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Increase Female Desire Naturally in 5 Fast, Simple Steps

10 years ago 5 minute read

The act of lovemaking is truly one of natures’ best designs for humans. Human’s intense desire for sex is quite evident. Having a juicy sex life promotes overall health wellness aside from fulfilling physical needs.

Undeniably, many want to know how to increase libido, especially since most women are interested to know how to increase female desire.

It is natural for women to have problems when it comes to sex. It is normal for them to lose interest on it or have troubles in wanting sex. These sexual issues may happen once, but for other women they experience it more often.

Both people in a couple will feel dissatisfied if one has a lower sex drive. Basically, there’s no such thing as a specific or accepted level of libido since every woman is wired to have a different sexual response.

As women age, having that vibrant and active desire for sex seems to decrease. Hormonal changes in the body are one of the factors that can affect the sexual desires of women.

As such, women who are in their menopausal period will instantly feel that their sexual desire is decreasing once they stop ovulating, which is natural. On one hand, your emotions can help increase female desire, however emotional change can decrease libido since women are more vulnerable to emotional issues compared to men.

Women will start to acknowledge that they have a sexual problem once their sexual satisfaction is not met. If you are one of those women, here is a quick checklist of questions you can ask yourself:

  • Have you been stressed, depressed, or tired lately?
  • Have you been taking medications that affect sexual desire?
  • Are you dealing with painful sexual memories?
  • Do you have intimacy issues?
  • Are you opening up to your partner?
  • Do you have a caring and respectful partner?

seek a doctor to helpAlthough it may sound embarrassing, you can seek a doctor to help you with your sexual problems. Rest assured once the main problem has been recognized, it will be resolved in a proper way.

The common treatments include counseling, communication, addressing health problems and learning some sex tips provided by sex experts, or in books and magazines.

On the other hand, you can also try libido enhancers for women.

Taking such supplements is guaranteed safe since it uses all natural ingredients to fight off stress and at the same time promote the nutritional and hormonal balance your body needs.

This also significantly helps increase female desire. Naturally, you can help increase female desire in your own little ways. Here are some tips you can practice at home:

1) Free Yourself From Everyday Stress About How To Increase Female Desire

Free Yourself From Everyday StressIt’s important that you keep your mind and body relaxed. After a heavy day at work, take time to relax before you do your next set of activities.

Reward yourself with a weekly massage, or do the activities you like such as jogging, biking, crafts, or video games to relieve your body from stress.

Taking supplements like Vitamin C and B complex can help support your stress glands. You can become physically and mentally active when stress is flushed out of your system.  Unquestionably, it will increase female desire in the end.

2) Get Enough Sleep With Use Of Herbs To Increase Female Desire

Get enough sleep
Photo by Aweisenfels / CC BY-SA

Researcher suggests that one way to increase female desire is getting enough good quality sleep. Your body will have the energy it needs, and be relaxed before you get into the steamy part of your night.

If you have problems sleeping at night, you can try relaxation exercises like yoga.  As much as possible, don’t exhaust your body at night with a heavy workout regimen as this will only affect your sleep quality.

3) Take Libido Enhancer Supplements

 Libido Enhancer SupplementsAs mentioned earlier, there are many libido enhancer supplements that you can find today in the market. With that, you should only choose those natural and reliable supplements. Take time to read the label before buying a certain product.

It is highly recommended that you go for a supplement that contains effective aphrodisiac properties from recognized herbal blends. Natural ingredients such as niacin, hops extract, gingko biloba, and cayenne (to name just a few), are some of the best organic ingredients that are found to increase female desire significantly.

4) Know Your Sexual Preference

You need to ask yourself what kind of sex you would like to enjoy. You need to be open with your partner about it. These details can surely make a big difference once you’re in the middle of your lovemaking. Hence, create your own plan regarding which sex positions you will try next or do more often. Or perhaps you want to settle for that good, old missionary sex.

No matter what your needs are, just get right down to it. Indeed, sexual preference will play a big role to increase female desire.  That’s why you shouldn’t forget to assess your sexual preferences beforehand if you’re way past the second base. As a result, you will not be spoiling the mood and you will be guaranteeing your satisfaction afterwards.

5) Experiment With Foreplay

Experiment With ForeplayNeedless to say, foreplay is like the warm-up stage before you can get that bed shaking finale. At first, the nibbling and cuddling may work out, but later on the body will look for something new.

So it doesn’t hurt to lay out a few tricks from your sleeves to ignite that familiar touch of passion. You can target different sweet spots in the body such as the border of the lips, the lower part of the neck or the sides of the torso.

At this point, you are now aware of the things you can do to increase female desire. Sex provides amazing benefits in the body, which is great. With this, one will surely feel confident about themselves.

They will experience a remarkable boost in their self-esteem making them perform better in their daily activities. Overall health is improved, especially blood pressure and the heart’s condition using with pills to increase female desire.