls, or Burmese Balls, this sex toy may seem utterly simply, but it is sure to enhance sexual sensations for both partners.

Ben Wa Balls originally began as one ball attached to a string. Since their creation, Ben Wa Balls have morphed into different variations. Some balls are larger or made of a different material, and some balls even include smaller balls or have chimes inside for additional stimulation.

The Ben Wall Balls are slowly inserted into the vagina. In order for the ball, or balls, to stay in the vagina the kegel muscles must be flexed. Flexing these kegel muscles helps build up bladder and vaginal elasticity. So, using Ben Wa Balls will help tighten the vagina, which will enhance pleasure for you and your partner.

Who would not want a tighter, more youthful vagina? That’s what we thought, so, bring some more balls into your bedroom.

2. Oh, the Sweet Vibrations – We-Vibe

Vibrators are something else that you should consider bringing into the bedroom. Both you and your partner can be left in amazement at the simply vibrations of a decent vibrator, so vibrators are nothing to scoff at.

Photo by Morderska / CC BY-SA

You can find a quality vibrator in a variety of different places, but if it’s that mind-blowing orgasm you’re after, though, then you need to start being a bit more creative in your vibrator purchases.

Companies such as We-Vibe have made it their mission to research innovative, unique ways to make your vibrator experience more than extraordinary. Although they have created many different models, the newest We-vibe 4 is out and ready to leave you wow-ed with the new tech-savvy features.

The new We-vibe 4 remains flexible and powerful, like the other models, but this new-to the market design includes other pleasurable features. The We-vibe 4 has a wireless remote, waterproof silicone skin, six different vibration patters, and a six-hour charge that allows for up to three hours of action. Truly, we have never seen a vibrator quite like this one.

The best thing about this vibrator is that is that both partners can enjoy it during sex. Yup – a vibrator that is designed to be worn in the act. Simply slide the G-spot stimulator end of the toy into the vagina. Turn on and place the other side of the toy, the clitoral massager, against her clit. Chances are that she will begin to enjoy herself, so waste no more time and insert your penis into her vagina from any angle. You are both sure to enjoy the good vibrations.

3. Oral Sex Without the Work – Make Her Squeal Without Your Tongue

SatisfactionWho doesn’t enjoy oral sex? The old adage that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is a lie – it’s through his penis, and the same goes for women.

The moment you go down on your significant other is the moment that you help them achieve ultimate satisfaction. Many people do not enjoy performing oral sex, but this leaves their partners yearning for sex that they’re simply not getting.

Well, there is a company that has these people in mind. The Sqweel2 is a sex toy that takes the pain and discomfort out of performing oral sex on a woman. Instead of using your mouth, simply apply lubricant and apply this toy to her vagina.

The Sqweel2 is comprised of ten tongue-like objects that rotate to help her reach that mind-blowing orgasm. The tongues have been upgraded for this new Sqweel2 to include different flick and reverse settings allow for a real-life mouth feel. The different settings can vary in speed to help please women looking for all different levels of intensity.

Other than sex toys that mimic oral sex, there are other unusual toys that have earned a special spot in your bedroom.

4. A Realistic Blowjob Without a Partner

PleasureSo, the last toy was mostly for the pleasure of a female, but what about oral sex for men? Truly, there must be a toy created for men to receive pleasure from oral sex without discomforting their partner.

Well, here it is. Imtoy has made it possible for a man to receive pleasure similar to oral sex from a woman with the push of a button. The Imtoy is a male vibrator that can connect to different compatible devices that you watch videos on.

Once you turn on the video of a woman performing oral sex, the vibrator replicates the actions from the video. Simply insert your penis into the Imtoy and experience the same sensations as the man on the video.

For anyone interested in following through with oral sex without the technological help, then there are other sex toys that can make actual oral sex even more enjoyable for the performer.

5. Mmmm…Tasty

Oral sexOral sex can bring you and your partner closer, so opt for the real thing instead of a toy. Some people shun oral sex because they dread the taste of it, regardless of gender.

Whether you’re performing oral sex on a man or woman, then seeking out this sex toy can help make performing oral sex more enjoyable.

Taste strips are now becoming popular in the bedroom. Simply purchase the strips of your liking, and apply one to your tongue before licking to your partner’s delight. The strip will mask the taste of your partner, and your actions will likely be more pleasurable for your partner. Masking the taste must be what inspired the genius company, Masque to design this unique product.

6. Liberate Your Bedroom

Believe it or not, sex toys can come in the shape of furniture. That’s right, we found it odd too, but this sex toy, or piece of furniture depending how you look at it, has earned awards at various adult toy conventions and is truly a hot, modern toy.

FurnitureThe Liberator was originally just a foam wedge, but it has morphed into an entire brand of different microfiber pieces of furniture to improve various sex positions.

While The Liberator brand offers a myriad of different options, but regardless of your choice you will find that you and your partner have increased stimulation in particular positions.

For example, the simple wedge can be used to have a woman lie with her head placed at the top of the wedge and her lower back on the lower point of the wedge. This will help elevate her top a bit, so that her clitoris receives stimulation in addition to penetration. Or, she could lie in the reverse fashion with her head at the lower triangle of the wedge and her hips at the top. This position is optimal for rear-entry positions.

If you and your partner are on the creative side, then the options are limitless with the addition of this sex toy furniture to your bedroom.

7. Conceal Your Delight

MascaraSome people shy away from buying or using sex toys because they are embarrassed that someone will stumble across it.

In order to appease these shy folks, companies are beginning to design discreet sex toys that you would never know exist unless, well, you have played with them.

For example, The Screaming O Studio Mascara appears to be any generic mascara applicator; however, it’s not exactly your eyelashes that benefit from this tingle tip. This sex toy can be carried with any woman anywhere, anytime.

In addition to its nonchalant nature, this toy packs enough punch to help any woman experience a tantalizing orgasm. The powerful vibrator has a mascara wand-mimicked tip that will allow a woman to feel very unique sensations.

Whether you are a sex toy veteran or looking to purchase your first sex toy, there are new and innovative designs that you can explore. Technology helps our world in so many ways, and sex toys are no exception. From the new spin on vibrators to the faux-fellatio products, this year brings us an array of scintillating modern sex toys.

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