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Sex Stimulants for Women: 4 Helpful Herbs You Can Use

10 years ago 5 minute read

A problem that could be saddening and frustrating for women is to have a decrease in their sex drive. This is especially more upsetting if the women is married or with a significant other. One thing is for sure, sexual intimacy is very much important in a couple’s relationship because it is not only for pleasure but also holds a deep connection between two individuals that care and love one another.

With that being said, if you are suffering from a decreased female libido, or you may know someone, you should be reminded that there are certain ways that you could help in increasing your sex drive.

You could do it naturally through certain herbs and lifestyle changes or try out sex stimulant supplements for women that could also aid in this condition.

In this article, you will learn more about a female’s libido and certain factors that could decrease it. You will also get a brief background of what herbs and a certain supplement that you could use that could help boost your sexual drive.

What You Should Know About A Women’s Libido?

Women’s sex driveYou may be familiar with the term libido and know that it has something to do with a person’s sexual desire. It basically compromises of the overall sexual drive for sexual activities. This goes for both men and women but since our topic is about women that is what we will be focusing on.

A women’s sex drive could be affected by many factors by how they live their lives. This means that a women’s libido could easily be affected by certain components in their lives which could cause it to decrease if nothing is done to help boost it up.

This could not only be frustrating for the women, but also for their significant other since sexual intimacy is essential in a couple’s relationship with one another.

What Common Elements Could Affect a Women’s Sex Drive?

Lower the libido level
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Since women nowadays are faced with many stressors in their lives, those elements could definitely play a huge role in decreasing their libido.

Certain factors such as biological, social and psychological aspects could somehow lower the libido level in women in which they might not want to have sex with their significant other as much as they used to.

The following elements could affect a woman’s libido:

  • Poor nutritional diet
  • Not getting enough sleep throughout the night
  • Lack of exercise
  • Excessive use of alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugs
  • Medical conditions with the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)
  • DrugsCertain effects of prescription drugs
  • Loss of iron in the body (anemia)
  • Medication effects of anti-depressants, opiods, beta-blockers, hormonal contraceptives and anti-psychotics
  • Excessive levels of stress with their work life and personal life
  • Chronic fatigue
  •  Depression
  • Lack of interest in their spouse or significant other
  • Lack of attraction in their spouse or significant other
  • Neglect from their spouse of significant other
  • Sexual trauma or assault
  • Body image problems
  • Anxiety to engage in sexual activities

4 Herbs that Could Be a Sex Stimulant For Women

Throughout centuries, different countries have used herbs to treat certain medical illnesses and conditions, which also includes sexual dysfunction or decrease in sex drive. The following herbs have been used for many years to treat low libido’s in both men and women:

  • GinsengGinseng: this herb has been quite popular for women who are already at their menopausal years and have lost their sexual libido.
    It has been used to boost it up since it is natural and safe to use. There are many types of ginseng that could be taken and could be bought at herb stores.
  • Guarana: this is a South American plant that contains high amounts of caffeine. Another name it is known for is the “aphrodisiac drink” which boosts the sex drive in both sexes.
  • Gingko Biloba: this herb is another plant that is known for helping women with boosting up their sex drive. It has been used to aid in treating sexual dysfunctions and also preventing PMS or premenstrual symptoms. Gingko biloba supplements could be taken once every day and could be purchased in herbal stores.
  • Pycnogenol: this cane from the French maritime pine and helps to protect the blood vessels in the person’s body. It has similar qualities to gingko biloba and ginseng which helps increase libido.

Before taking any type of dietary supplement or medication make sure to talk to your medical health care professional to be guided accordingly. Tell them about your medical history and all the medication that you are currently taking so that they know what herbs and dietary supplements are contraindicated with one another. Once you get their approval, then you can begin taking the supplements and / or medication they said you can take.

What Are Other Sexual Stimulants For Women?

DoctorYou could also ask your doctor about HerSolution® if you want to take supplements to further increase your libido.

HerSolution® is doctor-recommended and does not give off any unwanted side effects. It is ideal for those women who are interested in increasing their libido in a natural way. It could also help a women reach orgasms.

This supplement is a combination of herbs and nutrients to help out sexual health which is necessary as a female sex stimulant. It has gone through the production of a cGMP compliant pharmaceuticals-grade manufacturer which means that it is safe for intake.

The best tip when it comes to increasing sexual drive is to live a healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to your body and stay away from elements that could hurt it or damage it. Remember that your body is the only permanent place that you will be living in.

Talk to your doctor about what has been bothering you in terms of your low libido and ask them about alternative treatments you could use to help boost up your sex drive. There are many natural methods that you could try out especially if you do not want to introduce chemicals into your body.