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10 Moves to Keep Her Wrapped Around Your Fingers

9 years ago 7 minute read

Here’s the truth: women love foreplay. Of course, she would appreciate the humping in different positions in every corner of your home to make her orgasm. Before you go in action, you have to make sure that she is wet enough down there. Otherwise, you’ll hear screams of pain, not pleasure.

What is the best way to prepare your girl for action? Finger action, of course.

Sure, you can make a tornado out of your tongue, but your fingers are also capable of giving her the greatest pleasure she will never forget.

In fact, your fingers can be a miracle worker, especially when used correctly. Believe it or not, it can even make her orgasm multiple times.

The best part about knowing how to use your fingers wisely? She will love you even more since she knows you are willing to spend some time down there. After all, every woman loves a man who can make her happy without too much effort.

What are you waiting for? Get your pen and paper ready, because here are 10 trusted and effective tips in fingering your partner. It’s okay, guys. Just save the thank you for later.

1. Get Her Ready

Photo by KoS / CC BY-SA

Don’t get too excited guys. Make sure you have set the mood first before you stick your fingers in her package.

Kissing and necking will do, but there are many moves in the playbook, which you need to utilize. If you really want to get her ready, then consider sharing a sexy bath.

Aside from making sure you’re both clean and smelling fresh, having a bath sets the mood that you’re in it for some night of fun. At the same time, it helps your girl take her mind off the things that worry her, such as work or deadlines. Plus, she will know that she’s “clean” enough down south, since how she smells down there can worry her, too. At least, her smell is off her worry list.

A piece of advice: try your best to stay away from sex. It will ruin your “finger plans.”

2. It’s Time To Make Her Wet – Again

Thigh grindingNow that you’ve stepped out of the shower and dried up, it’s time to make your girl wet again.

And by wet, well, you already what that means, right? Again, don’t go straight to sticking your fingers and attacking her vagina. It’s going to be painful for her. Just pace it a little.

For starters, tease her genitals while kissing. Press your thigh between her legs and move it up and down. The overall vibration of your thigh grinding can create a greater arousing effect. This means that even if there is no direct contact with her clit, you can still be able to send shivers down her spine. At the same time, it gets her area down there warmed up, too.

3. Find Your Way To Her Clit

A woman’s clitoris is a powerful tool that can make or break your ultimate sex night. So, before you focus on this area, make sure you know where to find it.

Photo by A. Pagliaricci / CC BY

The key is to treat it like you are in a treasure hunt and finding it and making her orgasm is the ultimate prize. However, you have to make sure that you do this in the most exciting manner possible.

To find a woman’s clitoris, use the labia minora, or the inner lips of her vagina as your guide. Trace your fingers on her inner lips, starting from the point closest to her butt, then up until the tip closest to her navel. On the upper part, you will find a flesh horizontal fold, known as the clitoral hood that holds the key to her clit.

As soon as you’re in the area, put your finger above the clitoral hood and gently pull it up towards her belly. From there, you will find a small fleshly knob known as a woman’s pleasure box or clitoris. Keep in mind that every woman’s clitoris is different. In fact, it comes in many shapes and sizes, so don’t expect your girl’s clit to be the same as a porn star.

4. Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Thumb

ThumbIt is common for men to use the index or middle finger when touching women down there.

However, there is this one part of your body that can also do wonders: your thumb. He may be the smallest guy in the pack, but your thumb is in the best position to set a woman’s clit in the mood.

Once you found her clitoris, use your thumb to stroke it gently, with emphasis on gently. Some women prefer fast strokes while some women don’t want you to touch it immediately. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask the kind of pressure she wants when touching her clit. Ask her if she wants it harder or faster, not if it makes her feel good.

5. Here Comes The Vagina

Focusing on one part for the next 10 or so minutes might bore her. Therefore, add some variation. If you’re through with her clit, it’s time to move on to another area in her body: her vagina.

Body languageAgain, this is not the perfect time to put three fingers inside. Just like how you treat her clitoris, touch her vagina – and the hole in there somewhere – slowly and gently.

Start by sticking your finger slowly into her vagina. This is the perfect time to tease her down there before putting your entire finger inside.

At the same time, check her body language. If you notice that she is moving in a way that she wants your entire finger inside her, then go ahead and give in to her demand.

5. The Finger Family

You may ask, “How many fingers should you put inside?” Well, that depends on how her vagina can handle it.

partner’s body loosens upAs your guide, check out YouTube and type in “Finger Family,” – and it’s a nursery rhyme, you dirty mind. It will show tons of videos about Mommy and Daddy finger and so on.

In other words, treat your fingers as a family. Daddy finger goes in first, followed by Mommy finger, then brother and so on. Before you let the rest of the family inside her vagina, focus on one finger first. Slide Daddy finger in and out then rotate it. It will surely drive her crazy.

Once your partner’s body loosens up and becomes less tense, insert Mommy finger and the rest of the family one at a time. Again, watch her body language. If you see any signs that are not making her comfortable, don’t force the fingers inside.

6. Try Other Techniques

ForeplayNo pun intended here, but women will never be contented, especially in sex. To make sure you are living up to their expectations, introduce variety in foreplay.

Your finger strokes will definitely make her go wild, but consider other techniques too, such as tapping or blowing.

Gently tapping a woman’s vagina encourages blood to come out of the surface, making her more sensitive down there. Also, blowing is another way to keep your girl excited. To do this, gently pull the clitoral hood up to expose her clitoris. Then, give this area a gentle blow of breath, which is enough to keep her excited.

After this, slowly stroke her clitoris in different directions – in circles, side to side, up and down. Again, the operative word is gently. Otherwise, she’ll end up screaming in pain and the last thing you need is a cancelled sexy night because of your fault.

7. Stick With It

Big scream
Photo by Paula Rey / CC BY-SA

Somewhere in the fingering process, you will notice how certain moves will either excite your girl or make her tell you to stop. Hence, the importance of checking her body language.

If you notice that she is enjoying a particular move, stick with it and don’t change what you’re doing. This only means one thing: you can make her orgasm.

Just keep the pace and pressure steady and she’ll let out that big scream in a few minutes.

8. Don’t Forget The Backdoor

ButtOkay, this may be a forbidden spot, but if your girl is game, this can surely send a different kind of sensation too. While fingering her pussy, try to run your other hand’s middle finger along the rim.

If she doesn’t react, then slowly put the tip of your finger inside her anus. If she reacted violently, don’t force the issue.

Another piece of advice: make sure to wet your fingers when she allows your finger to penetrate her butt. This will be easier for you to go in the backdoor.

9. Talk To Her

Talk To HerWomen appreciate men who make an effort to know what turns them on or not. Therefore, it is important to talk to her throughout the process.

Instead of asking her if she feels good, which is most likely she will just say yes, ask her things that excite her most. Ask her if she likes it harder or faster, or if she wants you to move more gently.

This will make her feel appreciated and cared for. At the same time, doing these techniques will surely make her love you – and your finger – even more.