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10 Tantalizing Tantric Sex Tricks

9 years ago 7 minute read

You will never run out of options when it comes to sex. Sex experts and enthusiasts each have their own methods of making every sexual experience both pleasurable and out of this world – in a good way. However, sex is not as easy as in-and-out or bump and grind. Believe it or not, a whole different dimension governs sex to make it more exciting.

This is where tantra comes in. You might associate tantric sex with the famous rocker, Sting, or from watching too much of the movie, American Pie. The truth is, the practice of tantric sex allows you to reclaim the sexual intimacy you truly deserve.

To put things in perspective and teach your mind to steer away from Sting’s definition of tantric sex – no offense to Sting – tantra was born in India thousands of years ago. The word “tantra” means “to show, to expand, to weave, and to manifest.”

It expands one’s consciousness and to weave the polarities of man and woman to make them harmonious as one. It believes that sexuality is the doorway to the divine, which makes lovemaking as expressive, meditative and intimate.

Yes, there is prolonged sexual ecstasy that allows you to reach intimacy and sensual satisfaction in a whole new level. Before these words confuse you, here are 10 tricks on how to incorporate tantric sex in the bedroom.

1. You Can Never Go Wrong With Your Eyes

stare at your partner’s eyesBefore you take off all your clothes and proceed with the lips, stare at your partner’s eyes first. It may sound like a simple act, but looking at each other’s eyes is one of the quickest ways to deepen intimacy – and gets you ready for some night of fun.

Of course, it’s not just the innocent gaze as if you are both trying to read other’s mind. There should be some sense of lust, in there so make sure to get your eyes ready.

Look for a place where you can be comfortable and just focus on each other’s eyes. Or include this in your foreplay, even if for five minutes. This can help you get in the mood and make you fall in love with your girl over and over again.

2. Kiss Like There’s No Tomorrow

Exchanging kisses
Photo by See-ming Lee / CC BY-SA

Aside from the eyes, your lips can also bring magic inside the bedroom. Once the connection is established, let your lips do the work.

However, it’s not just about exchanging kisses and playing with your tongue. When it comes to kissing, give and take is the best strategy you can employ.

Start by letting your partner kiss you. Allow him to explore your mouth with his tongue for a few minutes. Make sure to surrender to what he is doing and let him do the work. Then exchange roles. When you kiss, make no reservations. Gauge how much you can give yourself when playing the active-dominant role.

3. Give Each Other A Massage

Photo by zaphodsotherhead / CC BY

Here’s the truth: there are other parts in both man and woman’s body that can send shivers down the spine when activated properly. Therefore, it is not advisable to focus on the common erogenous zones such as neck, nipples and ears because, well, that can be boring after a while, too.

One of the best ways to trigger these other erogenous zones is to give each other a massage, sans the sex. Add genital stimulation and discover each other’s pleasure points. Giving and receiving massages can help you discover various sources of pleasure and at the same time, provides new insights on how you two will interact with each other, both in and out of the bed.

4. Breathe – Together

Sorry to break it to you ladies, but the practices of tantra do not require taking your clothes off all the time.

Breathing togetherIn fact, there are certain exercises that can give your sex life a different dimension, with your clothes on. This practice is called breathing together.

While standing together, face to face, place your one hand between your man’s shoulder blades and the other hand at the base of his spine. He should do the same, as well. Then focus on your breath for the first five minutes. As soon as both of you are ready, synchronize your breathing together.

This technique teaches you to pay attention to sensation, which can be useful in your meetings between the sheets. At the same time, it helps increase blood flow in the right areas, thanks to your focused mind.

5. The power Of Touch

TouchMany people say that a mother’s touch heals all pain and worries away. The question is what does touch has to do with tantric sex.

The tantric sex’s premise is about exploring you and your partner’s sensuality. Is there anything more sensual than touching each other? In fact, tantra focuses on making every touch count because it does make you feel better.

On the other hand, you might argue about stress, exhaustion or even lack of time. How can a single touch get you in the mood? The answer is simple: focus. If you let go of all your inhibitions and just focus on you and your man, you will be able to enjoy every stroke of his fingers.

6. Learn To Explore Your Senses

Now, here comes the exciting part. Aside from the physical aspect, tantra also helps improve the emotional and sensory experience associated with sex. This means maximizing one’s sight, smell, taste, sound and touch.

Blindfold your man
Photo by Wiros / CC BY-SA

It is common knowledge that once you lose one of your senses, the other senses will step up. For instance, a blind man may lose his sight, but his sense of hearing makes up for it. The point is incorporating your human senses can make sex even more pleasurable.

To do this, blindfold your man. Use different things to stimulate his senses – essential oils, soothing music or even feed them with something that can add up in the mood such as chocolate or honey. You can even try caressing his body with feathers and rose petals while he has a blindfold.

It may take time, but once you removed that mask, you will surely see a happy look on your man’s face.

7. Get The Kama Sutra Out Of The Closet

Book of sex positionsOr any other book of sex positions you are hiding. Aside from being experimental, different sexual positions adds pleasure and balance in both male and female sexual energies.

At the same time, it helps explore your capabilities and duality, which allows you to let go of gender roles. All of a sudden, women can dictate and control while men can be gentle and vulnerable.

As a result, you can have deeper and more intimate sex than ever.

8. Explore A Sexual Taboo – Together

There is a reason why sexual taboos are so common. Apparently, the society is dictated by certain norms and rules, to the point that staying away from these make you look like you’re sick and crazy.

BondageWell, that was in 1910. Fast forward today, many couples are slowly exploring these sexual taboos to boost their sex life. However, this should be consensual.

For starters, discuss with your man the taboos you find worth trying. Then, decide which among our choices you will try first.

It is important to start with “light” taboos such as sensory deprivation or light bondage. This way, you allow yourself to be more flexible and open in trying out different things. At the same time, it allows you to dismiss the idea of not being capable to do this and that. Once you are ready, move on to the next level.

9. Full Body Of Orgasm

Have you ever had that full body orgasm? To make things clearer, full body orgasm allows you to feel ripples in different areas of your body.

Photo by Robert McDonald / CC BY

In fact, that pleasurable sensation is not just limited to what’s down south – it is equally distributed to your entire body.

To experience this piece of heaven, practice building up your erotic energy up to almost orgasm state. Then stop and let it fade a bit. Once you are able to recover, build up the erotic energy again and use your breath and power of intention to let that energy spread throughout your body. It is like going over the edge, but you chose to hang on for a while.

So when you finally let go, it is the most awesome experience you’ll ever have.

10. Enjoy The Rocess

Enjoy sexSex is fun and pleasurable, period. The good news is when you employ tantric tricks; it can even bring your sex life to a different playing field.

Of course, orgasm is still important, but the more you focus on getting it, the greater chance that you will get bored for doing the same thing over and over. Plus, you will not be able to enjoy the sex itself, because all you want is to climax.

Hence, these tantra tricks. It allows you to enjoy sex in a different light and put the fun right back in the bedroom. At the same time, it reminds you of why you enjoy sex and helps you rekindle the closeness you once had with your man. In other words, just enjoy and savor the moment as much as you can.

So, are you ready to go back in bed and practice these tantric techniques?