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9 Full-Bodied Tips on Giving Her a Sensual Massage

9 years ago 10 minute read

Most men are professionals when it comes to receiving a massage. However, when the tables turn and it is time for them to reciprocate the sensual rubdown, many men buckle under the pressure. Some men simply have no idea how to go about providing their lady with an amazing massage, while other men may see it as an overrated waste of time.

We are here to encourage all men to rub their women down as much as possible. Why? The answer is simple. Sensual massages, when done correctly, turn her on.

For men, a massage may be relaxing and even sleep inducing. However, for women a sensual massage can act as foreplay and become just the ticket for her to get hot and heavy.

In just 10 minutes, you can perform a powerful massage that leaves her wanting more of your touch. You can effectively rub her down sensually with relatively easy and simple steps.

Don’t believe us? Test drive these 10 tips for providing her with the massage of her life, and watch as she responds in ways unimaginable.

1. Ambiance Step One: Mood

The first order of business is to add some ambiance to your setting. You should do this before she enters the room, but there is no shame in doing this while she is there, as well. Setting the mood is imperative for her to feel sensual. This will allow her to become comfortable and thus feel more of the sensations that you are looking for.

Aromatic candlesDim all of the lights in the room, so that there is just enough that you can see each other. The person receiving the massage expects a tranquil and relaxing experience. Thus, the lighting in a massage room should reflect a serene and appealing environment.

Perhaps you can light a few candles to make the lighting sexier. You may place candles in a candleholder filled with colored sand. Aromatic candles can offer pacifying aspects to massage treatments as well.

Proper lighting will definitely put your woman at ease. You can also compliment the lighting with other elements of the room using soft throw pillows, patterns and colors. Once you have fixed the lighting, prepare your massage area. You must have a firm, yet comfortable surface for her.

2. Ambiance Step Two: Music

MusicIn addition to the lighting and setting of the massage environment, music is also a great way to add some romantic and sensual ambiance to your massage. Music causes an arousal effect, predominantly connected to the beat. Meditative and melodious music causes a relaxation effect to the recipient.

We highly encourage you to avoid any heavy rock or trance-like music. Perhaps a mellower, tantric type track will work best. When choosing what music to play for a massage session, understand your woman’s preferences for music run a wide range.

Ultimately you know your partner best, so try your best to find the music that turns her on. You can make the massage memorable for your lady with the right musical selection. However, remember that you want them to relax. Select whatever music you feel will accomplish that goal.

3. Oil is Your Best Friend

During the massage, it is highly advised that you use oil. Massage oils are an integral feature in almost all types of massages, since they help to relax the body and also provide nutrition to the skin.You can purchase scented oils, and even oils that heat upon the touch. However, the most important thing is to make sure to test the oil on her first before rubbing it all over her skin.

Massage oils
Photo by Zenspa1 / CC BY

Can you imagine having her skin react in a negative way? Nothing would kill a romantic moment more than a trip to the ER. Instead, test the oil out on her hand first. Wait between 15 and 30 minutes to assure that her skin reacts well.

You can either buy the essential oil itself or a mixture of oils. Massage oils are easily available in many spa shops, health food stores, or specialty skin care shops. However, before purchasing, assure that the oil contains only the ingredients you desire. You may also buy a base oil and mix it up with your own massage oil based on your own woman’s specific skin type.

Remember that vanilla and almond scents act as aphrodisiacs for both sexes, so those may be preferable. Oil works great when they are warm, so heat some up in a bowl before beginning your massage.

4. Speaking Of Heating Things U

Warm towelNow this one might sound silly, but it is actually a simple and effective tip that can take your massage to the next level. Using warm tools during your massage will amplify the sensations she is feeling, so keep your hands warm.

You can also keep the room warm. You won’t be performing hot yoga in a sauna here, but, simply make certain the room is more warm than cold.

You can also have a warm towel to cover areas of her after you work them to help the muscles relax even more. The warm towel would also hold the body heat you have generated in her skin to keep her from feeling chilly.

5. Cover The Appropriate Body Parts

One of the most intimidating parts of performing a sensual massage is knowing where to start. Most men dive right for the back, but there are actually a few other areas that can act as a sensual platform as well, including:

  • Head
Scalp massages
Photo by o5com / CC BY

First and foremost, do not use oil on this area. We guarantee she would not appreciate essential oils in her hair.

Scalp massages can be extremely relaxing, especially if she is not in a sensual mood to begin with. This is one of the least sensitive areas to start with, so it helps make her more comfortable with your touch.

Encourage her to lie down on her stomach, and rub her forehead and temples. Run your fingers through her hair, and gently apply pressure.

You can massage her entire scalp in this manner, and do not forget to make it sexy. The ears are a major erogenous zone for women, so feel free to nibble and kiss them as much as she can stand.

  • Back, Shoulders and Neck

stroking her backBack, shoulders and neck are the most relaxing of all areas. You should massage them after the head, since this helps you venture southward towards her derriere.

Begin by stroking her back in an upward and downward motion using parallel lines. Keep even pressure, and be sure to read our additional massage techniques at the end of this article.

  • Butt

The derriere is ideal after you are done with back massage, since it acts as a natural transition. This is a very sensitive erogenous zone for her. So, if she is down for a butt rub-down, then this can be your ticket to turn a massage into sex.

  • Legs
Photo by Lubyanka / CC BY-SA

Often underrated, you can pay attention to her legs, too. If you are a foot guy, then add her feet into the mix. Take note of her sensitivities, as any discomfort can turn her off right away.

Work slowly into areas, such as her calves and thighs. This is the perfect opportunity to have her turn onto her back, so she can watch you work her inner thighs, if you know what we mean. Touching her erogenous areas, while she watches can definitely drive her wild, so take advantage of that. Methodical, slow motions will help put her in the mood. So, be slow and take your time as it will pay off later.

Give Her A Healing Touch

We have mentioned a few tips. Now let us provide you with some techniques and tricks for performing an orgasmic massage. Remember to use these different types of techniques on the various bodily areas. We will highlight what works best where.

6. Make Her Relax With Shiatsu

Photo by Arnaldo V. Carvalho / CC BY-SA

Shiatsu is one of the easiest of the techniques for people to learn. Originating from Japan, this technique implements the usage of thumbs and a steady pressure. It uses soothing, kneading, tapping,pressing and stretching techniques. It is performed through light, comfortable clothing.

Shiatsu basically means“finger pressure.” Using your hands on a particular spot of the body, apply a decent amount of pressure and move slowly in a circle.

If you locate any knots in the muscle tissue, then work them out with this circular motion. Make sure to consistently ask her about the amount of pressure. If you are too rough or harsh, then this will make her uncomfortable and completely turned off.

This technique is best for the scalp, back, shoulders and feet- really anywhere on the body – as long as the pressure is just right.

7. Therapeutic Effects Of Compression Technique

Compression helps to soften tissues and prepare the muscles for deeper work. This technique works best on the large muscles in the back and buttocks, and also on the thighs and calves.

Compression massageYou need to massage in a rhythmic manner. Simply place your hands flat on the area, and press down firmly. You can place one hand on top of the other and rotate slowly.Continue to do regular and rhythmic motions using your palm and compress more firmly.

Compression massage helps to get the blood flowing faster. So, you should use it in the beginning of the massage.This technique is best for: the back, shoulders and buttocks.

8. Make Her Erotic With A Stroking Technique

One of the most sensual of the techniques, stroking helps to remove excess tension from the muscles of the body. You can do stroking by placing all of your fingers together and moving your hand up and down a body area. This technique is best used after a thorough rub down, and right before things are about to get hot and heavy.

This technique works well on all areas; but it is optimal in the erogenous zones, such as the inner thighs and butt.

9. Get Close To Her With Kneading

Photo by zaphodsotherhead / CC BY

This technique allows you to reach the deeper levels of muscle tissue. So, it’s ideal for the buttocks and other areas that are quite fleshy.

However, we recommend that you stay away from her hips and belly areas in the front, since that may make her body-conscious and uncomfortable.

To perform this technique, firmly grasp the skin and lift it a tiny bit. You should use your palms for steady pressure. Use the fingers to move the muscle and skin in an upward, yet not too upward, motion. Remember to keep communication going as you do not want to make her uncomfortable.

Turning a Massage Into Sex

Naturally, the primary objective here is to get lucky after this sensual massage. So, remember these important moves while you perform massage on her. We are sure your techniques will keep her thinking of what is yet to come.

  • Whenever possible, straddle her. Whether she is on her stomach or back, you can straddle her without penetration. This contact is extremely sexual, and it will certainly turn her on.
  • LovemakingAlso, touch her in erogenous zones throughout the massage with your mouth. While you firmly rub her back, you can be whispering in her ear, kissing her neck, or rubbing another area with the other hand.
  • It is important that you keep this sensual undertone during the massage. You want to build up her sexual tension and desire, so that she is not too relaxed afterwards for a little romping.
  • Discover more practical tips on giving a woman an erotic massage.

Any man can master these tricks and tips. And we guarantee that your significant other will appreciate the gesture. If you find that your wife or girlfriend is simply not as turned on as she, and you would like her to enjoy lovemaking more, then perhaps something else is going on.

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