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6 Curious Things That Determine Your Sex Partner For You

10 years ago 8 minute read

You were out with your girl friends on a Friday night and you noticed that across the table, there’s a cute guy checking you out. So, you waited and did stupid things, just so he can have his chance to walk up to you and get your number. Finally, after two hours of waiting in vain and a couple of tequila shots, he went up to you and introduced himself.

Sleep with himAfter a few exchanges, you may suddenly ask yourself, “Should I sleep with him or wait for him to ask me out on a formal date?” Apparently, the double standard that says women who sleep with different men are sluts still lives on.

Not being able to shop around for Mr. Right can ruin your chances of getting that long term love you’ve been waiting for since you were 12.

Save yourself from misery and stop living by those old dating rules that were probably written 50 years before you were born. Here are six insignificant things that will help you determine who you have sex with:

1.  The Tilt Of The Head.

Believe it or not, the tilt of your head can be a strong determinant of how attractive people think you are. According to the researchers from University of Newcastle, if a woman tilts her head back, it is considered as less feminine and less attractive. On the other hand, chin down means you are hotter and more feminine, which makes it more attractive for men.

The results are different for men. A head tilting forward means the guy looks less masculine, hence less attractive. However, if a guy has his chin up, then it can be a good game for him in the dating scene. This explains why a lot of men date women who are shorter than themselves.

At the same time, a guy who slightly tilts the head back enhances the width of the jaw, and as funny as it may seem, a wider jaw means more testosterone, which of course, is very much a necessity in bed. In this case, the woman would need to be significantly taller than the man. This can be problematic, especially since the genetic composition of men is usually being taller than women.

2.  Who Approaches first.

Speed dating
Photo by Conny / CC BY-SA

When a guy approaches you, you may think that he found you more attractive. That’s why he can’t help himself and approach you right away, right? Don’t be a fool. It doesn’t work that way. However, the act of approaching will make you find the person more attractive compared to the attractiveness meter of the guy approaching you.

Several researchers set up a speed dating situation and they found that women tend to be pickier on men when they were seated. When the positions were reversed, women became more likely to say yes to a potential date. Hence, it is safe to say that the pickiness women have, when it comes to men, makes it more socially acceptable for men to approach women first.

And for you ladies, you just find it hot and brave when someone approaches you. Apparently for men, approaching you first may be their brain’s way of making you assume that they want you, which saves them the time and effort to look for someone else. That’s okay. Don’t feel bad.

3.  Check The Ring Finger.

Ring FingerWatch out ladies. A man’s ring finger can say a lot about whether to sleep with him or not. Checking his ring finger in the subtlest way possible will tell you if the guy is married or not. After all, being the “other woman” and a home wrecker is definitely not a sexy thing to do. And if you don’t see a ring, look for the telltale leftover indentation of one. Aside from this, the length of a man’s ring finger says a lot about the level of testosterone a guy has. And even if you don’t notice it, a longer finger can be an attractive trait on a subconscious level.

Based on a study led by scientist Camille Ferdenzi of the University of Geneva, the length of the ring finger sealed the deal on how attractive a man’s face is to woman. Coincidentally, long ring finger men are often rated as having the best faces.

Still, the long ring finger does not make a man look more masculine. Sure, men with long ring fingers have more prenatal testosterone, giving them a more attractive face, but it has nothing to do with masculinity. Keep in mind that prenatal testosterone is different from the fluctuating testosterone men have as they grow up. This means that once you’re born, no more fetal testosterone for you.

4.  The Level Of Facial Scarring.

Facial ScarringHumans are the product of evolution. One way or another, life will always remind you of what you’ve been through, thanks to the scars left on your face and body. But don’t worry, men don’t care, anyway. All they care about is the possibility of sleeping with you and nothing else. If he is able to score another session with you, why not, right? Sorry, ladies but that’s just how men are.

On the other hand, things are different for women. Women find men with post-traumatic scarring as more attractive than those without traces on their face. Again, this is due to evolution where a man with scars is perceived as a survivor, a fighter, someone who is strong and manly. In other words, he gets into fights more often than others, hence the scars. At the same time, scarred men are seen as dangerous seekers of adventure, which can be fun and applicable during sex.

Sure, women find scars sexy, attractive and very manly when it comes to casual hook-ups, but when women are talking about long term relationships, and kids and family, men with more “feminine”traits will seal the deal.

5.  The Smile.

SmileThe smile is the cheapest form of makeup, don’t you agree? For starters, men are more attracted to women who are always smiling, which makes sense, because guys don’t want to walk up to a girl who looks like she just lost everything.

Plus, there is a big possibility that they will be turned down, so guys better save their energy for someone who is easier to approach.

But don’t take it too hard on yourself. If showing your pearly whites is not your best feature, men will still find you attractive.

However, they may see you as a submissive type of person, which is still not good, unless you are Anastasia Steele and going out with Christian Grey. On the other hand, not smiling does not exactly mean that you are sad, right? Maybe, you’re just not in the mood to show your teeth, that’s all.

BroodingJust to prove that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, ladies don’t find a smiling guy sexy and attractive. Apparently, a woman’s twisted mind is more inclined to have an attraction to men who are scowling or brooding or even have a “no reaction” type of face.

This is because generally speaking, smiling is considered as a feminine trait and being happy is not exactly the most domineering expression. And it may be hard to admit, but domination cues play an important role in sexual attraction. Hence, a guy without a stupid grin on his face that looks like he’s going to break his jaw at any moment is preferred by women who want sex – and more.

6.  Either He’s Interested With You Or He Just Wants To Get Laid.

Given these cues and the science behind them, ladies, you should know by now if the guy is really interested in you, or if he simply wants some action in bed. Think of men as a sex machines who will do anything just to get inside your pants – okay, maybe not all men. But generally speaking, men are all about sex and the number of girls they bang boosts their confidence – as if getting laid multiple times is an achievement.

Before you rip off your clothes and open up your legs, figure out first if he’s really interested in you, or if he simply wants sex from you.

Men are all about sexIt is your sole responsibility and no one else’s to find out what his intentions are based on the five cues discussed.

If you don’t know the answer or you have reservations about sleeping with him – or if you feel you can’t handle the emotional consequences of sleeping with someone that you just met, then save yourself some heartache, and don’t.

But if you think you can handle it, then go for it. Just make sure to use protection, since you’ll never know what you might get from having sex with a stranger.

Only you will know what’s best for yourself. If you feel that someone is interested in you and it’s not just about sex, then go for it. Some guys can be predictable at times, and you’ll be able to gauge their moves even before you start to make a guess.

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