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15 Cool Tips on How to Attract Love Easily Even If You’re Not a 10

Most people think that appearance plays a big role in finding love. This is mostly because they inherit the concept of love from TV, movies, books and other media. These media excessively project the importance of looks, albeit subliminally. After all, the actors and actresses in these movies are gorgeous. Unfortunately, this concept has percolated […]
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How to Achieve Long Lasting Sex That Will Blow His Mind Away

No matter how simple it might seem at first, long lasting sex is a complicated process that needs to be carefully orchestrated. If you don’t mind a three-minute back and forth maneuver that gets him satisfied and leaves you batting your eyelashes in surprise while Googling “orgasm” instead of experiencing it, then you can forget […]
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How to Keep Him Interested in You and Only You

They say “forever” is a figment of the imagination and long-lasting marriages are hard to achieve. In fact, 70 percent of married men have admitted they cheated on their wives, and 17 percent of divorce in America is because of infidelity. How can you make sure your husband stays interested in you and only you? […]
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The Simple Secrets of How to Get a Man to Commit to You

Men are usually afraid to commit to a girl because of the added responsibilities they have to take on. Commitment is so rare these days. In fact, there are people who do not believe in committing to a relationship. Modern day people consider commitment to be a thing of the past, something outdated. Still there […]
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Breast Enlargement Exercise: 15 Effective Ways for Amazing Results

Before you think of breast augmentation using breast implants, consider non-surgical ways to increase your breast size. One extremely effective, budget-friendly and natural method to achieve this is by exercising. A warning, though, you can’t do just any exercise. You must follow a breast enlargement exercise routine that specifically develops your upper body – and […]
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Top Pheromones for Women: Scents to Put a Spell on Alpha Males

Decades ago, experts discovered that female moths gave out a particular scent that is designed to attract male moths, identified as pheromones. Since then, experts discovered that animals secrete pheromones that trigger particular behaviors like alarm, respect territory, and even sexual arousal. The question now is this: do humans have pheromones? The debate is still […]
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18 Best Relationship Tips for Women Revealed by Men

Being single in a world full of married people and couples can be rather frustrating, particularly if you keep looking in the wrong places. You might even find yourself wondering why you are unlucky when all your friends date people who appear like they are perfect. Have you ever found yourself dating a guy who […]
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