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8 Wonderful Ways to Become Way More Orgasmic

10 years ago 9 minute read

Are you feeling down and depressed? Do you find yourself irritable and cranky most of the time? Having sex and experiencing the ultimate climax is one of the easiest ways to get rid of emotional and physical aches. Orgasms are an effective solution that helps to rejuvenate and uplift every part of your life. However, there are many women who have a difficult time achieving the “Big O.”

Statistics indicate that more than 70 percent of women can’t achieve orgasm through sexual intimacy alone. Consequently, many women resort to faking orgasms and gradually do it every now and then in order to save their relationship from falling into pieces.

OrgasmWhy is achieving that wonderful feeling, the elusive orgasm, so difficult for women, especially when there are women who can manage to attain multiple orgasms?

The question may seem difficult, but the answer lies within you. Are you feeling negatively about your body? Let us ease your tension, because achieving an orgasm is simpler than you think.

Almost all women desire that indefinable experience, but many can’t accomplish it. The fact is that most women aren’t sure how to achieve an orgasm. However, there are ways to learn the art of attaining sexual pleasure. It just takes a few tips on to master it. You just need to knock out some hurdles, and you’ll be on your way to that indescribable ‘O’ experience time and time again.

1. It All Starts In The Mind

Yes, we all know this. For women, sex starts in the mind. In order to reach that mysterious orgasm point, a woman’s mind should be fully captivated.

The truth is that many women are preoccupied with the other myriad of things they have going on in their lives, making sexy thoughts difficult.

If you are working to become more orgasmic, ensure that your mind should be ready as well. Keep your mind clutter-free by getting rid of your personal and professional issues. Undoubtedly, a concentrated and stress-free mind is a first step towards achieving the ultimate pleasure for all women.

2. Free Yourself Of Negative Emotions

Apart from making your mind free of useless thoughts, it is highly imperative to be free of your negative emotions, as well.

Women who are often trapped in a vicious cycle of guilt, fear, anxiety and worries are often those who find it hard to achieve the maximum benefits of sex.

Negative EmotionsMost guys blame themselves for not bringing their women to orgasm, but the real cause is far beyond their control. The list of negative emotions is endless, but they usually include the general suspects such as body shape, lack of sleep, illness, and professional glitches. So, if you want to scale the mountain of sexual pleasure, try to eliminate negative thoughts and frustrations. Try journaling or talking to a close friend over coffee.

Focusing on your breathing and body movements are simple ways to clear your mind of distracting thoughts. Stay in the present moment, and you will find it easy to enjoy sexual bliss.

3. What Type Of Emotional Connection Do Women Need?

Many women desire an emotional connection with their partner in order to release themselves and enjoy the peak of sexual pleasure. However, the phrase “emotional connection” can have varying meanings for different women.

Emotional ConnectionFor some it’s just a simple respect and love for their partner, but for others it can be associated with more complicated factors. Therefore, it is imperative that women make their bond stronger with their partner to attain ultimate bliss.

It is best to communicate things to make you feel more comfortable with your partner. It’s not necessary that you only talk about sex and your wish to attain orgasm. You can share your fantasies and elusive dreams. Perhaps, he will get the hint, so the next time he’ll try his best to make your orgasm the priority during your sack session.

4. Do You Know About Your Body?

It might seem surprising, but it’s true that most women are unable to reach orgasm because they are not familiar with their bodies. This is one of the biggest obstacles in reaching the big O. Some women usually don’t achieve orgasm by penetration, but through clitoral stimulation.

Clitoral stimulationYes that’s a fact. More than 80 percent of women can only accomplish the ultimate pleasure through clitoral stimulation.

This means that if you are not aware of this, you have likely been missing out on an incredible sexual experience and ultimate climax experience.

You may use the soft touch of your fingers to play with your clitoris. Using a dildo or vibrator is definitely a good idea to explore your hidden erotic points. Learn to identify what feels good and how it feels good, and you will be on your way towards becoming more orgasmic. Longer foreplay and prolonged stimulation are some other ways to experience fulfilling orgasms. So, you have to find what excites you most.

You should make sure to educate yourself about your own body and the different techniques that can lead you to orgasm. This will help your partner make you reach the climax and enjoy it, as well.

5. You May Want to Try Self-Stimulation

Self-StimulationIts simple logic: If you are unable to get yourself to orgasm, how you can expect your partner to do the same? Women are highly complicated when it comes to sex. Expecting your partner to make you orgasm without knowing your stimulation triggers is like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

It can get easier to acquire orgasms if you learn to identify where you can be easily stimulated. And, the first step towards this discovery is to know how to stimulate yourself. So, how to start?

Get cozy with yourself once you are alone and start masturbating. Soon you will realize what makes you excited and what does not. Once you are aware of your erotic zones and stimulation areas, it will become darn easier for you to self-please. Moreover, you can guide your partner to satisfy you, as well.

After discovering your erotic zones, you need to speak up about your fantasies and discoveries with your partner. Be confident, release your coyness, and tell him the route to your gold treasure. And, let us assure you, your partner will be more than happy to see you moaning in climax. So, don’t give him any shortcuts to your orgasm route. Be specific with regard to your erotic zones, speed, and pressure, so that he can help to stimulate you and make you feel more orgasmic.

FantasiesWhile your partner is busy exploring and stimulating your erogenous zone, don’t lay down there watching him in action. Spend this time caressing your body and making yourself more aroused. The easy thing to do is caress your breasts. Your breasts are a powerhouse of nerve endings that can become an easy tool to make you more erotic.

You may not know it, but stimulating your nipples release extra oxytocin, which is a love hormone and works to multiply your orgasm. So, here the secret is out. You can possibly enjoy multiple orgasms now.

6. Learn to Love Your Body

One of the common causes for most women to shy away from experiencing orgasms is the fact they aren’t comfortable with their own bodies. Many women struggle hard with achieving an orgasm just because they aren’t happy with their body image and physical appearance.

ComfortableThey usually think so negatively of themselves, that it becomes difficult to have any positive thoughts. They find it hard to open up sexually in front of their partner.

There are women who report that they are hesitant and embarrassed to be seen or touched by their partner. Usually, this happens when women take off their clothes during sexual intimacy. A sense of fear and embarrassment creeps over them and they feel scared as to how their partner will react watching them all bare.

Let us tell you the truth. During sexual intimacy, guys are so much engrossed in pleasure that they hardly measure any flaw of their partners. On the contrary, reluctant women are so much gripped with their imperfections, that they want to cry and run out of the bedroom.

Unfortunately, the unrealistic expectations that society has subjected women to have made them vulnerable to their own body image. It is imperative that you make yourself aware of this fairy tale world and learn to love your body in order to experience that ultimate ecstasy. There are ways to love yourself and become more comfortable with your body.

How? Try finding ways to groom yourself and set realistic goals. Share your apprehensions and fears with your partner. If this is something you are not comfortable doing, then consider taking the help of a sex expert who may guide you to overcome this unnecessary fear during your cozy moments.

7. Feel Relaxed, Be Orgasmic

Close your eyesIt has been proven that most of the sexual issues are psychological. If you aren’t relaxed or detached from your stressors, then your chances of attaining peak of sexual pleasure are very slim.

Therefore, find ways to calm yourself. Take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and become more aware of your body and surroundings.

If you find any stress and tension in any part of your body, then try releasing that negative energy and imagine that you are felling serene and happy. Learning the art of meditation is yet another effective way to eliminate unwanted stress and negative thoughts out of your life.

CandlesPlan an erotic night with your partner. Before starting on your sexual journey, commit to keeping yourself calm and committed towards reaching the relaxed zone. You may try a hot bath, rejuvenating massage, deep breathing, candles or a glass of wine. You can also try experimenting with playing sensuous music, mirrors, erotic videos, or soothing lighting to create your orgasmic ambience. The tip is to create an environment that turns you on while keeping you relaxed.

Most importantly, when making love with your partner, don’t merely focus on getting the “big O.” If you are only concentrating intently on achieving the ultimate orgasm, then chances are you’ll miss the pleasure of foreplay and stimulation and hardly touch orgasm land. So, just lie down, relax and absorb the moment, allowing your mind and body to soak in the bliss.

8. Address Underlying Health Issues, If Any

Sometimes, when everything falls in place, orgasms still seem difficult to make happen. If you think you have done everything under the sun to experience orgasm, then try finding out if there is any underlying health issue.

For instance, some women find that their mental health is the hindrance in the path of their orgasm.

Photo by Kendl123 / CC BY-SA

If this is so, consider psychotherapy or counseling that can easily deal with orgasm difficulties. It is best to be proactive in getting the right treatment rather than to sit and sulk alone in gloom.

If there are no issues with your emotional health, it is possible that you are suffering from a lack of vaginal lubrication, or low libido. Some common libido robbers include smoking, drinking, fatigue and eating a poor diet. Start taking care of your body today, and it will pay you back later.

Another safe alternative to balance your hormones and get you ready for sex is to pursue the use of a female enhancement supplements from These supplements are exclusively designed for women who are stuck with imbalanced hormones and lack of sexual urges. You can improve your sex life and get more powerful and satisfying orgasms through these natural herbs.

You should understand that in order to become more orgasmic, there are many factors involved. By following some of these tips, you can begin your way towards that intense sexual encounter you have may have never experienced.