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8 Things Gynecologists Don’t Tell You About Sex as You Age

10 years ago 8 minute read

From the very beginnings of our pre-pubescent years, we females are told that the gynecologist is our go to gal, or guy, for all of our south-of-the-border questions. From the onset of our menses, these gynecologists seem to know everything. But did you know there are a few things that gynecologists don’t exactly fill us in on?

Whether it’s a casual oversight, or something they would rather not bring it to our attention, there are a few facts that you may want to know about how your female anatomy changes as you age. In fact, we have come up with eight.

So, here are our eight facts that gynecologists don’t tell you about sex as you age:

It Just Keeps on Gettin’ Better.

Why not start with one of the best pieces of news, right? Here it is: sex over 60 is all the rage. Many claim that sexual prowess typically increases with age, and we can’t help but agree.

Think about it: you have more experience, you are more comfortable with your body, and chances are you are with a long-term partner. All of these factors help make it possible to have an even better and active sex life than when you were younger.

If you are concerned that your sex life won’t be all it was back in the day due to physical restraints, then read on. There are plenty of benefits of growing old in the sack.

Your Lady Parts Grow… in a Good Way

As you grow, so does your clitoris. That’s right, that little button of a thing at the tip of your hood grows with age. Don’t worry – it’s nothing drastic, but this allows for a more tantalizing feeling for you. Truly, what could be better?

Clitoris growsLearning about why the clitoris grows is actually pretty interesting. Before birth, the clitoris is actually identical to a penis. Before gender is determined, the sexual organs are one in the same. It is not until hormones come into play that the growth of the clitoris is cut short, but not as short as you may think.

The average clitoris is approximately five inches. We know what you are thinking – there’s no way. But it’s true. This is because the majority of the clitoris is not exposed. The clitoris actually wraps around the inside of the vagina, which allows for that ultimate sensation when you orgasm.

Have Sex Often

Believe it or not, this saying is true for both men and women – if you don’t have sex frequently enough, you will lose the physical and mental components needed for amazing sex.

It’s not very romantic, but you and your partner, regardless of your age, should continuously have sex. Not in the mood tonight? That’s too bad, because if you go too long without sex, the muscles in your genitals may relax.

Amazing sexYour vaginal walls become frail, and your body does not self-lubricate anymore. Without these things happening in your body, sex will not be as enjoyable and thus, the downward cycle ensues.

In addition to the physical detriment of prolonging sex for too long, it also affects you mentally. If you abstain from sex for a long period of time, chances are that you’ll feel fine without it. This attitude will make it even more difficult to have sex again, and once you realize the physical pains that we have mentioned above it will more than likely psyche you out of sex for good – and who wants that?

Your Face Isn’t the Only Thing That’s Wrinkling.

As women, we rue the day that we realize our face has become wrinkled. We pay premium dollar for anti-wrinkle creams, and possibly even consult a plastic surgeon to help us appear more youthful. Now, this may be something that your gynecologist hasn’t told you, but your face isn’t the only thing that’s wrinkling.

WrinkledThat’s right, ladies, your vagina will wrinkle with age. But don’t worry, it sounds a lot worse than it actually is. First of all, it’s not like everyone can see your vagina as they do your face, so vaginal wrinkles and abnormalities should not be too cumbersome. Unless, that is, you are flashing in public and that might need a different article in and of itself.

While the overall aesthetic of your vagina may change, it’s functioning and pleasure-factors do not. Your vagina will still continue to properly function and please you just like it did when you were younger.

If the fact that your vagina may depreciate in physical appearance truly bothers you, then there are a few options. Labia reconstruction is becoming more popular, but something this drastic should be saved as a last resort.

When Exactly Does it Become Impossible to Impregnate?

PregnantOne of the benefits of aging is the ability to have sex without the worry of pregnancy, but at what age does this fact ring true? Many women are not aware of the answer, and some will even find themselves pregnant at an older age than they had hoped.

If you are over the age of fifty, then chances are that you assume your body is not capable of having a child. However, your gynecologist might not be mentioning to you that age truly is nothing but a number. The ability to become impregnated relies on the onset of menopause. Yet, even if you are experiencing menopause, you are not quite safe just yet.

Safe sexScientists have now proven that it is not until you have been menstruation free for two years that it becomes practically impossible to bear a child. So, remember that age does not mean anything, and even the onset of menopause does not matter. If you have recently stopped having a period, then it is pivotal that you remember that it is not until you have been without one for two years that it becomes virtually impossible to become impregnated.

Even in our older years, it is still important to practice safe sex. In addition to pregnancy scares, there are still some other factors that you should be aware of, even as you age.

STDs and Age

For some reason, we associate STDs with the youth and their provocative ways, but are you aware that senior citizens can contract STDs just the same? Similarly to pregnancy, there is no magical age that makes STDs not as much of a threat.

In fact, the number of adults over 50 who contract STDs has doubled in the last decade. Today, STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia are most commonly found in adults ranging from ages 50 to 80.

SyphilisAge does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Perhaps this topic is rather taboo, or doctors assume that with age comes wisdom, but either way it is not being discussed as much as it should be.

Nursing homes are reporting record breaking numbers of STDs and STIs in their facilities. We are not saying to not get your groove on, but be aware that even in your adult years, you are still at risk of contracting STDs and STIs.

Low Libido May Not Be in Your Future

While it is true that age does not protect you from pregnancy and STDs necessarily, there is one piece of good news: older age is not synonymous with lower libido. See, growing older isn’t so bad after all.

Older ageOlder age is typically associated with lower libido. We constantly see commercials for senior citizens who suffer from erectile dysfunction or a drop in estrogen, but these things can happen to practically anyone. If you have a happy, healthy sex life, then you probably do not need to wake up one day to have your sexual drive disappear. A slight decrease in sexual drive for both men and women is common, but a severe drop in drive is directly linked to other factors separate from age. Depression, alcohol consumption, health conditions like multiple sclerosis and diabetes, as well as stress are all more likely to cause a drop in sexual desire, rather than simply old age.

So, the good news is that your sex drive isn’t going anywhere. But, in case it does dwindle, we have some more good news for you.

Dealing With Low Libido

Many women of all ages can find themselves struggling with low libido. If you are looking to spice up your sex life and get it back to the way it was, then consulting a little outside help is not anything to be ashamed of.

Low LibidoAnalyze yourself and try to figure out exactly what may have gotten you off track. Are you stressed? Are you still attracted to your partner? Typically, these two concerns are the most common reasons for low libido.

If you know you are attracted to your partner and want to feel sexier, then look into a website such as to purchase a natural, yet effective female supplement.

Supplements from HerSolution are made with all natural ingredients. Through choosing this female supplement, you will find yourself wanting sex more often, and enjoying it more when it does occur. Your sexual desires will be quenched in a natural way; what could be better?

It’s true that gynecologists have all of the answers pertaining to our sexual health needs; however, they may not tell us everything about our sex organs and how they change as we grow older. Your sex life doesn’t automatically disappear or deteriorate as you age. In fact, many claim that sex over 60 is better than ever.