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10 Ways to Build Her Up For the Best Night of Sex in Her Life

10 years ago 10 minute read

So, you have found the girl of your dreams. Maybe she is the one, or maybe she is the one for tonight; that’s all on you, but what we are here to help you with is leaving her with an unforgettable sexual experience – with you.

Let’s create the analogy for the female anatomy: whereas men work just like microwaves – you know, turn them on, put the timer on for one minute, and they are good to go – women take a little more effort and finesse. Let’s compare the female anatomy to an oven. If you are looking for ways to help preheat the oven, then we highly suggest that you keep reading.

Here are our 10 ways to help get her ready for the best night of sex in her life:

1. Talk Dirty To Me

Men are attracted to the visual, but women are attracted to whatever makes them feel sexy. You can help make your woman feel like she is the voluptuous vixen she wants to be by talking to her.

If you are nervous about sounding absolutely ridiculous, then you may be overthinking what “dirty talk” really entails.

While it may be intimidating, talking dirty can help your female partner feel sexy and wanted. Typically, this type of foreplay is more intimate and unless you know your lady fairly well, then your dirty words could get your slapped. Unless, of course, the girl you just picked up at the bar is into that and all.

So, the first thing you want to do when bringing dirty talk into the bedroom is set boundaries. If you and your partner have an open line of communication, you can always ask her how she would feel if you were to talk dirty to her the next time you were intimate. If she says yes, then go ahead and ask her if there are any words or phrases she wouldn’t be okay with.

WhisperingIf you are nervous about bringing this topic up to your lady lover, then you could always just go for it and see how it works. We suggest starting out with someone PG rated, and going from there. Here are a few ideas of what we consider “PG” Dirty Talk:

  • I can’t wait to get you alone.
  • You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.
  • I want to rip your clothes off.

We guarantee that whispering this in your lady’s ear will help her get heated up, and the heat can only rise from here. Just remember that the dirty talk is to get you to the next step. Don’t focus on the words, focus on the actions that the words are inspiring.

2. Make it Public

Public display of affectionThere is nothing sexier than being into your woman in front of a crowd. We are not talking about anything too sexy here people, but a public display of affection lets your woman know you want her and are proud to be with her.

Especially, if other women surround you, gently landing a hand on your woman’s butt lets her know you are ready.

Touching her lightly in a public place where it is not decent to have sex – remember, we are not telling you to have sex in the movie theatre – will only excite your woman and get her hot before even heading home. If anything, she will want to skip dessert and take you home right then and there.

3. Touch the Ta-Tas

While staring at a woman’s chest in public may have you immediately deemed a pervert, your lady wants you to oogle at the twins more often.

BreastsOftentimes men forget about these two very important mounds of foreplay, and women would love for them to have more attention. After you have said your dirty words and you have moved to a secluded location, spend some time fixated on her breasts.

Regardless of your lady’s breast size, she would love for you to spend more time with the twins. Most men immediately jump onto the other bodily region association with sex and bypass the breasts. That’s simply a foreplay no-no.

Every woman is unique in her chest area, so you will have to get to know your lady’s breasts well and what exactly she likes. We recommend starting off by spending the time gently caressing her neck and breasts. A great way to continue talking dirty while moving onto this type of foreplay is to say something like, “Tell me what you like.” Not only does this sound extremely naughty, but it gives her the green light to tell you when something is or isn’t working – and take notes, guys. If she is moaning, then you are onto something.

4. Remember, There’s No Rush

sex drive lead the foreplayOne major mistake that many men are repeatedly making is by jumping the gun and letting their sex drive lead the foreplay. If you consider our analogy, men are more than likely ready to become intimate earlier than women.

Even if you are ready, that doesn’t necessarily mean your lady cohort is. Spend the time being gentle; take your time, caress her, and put in the effort to preheat the oven.

No woman wants a man to simply pounce on her. Unless she is a sexual nympho or has a lot of built-up sexual tension, then she more than likely would appreciate the time taken to turn us on. If you have already considered the previous two sections, then you are well on your way to not making this common mistake.

5. Notice Her Attire

Chances are that your female friend has taken quite a bit of time to prepare herself aesthetically for you. Her hair? It probably took her over thirty minutes, let alone her makeup, deciding which dress to put on, and let’s not forget what is under the dress matters, too.

Notice her attireNot only should you pay attention to what your woman is wearing while out at dinner, you should also pay attention to those lacy thongs and sexy get ups.

If she took the time to buy lingerie for you, then it is in your best interest for you to appreciate it. Compliment her, tell her how sexy it is; genuinely, of course, or else she will detect your BS immediately and you’ll kill the mood on the spot.

She has taken every little detail down to her lacey underwear into consideration, so, don’t be in such a rush to take it off. But by all means, let’s now get to how you should remove her clothing.

6. Take Her Attire Off Sensually, Not Barbarically

UndressIt may seem silly to you guys, but one of the most intimate things you can do to your gal is undress her.

If you are smart then you have been taking notes, so let’s apply some of our sections into one statement: women like you to take your time and notice their attire, so what could be better than to slowly undress her?

Start with the shoes, move on to the shirt, but leave the bra on. Tease her a little bit. Relax, walk away for a second, pour a glass of wine – your relaxed, laid back attitude is guaranteed to set her off – in a good way, of course.

This is a great time to remember the boobs. We just can’t stress this more.

7. You Have Two Hands, So Use Them Wisely

HandsSo, hopefully by now things have begun to heat up, and you are moving on with your steamy foreplay. Remember that while we are breaking these types of foreplay into different sections, they should be going on simultaneously. For example, while your caressing her breasts you can be talking dirty by asking, “Did you like that?” Verbally asking this question out loud will not only get her hot, but it can help you out, as well.

Another great way to keep the dirty talk going while keeping your agenda in mind; remember, you want her to have the best sex of her life.

Why not ask, “Where do you want me to touch you? Here?” Move your hands around her body and explore under the waistline. Women love when you touch them, so move around to find out what she likes.

The biggest takeaway here is that you must remember you have two hands, so use them. If you are moving down south, remember that one other hand can be up on her breast. If you have moved to a much steamier type of foreplay and one hand is preoccupied, grab her hips with the other. Don’t just simply let one hand get lazy – put the work in. Remember that it takes time and effort to heat your woman up, but it will be well worth the wait.

8. Multitask Beyond Your Hands and Apply That Tongue of Yours

TongueNow that you understand that you can’t get lazy and use one hand at a time, the same rule applies for the rest of your body, as well.

Obviously if you are performing oral sex or your head is below the border, then your only real option is the other hand, or both hands, if you are good. But if you are only exploring below the waist with your fingers, then why not give her a kiss?

No woman wants you to simply stare at her during foreplay. Don’t become so fixated on what your hands are doing that you forget to kiss her. You don’t necessarily need to make out with her, remember that you can suck on her nipples, kiss the nape of her neck, or simply slide your lips across her chest. Any of these simple acts of multitasking are sure to get her more hot and steamy, but let’s move on to the do’s and don’ts with your mouth.

9. Using Your Tongue: When to Lick and When to Put It Away

Making outThe tongue can be extremely useful when trying to help your woman’s oven preheated, but believe it or not there is the possibility of overuse.

We’ve already established that the breasts should be caressed, sucked and just paid attention to, so by all means use your tongue then.

We have also mentioned that you should continuously kiss her, both on the lips and other areas beyond the breasts, so clearly there is a time and place for your tongue. However, be aware that no woman wants you to simply shove your tongue down her throat.

If you are passionately making out, then we suppose that’s okay, but be sure to eventually move your tongue somewhere else. Keep the foreplay going, and don’t drown her in your saliva.

10. Using Your Tongue in One Particular Area: Oral Sex

Best sexDid you know it’s been scientifically proven that women are less likely to orgasm during sex if successful foreplay was not performed? Now don’t get us wrong, you caressing and sucking her boobs is great and all, but you need to kiss her down there, as well.

If you are one of those guys that considers yourself a recipient and not a giver, then know that you will never help your woman achieve the best sex of her life – ever.

The ultimate sexual experiences can only be achieved through a selfless partner, so let go of your inhibitions and perform oral sex on your woman.

We guarantee that she will be begging for more, and that after all of these hot foreplay moves she will be preheated and ready for the best sex of her life, and with you of course.

If your woman is having trouble feeling intimate or sexy, then perhaps there is something beyond foreplay that you can do for her. Purchasing a non-invasive, natural product, such as a natural libido supplement for Hersolution, will help your woman feel sexual again. So visit and let your woman know that you are ready to help her have the ultimate night of pleasure.