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9 Exciting Ways to Give Her The Big-O

10 years ago 7 minute read

Women know that most men prefer seeing their woman shrieking in excitement during orgasms, and they don’t want to fail. So, oftentimes the majority of women fake orgasms in order to let their men know they have reached the ‘O’ land. While most guys think that they are pleasing their women in bed, they are actually missing the mark.

Do you want to know how to give her the real big O? If you’ve read up on rules and techniques, which have continuously failed to bring your girl to a genuine climax, then you can begin trying the below-mentioned tips. These tips can produce trembling orgasms in women. Once she has one, her sexual urge will be on full blast. So, stick to these tips that will certainly work every time.

1. Relaxation Is The Key

Contrary to men, women need to be satisfied emotionally. Thus, to experience the real deal, she needs to be relaxed. There is no chance that your woman will rise to crescendo if she feels insecure with you.

The best way to do this is by making her comfortable, so that she forgets every existing inhibition towards you.

The atmosphere plays a big role when it comes to making her comfortable. The sexy mood is particularly imperative if you really want her to reach a satisfying orgasm. You both may take a nice shower together, or you can massage her body pleasantly to really generate that erotic mood.

Once you both have landed in bed, you can start by caressing her body, playing with her hair, and softly kissing on her cheek. After a few minutes of tender cuddling, you will find her muscles relaxed and body soft.

CaressingEnsure to touch her all over, and not just a few places. Also be sure you are focusing on sensitive areas other than her genital zone, like her ears, face, neck, feet and back, which can feel amazingly erotic.

When you touch her from top to toe, she will experience deep relaxation and excitement. Her body will show signals of it. She will be flushed, her nipples will harden, and she will start oozing down there. Just remember that during this time, her nipples will be extra sensitive and may hurt, so suck on them softly.

2. Keep The Dirty Talk Flowing

Most guys may not be aware of the fact, but typically all women are turned on when they are being told what you will be doing. Women love a little lusty earful while lovemaking and thus, they prefer men who talk passionately in the sack.

Dirty talkAnd, we have already stated that women are emotional creatures.  When they are involved emotionally in the act, they are more than ready to experience the climax.

Tell your woman what you are going to do to her tonight and describe in detail, so that her excitement can build up. Keep the dirty communication going, and you will soon notice amazing and quick orgasms.

3. Play With Her Clitoris

ClitorisNow that she is relaxed, search for her clitoris and work to stimulate it. She is already in a comfortable mode, and you playing with her clitoris will only increase her excitement. Start making circles around the button of her clitoris with your fingertips. Ensure to constantly lick her breasts, or kiss her while you are stroking her clitoris.

Most guys wonder what’s so special about the clitoris. The clitoris is a small button made of tissues that sit outside and a few inches above the vagina. It is interesting to note that even forceful and extended intercourse seldom provides enough clitoral stimuli for orgasm.

The majority of women love clitoris caresses from a tongue or hand. The clitoris is composed of numerous touch-sensory nerves packed into a small region. Thus, a gentle stimulation may stimulate luscious throbbing for many women.

4. Oral Sex For The Big O

Once she is in the middle of the fire while you are gently caressing her clitoris, slowly move down her body and make her anticipate that you are about to give her amazing oral sex.

LegsYou can see her moan with eagerness and excitement at the thought of receiving your tongue on her most sensitive part.

Once you have reached her vaginal region, begin lashing your tongue around her clitoris.

Remember to not lick the clitoris directly. When using your tongue to stimulate the clitoris, you can use your hands to caress her legs, as well.

5. Search for the Mysterious G-Spot

The ultimate step is to use one of your free hands and insert a finger into her vagina to search for the G-spot. Once you find it, tap or rub it with gentle motions while still fondling with your tongue. Eventually, she will become highly aroused, and this is the time to directly touch her clitoris.

6. The Vibrator Can Be Your Friend

Photo by VilHaMer / CC BY-SA

Some women are hard to please. Even after much stimulation, they are still unable to get into the mood. If your woman is also having trouble with arousal, then vibrators can be a great tool to provide her with intense and quick stimulation.

Nowadays, the majority of women own vibrators to please themselves, but only a few of them introduce them to their men. This is also because some men are intimidated by vibrators and look them as their competitor.

Well, men should realize these robotic tools cannot replace the feeling a real men can impart to his woman. Vibrators can’t emotionally attach with a woman, kiss her, hug her, or make her laugh. These are just created to get the job done more efficiently. Just hold her tight when you are using the vibrator, and we bet she won’t be able to take her eyes off you.

7. Go Beyond Foreplay

Foreplay is all about making her aroused and prepared for the real deal. A recent study has found that the stability of orgasms is more dependent on the length of sexual intimacy than the duration of foreplay. That makes sense to jump beyond the foreplay and get in real action. But, hey what sexual position would be best to make her shout in ecstasy?

ForeplayThere are plenty of sexual moves that have been tweaked and designed by sex therapists to help your woman reach the highlight every single time.

You can search the Internet to look for any of these effective sexual positions that you can try with your girl. Meanwhile, let’s discuss one of the most popular sexual positions for both of you to reach orgasm.

You should try the coital alignment technique. Start in a normal missionary position with your weight on the top of your woman, and resting on your elbows. Now, slowly move forward so that the base of your penis rests on her clitoris. Her legs should be curled around your thighs and you both should be moving in a rocking and slow motion.

Avoid deep thrusting movements. During the movement, your penis gently massages her clitoris, which eventually turns her on. Most women swear by this technique and reveal that this sexual position allows the closest physical touch and the best clitoris stimulation.

8. Orgasm: Here It Comes

OrgasmOnce her clitoris is rubbed, she will groan with excitement and ultimate pleasure. When she reaches the heights, it’ll often come on quickly and last for about a few seconds. You will be able to sense her vaginal muscles flexing, her feet shaking, and her chest developing a flush.

She will certainly love this technique and the crowning point she is experiencing. The more times you can make her orgasm, the more likely she will find ways to have sex with you.

Although you will be excited to see your woman reaching her peak, continue with whatever you were doing. If you stop in between, she could lose her orgasm. Women hate changing positions and techniques while they are at the peak of their sexual pleasure. This usually distracts them and brings their arousal mode back to square one. And, who would like start all over again after coming so far?

So, ensure to continue with your sexual move if you are getting a positive response from your woman. If you are thinking of trying some other new position, save it for the next sack session. Once you have made her realize what an orgasm actually is, keep waiting, as she will be demanding some more very soon.

 9.  End It With A Happy Note

Photo by Richard foster / CC BY-SA

After a few seconds of, her body will slowly return to its normal state. She will feel more relaxed and happy because of the release of feel-good sexual hormones.

At this point, don’t run away from the bed to clean your mess. Instead, make her feel extra special by kissing her neck and caressing her hair, or whatever you chose to do at that time that can make her feel loved and sexy.

Most men don’t realize, but in a loving and long-term relationship it’s a man’s job to create a sexual ambiance that is relaxing, comfortable, and arousing enough to let the woman lose her coyness to reach climax.

If you truly love your woman and find that you have been trying everything to make her experience ultimate but you still find something missing, then consider trying female libido pills from Your sexy efforts and her enhanced libido will definitely burn the sheets during your next sex session.