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10 Pieces Of Bad Advice That Ruins Relationships

10 years ago 7 minute read

Being in a relationship is really a mix of emotions. There are days when you and your special someone will be skipping around a field of flowers with no worries in the world. However, there will also be days where you two will be bickering at one another about a pressing issue in life.

Family and friendsDuring those frustrating times in your relationship, many run to their best friends and close family members to tell them how they feel, so that they could get ideas of how to possibly fix the relationship.

Since family and friends are there for you to listen to your worries and frustrations, you have probably received a whole bunch of strange and unexplainable relationship advice that instead of helping your relationship, could ruin it.

You may already have a compilation of advice in your head or your diary from friends and family members, but here are 10 pieces of really bad advice that ruins relationships.

1. “You Do Not Need Mr. Or Miss Right, Mr. Or Miss Right Now will Be Okay.”

Why would you ever want to settle for someone that you see no future with? That is a waste of your precious time. When your loopy aunt comes along telling you that you could just “settle” for any person, then you must be aware that this is pure monstrosity. If you follow this bad relationship advice, you and your partner are already looking to face the end.

Any person who is “just settling” for another person will eventually realize that they are not in the relationship 100 percent of what they have to give. That is pretty much an equation of a relationship that will soon end.

So, instead of “just settling” for someone, because Mr. or Miss Right is nowhere to be found, it is best to work on yourself and remain single.

Who knows, as you are working to better yourself and focusing on other priorities in life, the right person might come along unexpectedly.

2. “If He/She Tells You Details Of Their Day, They Are Probably Hiding Something.”

telling their special someone about their entire daySo first it was, “If they do not tell you about their day, they must be hiding something.” What is the truth? Something that you have to remember is that every person is very much different from one another.

Some partners simply enjoy telling their special someone about their entire day and that does not necessarily mean that they are hiding something.

Instead of listening to this piece of advice, learn to trust your partner. This is especially the case if they tell you details of what they did throughout the day.

3. “Swallowing During Talking Is An Indication Of Lying.”

Photo by Ryan Hyde / CC BY-SA

Give your special someone a break, maybe they are just thirsty or have a dry throat. Swallowing during your conversations does not mean that they are blatantly lying about something.

However, during the explanation from your close friend, they said swallowing is an indication of the person being nervous and starting to go into freak out mode.

That is not the case for every single human being on earth. Instead of doubting your girlfriend or boyfriend during the frequent swallowing episodes, maybe you could offer a cup of water. Try to look out for other signs of nervousness such as heavy breathing, sweating and acting strange.

4. “Wanting More Sex From You Means That They Are Cheating.”

Wanting more sexThis is an interesting piece of bad advice. According to your friends, wanting more sex from you means that they are already fooling around with another person behind your back.

The reason behind that is that the extra sex indicates that your special someone has been getting hot and heavy more frequently with someone else besides you. Not entirely the case at all!

According to psychologists, “a man who is hiding something will not want to connect emotionally with you through conversation, because he/she is afraid that if they do, they will spill the secret. Instead, because he/she loves you, they will try to connect with you physically. Do not accuse your partner of something without ruling our other possibilities.

5. “If He/She Always Tries To Look Good, They Are Cheating.”

Tries To Look GoodWhen was it ever bad to look good, especially going out? Receiving this piece of advice is common, especially from friends.

However, you have to keep in mind that your special someone has all the right in the world to dress up and groom themselves well, just like you. This is especially the instance when they need to look nice for work.

If they try out a new gym workout or sport, try not to judge them all too fast. Try not to conclude that they are already cheating without thinking about why they could possibly want to start dressing up and working out. They may be doing it just for you.

6. “Being Overly Protective About His/Her Gadgets Means That They Are Hiding Something.”

Now this advice could be two ways; the first depends on if your special someone went from leaving their phone and laptop around without a passcode to suddenly hiding their gadgets for you not to see.

PasscodeThe second factor is maybe your significant other just does not want their personal privacy to be invaded. It is really up to you to figure that out from the beginning of the relationship.

You have to remember to put yourself in their shoes. Are you fine with your partner looking through your phone, laptop and other gadgets?

If you do not like that, then try to understand that he/she might also be bothered knowing that you are searching around their messages and e-mails. This is where trust comes into play.

Does being happy really just mean that they are cheating? Could it not mean that they are happy because of all their blessings in their life? Let us make this bad advice short, happiness does not indicate fool play. Learn to be satisfied with your partner’s feelings and stop doubting them about every feeling that they may show you. Enough already.

7. “If Your Partner’s Friends Do Not Talk To You, That Means He/She Does Not Love You.”

Partner’s Friends Do Not Talk To YouYou noticed that your special someone’s friends are not always talkative when you are around, the piece of advice you receive is that because your partner does not love you.

Since the way your special someone’s close friends are important to them, just because they are not as chummy with you as they are with others, it does not mean that your girlfriend or boyfriend loves you any less. Maybe his/her friends are just shy or intimidated with your presence. Get over yourself.

8. “Maintain Some Mystery Throughout The Relationship.”

Be yourself
Photo by fotologic / CC BY

This means that you should not show your partner how much you really eat, how you look without makeup, how you really dress up and many others.

They say, “Keeping the mystery in the relationship will be a good guideline to follow.” However, how could you establish a connection between you two if you are trying to be a completely different person?

Trying to be mysterious, instead of being yourself means that your partner is getting to know someone else, instead of you. Be yourself from the start, so that you know if your special someone likes you for you. It can happen.

9. “Having A Baby Will Bring You And Your Partner Closer Together.”

Having A BabyThis depends on the couple. Some individuals are ready for having a little bundle of joy, while other couples are not. If your relationship is falling apart, having a baby will not solve much. Instead, it might cause more problems than ever before.

The baby will also suffer emotionally from all the stress that you and your partner has bottled up between the two of you. Resolve your problems or break up. Do not bring a hopeless baby into the world because you think it will help you two from splitting up. Think about it.

10. “Try To Get Him/Her To Change For You.”

Change For YouYou have to remember that a person will not change who they are just because you simply do not like it. Yes, they may “change” for a week, or a month or so, but eventually old habits tend to creep up again.

If you are in a relationship and there are attitudes or habits that you do not like your partner from doing, you might want to rethink about if you want to be with them in the first place.

You have to realize that he/she are the way they are because of how they were raised. Molding them into what you want them to be is clearly impossible and a waste of time. Would you want them to try to change you completely? There you go.

Now that you have a better idea of the 10 worst pieces of relationship advice that will ruin your relationship instead of help it, you know to ignore them. Be wise and do not judge too quickly. Make up your own mind, instead of listening to all that crazy advice out there.