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7 Stubborn Menopause Myths Women Need to Quit Believing

8 years ago 5 minute read

A lot of women fear menopause. Why? It is because they have heard a lot of undesirable stories about menopause from friends, neighbors,co-workers and relatives. Yes, the hot flashes can be annoying and embarrassing. You may easily get mad and over emotional. That’s normal, but menopause is not the end of life.

What you hear from others, or read in magazines and websites aren’t all true. Here are seven stubborn menopause myths you have to stop believing to start living again:

1. Say Goodbye To Your Sex Life Once Menopause Says Hello

Lose interest in having sexMany women believe it’s normal to lose interest in having sex once menopause starts. Yes, there are several ways menopause can affect your sex life.

You’ll have mood swings, irritability and depression can take you out of the mood for intimacy and sex. You may experience vaginal dryness or pain that can keep you from enjoying the experience, thus prevent you from having sex again. Not to exclude hot flashes and night sweats.

But did you know menopause have its good sides, too, when it comes to enjoying sex? The absence of menstrual periods means no more crippling PMS, no more raging hormones and no chance of getting pregnant. You’ll be surprised to know how many women describe sex after menopause as better than ever. Though, one common thing about these women, they had an active sex life before menopause took over.

Painful Sex2. Expect Painful Sex After Menopause

As women age, the vaginal walls normally thin, making them extra sensitive during intercourse. Vaginal dryness is also a common symptom of menopause, which can make sex painful.

Pain may be a problem when it comes to having sex, but you can easily solve it with a lubricant. The extra sensitivity of the vaginal walls may actually make sex more enjoyable, as well.

3. You Think Your Body Looks Old And Hideous

“I look awful.” “My body is not attractive anymore.” “My body looks disgusting when I’m naked.” A lot of menopausal women have low self-esteem in the bedroom due to poor body images.

Physical changes normally occur as people age, so it’s not just you who developed flabby arms, a saggy belly, and wrinkling skin. Your partner even undergoes these changes unless, of course, if he is half your age.

The changes are inevitable, but you can make them less obvious. Be active and exercise regularly. Certain workout routines can keep your muscles toned to keep them from sagging. Eat healthy. Avoid too much alcohol. A healthy lifestyle will keep your body fit and improve your sexual function, too.

4. Too Much Sex Can Make The Vaginal Walls Even Drier

Regular sexYou may think constant contact will strip off the remaining moisture in your vagina. Regular sex does the opposite.It improves blood flow to the vaginal wall, therefore increasing lubrication when you are sexually aroused.

Sexual health experts agree that vaginal lubrication is one of the “use it or lose it” kind of thing when it comes to sex.

Have sex and ditch the myth to keep your vagina healthy and pain-free. If the pain is too much to bear or if bleeding occurs, you can opt for hormone replacement therapy. There are topical creams you can directly apply to your vagina to stimulate lubrication. Ask your doctor about it first.

5. You Don’t Have The Energy Anymore

Don’t Have The Energy Anymore
Photo by Richard foster / CC BY-SA

You may not be able to do bedroom stunts like you used to, and orgasm may take longer to achieve or sometimes may even be impossible, but you don’t have to let low energy and declining sexual functions get in the way.

According to Psychology Today, most older men value the emotional intimacy that comes with sexual activities.

Lie down in bed with your partner. Hold, stroke and kiss each other. Sexual satisfaction does not only come from actual penetration or a hot steamy bedroom scene. If you are craving an orgasm, then expect to work a little harder for it. But, according to many older couples, sex is better than ever before for them.

6. The Libido Goes Down The Drain, Together With The Hormones

It’s true that hormone levels decrease during menopause, but you can choose to supplement it with hormone replacement therapy. You can use lubricants to battle dryness and sexual enhancers to improve arousal.

SupplementsMen have their little blue pill while women don’t, but you can try female libido supplements made from natural ingredients, such as HerSolution.

Other important factors that determine your sex drive are physical health, emotional health and your relationship with your partner. Keep your body healthy, deal with stress and issues positively, and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

7. It’s Okay Not To Practice Safe Sex Since You Won’t Get Pregnant

Safe sex not only prevents unwanted pregnancies. It also protects you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Safe sexIf and your partner have been together for years, it is okay not to use condoms, but if you are going to have sex with a new partner, always make sure you don’t do the deed unprotected. The least you want is a sexually transmitted infection at 50.

Menopause is not the end of life; it’s a new chapter of a book, and you have the privilege to write the things that are going to happen next. Look at the bright side.

  • Your children are most likely adults by this time, so they can hopefully take care of themselves. It’s high time you and your partner go out on trips and long vacations.
  • You are probably out of work, so no more interrupted weekends and meeting deadlines.
  • No more PMS and fluctuating hormones every month. What a relief.
  • No more fear of getting pregnant. Have unprotected sex with your hubby.
  • You can pursue you passion and hobbies for better fulfillment and emotional health.
  • You are old enough to decide for yourself. If you are single, then mingle.

Every woman goes through menopause, and many of them are still able to live life normally and have satisfying sex lives. Looking at the bright side may sound cliché to you, but it’s the best way to enjoy what life has to offer.