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How to Make My Husband Want Me Again: 6 Love Bandits

10 years ago 4 minute read

Let us face it, for many couples the first few years of marriage are the years called the “honeymoon phase” which typically means you and your husband are still lovey dovey and cannot get enough of one another.

But there are times in every marriage where in women cannot help but wonder if their spouse still wants them the same way as they wanted them years before.

You may think to yourself, how can I make my husband want me again? Now this may come to mind to those women who feel like the bright light of marriage is slowly burning out.

If you are one of those women who feel like their husband is slowly getting uninterested in everything in the marriage, you do not have to get frustrated all too much.

Learn about the reasons why you might feel like your husband is slowly losing interest in the marriage and losing interest in the sex life. Also, learn about the question “how to make my husband love me more” and also “how to make my husband want me more sexually.”

What are the reasons why husbands start showing that they are not interested in the marriage anymore?

This is a very common question that wives usually tend to ponder upon especially after years and years of marriage.

It could be a serious and quite frustrating thought because you always thought that your marriage would always be exciting and endless.

But it is normal to feel like your spouse is losing interest in what you both have with one another. The following are the most common reasons why husbands start showing that they are not interested in the marriage anymore.

1. Time Can Affect Marriage

TimeSomething that you have to realize is that when two people are together every single day for many hours throughout the day, it really changes things.

It could be for the better or even for the worse, it really depends on you and your husband and the time you both spend together.

Living with one another is a big step in marriage, this is the time when you see how a person really is because you are living with them. You see them through their bad times and good times and it depends on how you handle each situation.

As years go by, you and your husband get more comfortable with one another. Now, for some couples this could be a “bad” comfortable because they might be too lax with the entire relationship which is not healthy.

2. The Marriage Gets Boring

Since you and your husband have committed yourselves to one another for the rest of your life, one of you might become boring, or even worse, both of you stop trying.

BoringThis is when effort comes into play. Some husbands lose interest because their wives do not want to try anything new and they are accustomed with their regular routine which does get boring.

A man is always looking for a challenge. They get bored with things in life that stay neutral, at least for some men.

3. Wives Forget To Take Care Of Themselves

Being a wife is no stroll in the park. A wife takes care of their husband, children, the household and everything else. Sometimes being a wife means taking care of other factors in life besides yourself.

Some husbands start to lose interest when they notice that their wife does not know how to take care of themselves. A wife might typically dress in the same clothes every single day around the house because of their busy lifestyles.

They may also forget how to fix their hair, put on makeup, get their nails done and other things to doll them up.

4. Wives Might Focus On Other Things Besides Their Husband

ChildrenAnother reason a husband might lose interest in the marriage is if they realize that their wife pays more attention to other things besides him.

Wives tend to pay more attention to their professional career, children, house work and other things.

5. Tension in The Marriage

Constant fight could also have a husband lose interest. Argument after argument does not help in building a marriage and making it last. Talking less leads to more arguments and more fights which typically ends up with no communication and no compromise and understanding.

6. He Found Someone New

This could tie in with other factors mentioned above. A man will start looking for other people who could fill in the things in their life that they lack. If a wife is not paying any attention to a man, some men might look for someone else that could give them that attention that they need.

How To Make My Husband Want Me Again?

Since you know some of the common reasons why husbands lose interest in their wives, the question remains on “How do I get my husband to love me again?”

LoveNow this depends, just because your husband shows less interest in marriage it does not necessary mean that they do not love you.

It all depends of course. The best way to handle the entire situation is to talk to your husband about problems, issues, frustrations in life, thoughts and feelings.

Tell your husband everything that you want to say and try to get their input. Be the best that you can be even if you two have been married for a long time. Even with children, take care of yourself.

Give and show your husband how much you love and appreciate them because if you don’t, someone else will. Treat them with the respect that they deserve and be exciting. Think outside the box and try out new things together.

Being married is a commitment and dedication with another human being. It is changing and finding a better you and growing with another person till you two are old and gray.