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5 Herbs to Increase Female Libido

10 years ago 5 minute read

One very frustrating situation for many women all throughout the United States is having a decrease in their libido. This is especially infuriating when they have a significant other since sex is a very important component of a couple’s life together.

If you are one of those several women that is currently suffering from a decrease in sex drive, you know that you have questions that need answers regarding this topic.

Well, no need to worry because once you have finished reading this article, you will have more knowledge about why females have a decrease in female libido, herbs to increase female libido and also what the best herbal supplements for women are when it comes to increasing the sex drive.

Why Do Women Lose Their Sex Drive?

There are quite a few factors when it comes to this very question. It all depends on the women and how their body functions and how they are currently living their lifestyle. The following are factors that may cause a decrease in a female’s libido:

  • Having deficiencies in eating habits –eating mostly junk foods, fast foods and foods that are processed
  • Lacking exercise –not exercising could slow down the blood circulation in the entire body which could result in a number of conditions
  • Not getting enough sleep throughout the night –a person should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to function properly
  • Depression
  • Excessive levels of stress
  • AlcoholDrinking too much alcohol
  • Prescription drugs –certain types of medications given by doctors could have a side effect of having a decreased sex drive for some women
  • Treatments for cancer –treatments such as anti-hormone therapies for cancer could decrease a female’s libido
  • Low estrogen levels –such as menopause and other hormonal medical conditions
  • Thyroid problems –such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism
  • Issues with body image
  • Lack of attraction or interest in significant other
  • Issues with sexual performance
  • History of sexual assault

What Are The 5 Herbs To Increase Female Libido?

If you are concerned about your situation, there is really no need to worry all too much. The first thing that you should do is to consult your problem with your health care professional.

The reason behind that is because they are the ones that can assess your entire body from inside and out and also give you medical advice that could help treat your condition. You could ask them about herbs to increase libido in women if you want to go the all-natural route.

The Following are the 5 Herbs To Increase Sex Drive in Women:

Gingko Biloba

Gingko BilobaThis is one of the herbs for female libido. It is known to treat those who have sexual dysfunction.

There are gingko biloba supplements that could also help in lessening PMS or premenstrual symptoms.

Make sure to talk to your doctor regarding the safe use of this herb because they are contraindicated in those who are also taking blood thinners.


Ginseng has been used for many centuries for those postmenopausal women who have lost their sex drive and want to regain it back.

There are many variations of ginseng that you could use naturally and could be purchased at herbal stores.


Guarana is a South American herb that has high levels of caffeine. It is also known to be an aphrodisiac drink which could surely help out women and also men with increasing their libido. This is also another one of the herbs to increase libido in women.

Black Cohosh

Black CohoshThis herb has also been known to treat muscle pain and arthritis. But it is also known for females and their sexual frustrations.

In today’s market, it is widely used in treating vaginal dryness, night sweats, hot flashes, PMS and other menstrual symptoms that women are facing.

It has estrogen-like properties that help in increasing the blood circulation in the pelvis which helps in sexual stimulation. The more blood flow, the more vaginal lubrication which is ideal for sex.


This is an extract that came from a French maritime pine. It helps in the protection of the blood vessels throughout the body and also helps in boosting the production of nitric oxide which has similar qualities ginseng and gingko.

What Else Could I Try Out To Possible Increase My Libido?

Herbal supplementsIf you are looking for another remedy that is known to be one of the best herbal supplements for women in increasing their sex drive, HerSolution® is a supplement to try out.

It has been formulated scientifically for those women who are suffering from libido. It contains powerful blends of nutrients, herbs and aphrodisiacs that work simultaneously to help in treating this frustrating problem.

HerSolution® is not at all complicated to take because it only requires women to take it once every day for at least 2 months to see effects work to its full potential. Since you have an idea of the factors that could cause a decrease in sexual desire, HerSolution® helps by correcting imbalances in the body such as hormonal, stress-induced and dietary factors.

It is 100% doctor-recommended and does not give off unwanted side effects for its users. It is a supplement that is safe to take because it contains all-natural ingredients that will not cause toxic effects to the body.

Food For The Mind….

Health care professionalNow that you have a better idea of the factors that could cause a decrease in a women’s libido, herbs to increase female libido and also supplements that could help out further, make sure you do what is safe and right for your body.

Like mentioned, make sure to consult with your health care professional about all herbs and dietary supplements that you plan to take for this problem so that you can be guided accordingly and safely.

If you noticed that your lifestyle has been unhealthy, make sure to correct those elements and make it to a point where you are living healthier than before. Try out herbs to increase female libido and also supplements that will work safely and effectively for you and your decrease sex drive.