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9 Unusual Lessons Learned From Standard Sex Studies

8 years ago 5 minute read

Have you ever participated in a sex study? If not, for sure, you’ve come across online surveys about sex with questions, such as “How many times in a week do you do it?” “Rate your sexual satisfaction from a scale of one to 10,” or “Have you tried outdoor sex?” These are typical sex questions you can easily answer.

Some sex studies ask normal questions, but some ask totally funny and odd questions, and the answers are even more surprising to the point of being scandalous. Here are nine unusual lessons learned from standard sex studies:

1. Grilled Cheese, Anyone?

Grilled CheeseWho doesn’t love that cheesy melted goodness? For the love of grilled cheese, a dating site called Skout conducted a survey with 4,600 people to find out what kind of life grilled cheese lovers and non-lovers have. The most significant results are:

  • 82 percent of the 4,600 participants love grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • 32 percent of grilled cheese lovers admit to having sex six times a month, compared to the 27 percent of non-lovers.
  • 73 percent of the cheese lovers have sex once a month, while 68 percent of the non-lovers have the same frequency of sex.
  • 81 percent of lovers admit to being charitable, while only 66 percent of the non-lovers willingly shares.

Coincidence or not, grilled cheese lovers seem to be sex lovers, as well. They just could not resist the pleasure.

2. Sex Color Codes

PurpleDoes bedroom color matter? It sure does for some people. According to the survey by a shopping store called Littlewoods, men with purple painted bedrooms have sex twice as much as men with blue or gray bedroom colors.

Red comes in next. Moreover, couples with silk bed linens and sheets have sex twice as much those with nylon or cotton sheets. They have sex more than four times a week on their silken beds. You might want to switch to silk now and repaint your room to purple.

3. Think Sex

If you want to do better in exams, think dirty. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam found out that people thinking sexy thoughts did better than anyone else in mental challenges and exams. They say hormones released during sexual arousal may help your mind stay focused. One thing is for sure, though; thinking about sex will surely keep you awake, alert and enthusiastic.

4. Naughty Librarians

Some men wish they could bump into a naughty librarian and scratch off number one on their wish list. Anything is possible.

According to a survey long ago, joined by 5,000 librarians, 60 percent of them dreamed of becoming Mrs. Redford, and 18 percent wanted to be Mrs. Patrick Swayze. A total of 40 percent confessed they would have sex with the funny Peewee Herman if he was the last man on earth.

5. Romantic, Lustful Greece

Durex, a condom company, tested more than 26,000 people about their sexual habits, such as how often they made love, and how satisfying it was for them. After that, they compiled the results and ranked them by country. The UK and U.S. were at the bottom, along with Canada and Japan. You would never have guessed that Greece topped the list, followed by Russia and Brazil. What’s in Greece? After reading about this survey, you may want to find out.

6. Semen Can Boost Your Moods

SemenAfter researchers from The State University of New York completed a series of studies, they found out that men’s seminal fluid can significantly improve moods better than medications.

Semen contains feel-good substances such as estrone, oxytocin, and serotonin. It also aids sleep since it contains melatonin.

You might ask how they found out about semen’s mood-boosting effects. No, the participants did not swallow it, of course. They had unprotected oral sex.

7. Is it Over Yet?

question a women’s magazine asked a thousand menHow long do you want sex to last? This is the question a women’s magazine asked a thousand men without taking into consideration their partner’s wants. You would think most of them answered that they would want it to last an hour, if possible. Well, the results showed the opposite.

A fifth of the men said more than an hour is their target, including foreplay. A third of them said less than five minutes would keep them satisfied, while most of the men said anything between 15 to 30 minutes will do for them.

This one is a surprise, since so many guys like to brag about their hour-long heat pumping action. It seems as if only a few of them joined the survey.

8. They Would Rather Drive A Car

Sex is a word you’ll hear from your friends, neighbor, friend’s neighbor, and even your family.

Drive A CarYou may think sex is number one in everyone’s thoughts, since they talk about it a lot. But, you’ll be surprised to know there are other things people desire more than to have sex.

According to a survey conducted by a U.S. mattress company where thousands of participated, six out of 10 men prefer to sleep, than to get frisky in bed, while eight out of 10 women want the same. A whopping 65 percent of the participants would give up their sex lives forever just to keep driving.

And they want to drive a nice Range Rover, because 86 percent of them would give up a date with Claudia Schiffer to own one. The results sure are funny and rather odd, at the same time. Surely they would date a Claudia Schiffer look-alike who drives a Range Rover.

9. Tight Wallets And Loose Belts

MoneyAccording to the researchers from the University of Kansas, as the economy declines, bedroom romps boom. Participants confess they are having more sex and some admitted having extramarital affairs during the recession.

You might wonder why people are getting frisky when life is getting more difficult, and when they should be doing the opposite since finances are so unstable.

Experts say money issues can be stressful and having sex is a good way to entertain oneself and to release tension. Whatever their reason is, it’s pretty obvious that when times are tough, they get busy in bed.

Bizarre, aren’t they? Just when you thought you knew everything about the birds and the bees, sex studies like these quickly emerge to burst your bubble. At least, now you know other people’s take on sex.