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9 Parts of Her Body You Should Pay More Attention To

10 years ago 9 minute read

Ask yourself, how to you seduce your significant other when you are trying to have sex? Men are typically quicker to “amp up,” as compared to women. Men are attracted to the visual, whereas women need to feel as if they are sexy and wanted. So, how exactly can you make your lady feel lovely? Caress her erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are areas of the human body that are prone to heightened sensitivity. Once activated, these erogenous zones sexually charge the body, allowing for orgasm and sexual arousal.

So, do you know where your woman’s erogenous zones are? There are various parts of the female anatomy that you really should be paying attention to.

Instead of assuming you should pay attention to certain body parts below the belt, read up on our list of nine body parts you should be paying attention to – it may surprise you.

1. Activate Her Mind, Not Just Her Body

As corny as it sounds, sexual experiences are not just physical. Females can become more excitable through emotional stimulation, and this is a great place to start if you are looking to really turn her on. One of her biggest sexual organs, the brain can be activated anywhere, anytime. In doing so, you will hype her up. So, if you are in a public place the added effect of naughtiness is a plus.

So, how exactly can you “turn on” her brain? Talk dirty to her. Dirty talk is an excellent way to heat things up, and it may be less intimidating than you think. The most important thing to remember is that it is not the words that matter most, but the actions that they provoke.

Photo by Marina Montoya / CC BY

If you are talking dirty to your partner for the first time, then start out slow and keep it relatively PG. Remember that women want to feel sexy and wanted, so there’s no need to get raunchy here. Simply lean over to her in the movie theatre or at dinner and whisper, “I can’t wait to get you home.” If she seems into it and smiles, you can always add, “You look so sexy right now.”

These phrases are relatively PG and will get her hot and in the mood. The added bonus of being in a public place will help stimulate her brain and get her ready for when you are in a private place. Of course if you and your partner are more comfortable with each other, then you can always amp up the dirty talk – just make sure to never overstep any boundaries.

Talking dirty involves another major sex organ, the ears, so open up yours and keep reading.

2. Listen Up and Touch Her Ears

If you have tried the dirty talk and it is not working, then don’t give up on her ears. Of course, feel free to try this even if it did work, too.

EarsAccording to ancient Chinese acupuncturists, the ears contain over hundreds of acupressure points that stimulate sexual energy.

With over hundreds of different possibilities for her to become aroused, you are bound to hit the right note.

Remember when caressing her ears that this is a very sensitive area of the body. You should always be gentle, unless of course she seems to be into nibbling of sorts. Start out by gentle touching the ear lobe with your lip or fingers. You can then move onto kissing the lobe or even sucking gently on it.

Don’t stick to just this one part of the ear, either. Remember that you can glide up to the top part of the ear, all while you can be gentle whispering more dirty talk into her ear. If kissing her ear is going swimmingly, then you should probably move onto other areas of her body. So, let’s talk about that mouth of hers.

3. Put Your Mouth to Work

KissRemember that first kiss with your partner? You could almost feel the connection and energy flow through the two of you, and you are looking to reignite that spark.

Kissing causes dopamine levels in the brain to rise, which automatically makes her happy.

Another chemical that is released when making out is oxytocin; not only will she feel happy, but these chemicals help her feel sexy and ready to go, as well.

Take it back to high school and initiate a teenage-style make out session with your lady on the couch. Keep in mind that women like passionate and sensual movements, so there’s no need to jam your tongue down her throat. If you are concerned, let her take the lead. She will be more than happy to, we’re sure, and then you have an idea of what she wants.

If you really want to drive her wild, then try playfully biting her bottom lip. She’s guaranteed to swoon if you pull this confident move. Your lips have been doing quite a bit of work; let’s talk about how your hands can pull their weight when trying to turn on your lady.

4. Massage That Big Brain of Hers

scalp massageA scalp massage is a great way to help the scalp, a major erogenous zone of hers, to release oxytocin from her body, and remember that oxytocin helps her feel both happy and hot.

Before planning to massage her scalp, or any part of her body for that matter, you should make sure that your fingernails are nicely manicured and not too long. Wouldn’t want to scratch her, now would we? That would be sure to kill the mood.

When giving your significant other a scalp massage, use your fingertips to stroke her head in long, gliding sweeps. If you want to scratch her head at all, then make sure you are careful – don’t go too overboard. You can also incorporate massaging her neck into your massage too.

Adding the back of her neck to your massage is a fantastic idea for more than one reason – not only will it add to your scalp massage, but it is the perfect segue into touching her neck more. Keep reading to learn why you should be paying some attention to her neck.

5. Don’t Be a Vampire, But Bite Her Neck a Little

NeckThe back of her neck is another major erogenous zone that you should definitely not ignore.

Many women respond well to their neck being caressed and kissed, so you should try this out the next time you want your woman to get amped up.

If you are giving her the scalp massage we mentioned in the last section, why not transition nicely into nibbling on the back of neck while you are back there? This is an excellent idea because she won’t see you, and this will only heighten her senses and thus her sensitivity to your moves.

Other parts of your lady’s body enjoy a nice nibble every now and then, too. Curious what they are?

6. Touch the Twins

Chances are that if you are a guy and you are looking to make your woman feel hot you assume you should seek action south of her border. But did you know most women want you to pay more attention to their breasts?

BreastsWhile staring at women’s breasts in public seems a cheap idea and more than likely get you slapped, your significant other of the female variety would love for you to spend more time with the twins.

The breasts are considered a large erogenous zone, and of course the nipples are included, as well. Remember to take your time and passionately move between her breasts. Don’t jump right into sucking on her nipples – lick and feel her breasts, kiss her neck, move slowly and relaxed, and she is sure to melt in your arms.

In addition to moving back to her neck to take a break from caressing her breasts, there is another area you can pay attention to.

7. Give Back and Pay Attention to Hers

Lower backOne of the most underrated erogenous zones would be the lower back. Similarly to the neck, your lady will go crazy as you caress this spot with your hands and mouth, since she can’t see what you are doing.

You have quite a few options with this bodily region, as well: massage, kissing, or nibbling, the lower back leaves you different ways you can touch it and drive her crazy. We suggest a lower back massage.

If you find that your lady is on her back, you can still move your hands to drive her wild in that area. Simply slide your hands back behind the small of her back and massage her while you play with her breasts. We guarantee this move will drive her crazy.

Can you guess what other body part is incorporated into this move? You guessed it right: her butt.

8. Play With her Curves and Pay Attention to Her Butt

ButtMany women are scared of the idea of penetration from behind, but you can still pay attention to her butt without her assuming that penetration is your intention. The butt is a great erogenous zone that is sure to heat her up.

As we mentioned before, if you have your lady on her back and you are moving your hands behind her, feel free to move your massage from her lower back to her butt. This would be a great opportunity to flip her over gently and play with her butt. Massage, lick, kiss, nibble, and squeeze – all of these are sure to make her happy.

Always remember that you know your woman better than anyone else. If you know she doesn’t like her butt being touched, then simply ignore this section. While it is definitely an erogenous zone, you want to always ensure that your lady is comfortable.

Ready for our last erogenous zone? It might not be as far away as you think.

9. Almost There, But Not Quite: The Inner Thighs

Inner ThighsLast but not least, pay attention to her inner thighs. Conveniently located near her butt and that other part that you are dying to get near, this erogenous zone is perfect to save for last, because it will only build her anticipation, and remember, foreplay isn’t just physical; you want to activate her brain as well, so keep her thinking and yearning for more by lingering in this area.

Remember to be very gentle as this is a sensitive area. Lightly caress her inner thighs with your hands and kiss them gently. If your lady likes a little nibble then go for it. Just remember to be passionate and sensual.

Your woman’s body contains many different erogenous zones that you should be paying attention to.

Remember that you can’t just jump into bed with her, well not if you want her to be fully satisfied, that is. If you want nothing more than your lady to be satisfied but she simply can’t get in the mood, then you may want to look into purchasing her a libido-enhancing product.

Websites such as offer you natural, yet effective ways for your woman to feel sexier. So not only will touching these erogenous zones drive her crazy, but they will certainly lead you both to an experience that keeps you both satisfied.