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Listen Up, Ladies: 7 Great Reasons to Have Sex Tonight

9 years ago 8 minute read

Sometimes it is just so hard to get in the mood. For a variety of different reasons, women find themselves having difficulty with the simple act of wanting to have sex with their partners.

The old stereotype is that once you get married, all sex stops. Yet, there is some truth to the concept of women losing their desire to have sex. Stress, lethargy, medical conditions, or even guilt or anger can keep a woman from wanting to do the act with her man.

However, we are here to encourage you to have a little amazing sex whenever you can. There are many great benefits to being in bed with your significant other. They can help you connect with each other, feel better emotionally, and even benefit your overall health. Even if you are not in the mood, you might want to do some things or get some help to change that after learning about some of these amazing perks of having sex:

1. Sex Reduces Stress

OxytocinAnxiety and stress ruin so many things. Thus, it is essential that you avoid them at all costs. Wouldn’t you love to find something that can magically make stress go away? Well, we have found it for you: steamy sex.

It is true. Having sex greatly reduces stress and anxiety. In fact, studies show that those who have sex at least once every two weeks are more likely to manage a stressful situation well. These stressful situations can include public speaking, work stress and more.

Why is it that this works? Our bodies release endorphins and a chemical call oxytocin during sex. These feel-good hormones and chemicals allow us to feel relaxed and intimate, while in turn eliminating anxiety and depression. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need to have an orgasm to reap the benefits of this fantastic new find. Doctors claim that orgasms help the hormones surge through your body, but there are many benefits for your body, even if you don’t always climax.

A Stress Free Sex Tip

ForeplayTo reach a fantastic finish to your sack sessions, make sure that you and your partner are partaking in plenty of foreplay before the act.

Certainly, quickies are fun once in a while, but most women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax. Therefore, direct him and tell him what feels good. Be a little selfish in the sack, and be certain to tell him what to do.

Men are not smart enough to read your mind, but they would assuredly do exactly as you would like in bed. If you want a strong orgasm, then communicate with him about what is going to make you tick.

2. Sex Makes You Sleep Tight

You still need to confirm the bed bugs don’t bite, but sleeping tightly will not be an issue once you have more sex in your life. Experts agree that orgasms can help to put you to sleep.

SleepRemember the endorphins we just mentioned in the previous section? The same hormones that help your body combat stress also help to relax the mind and prepare your body for sleep. In addition to the endorphins helping put your body into a dream-like state, another hormone helps, too.

Prolactin, is a hormone in the female body, which your body releases during orgasm. Whenever we sleep, prolactin is released into the bloodstream. There clearly is a strong correlation between sleep and prolactin. So, sex leads to better sleep.

However, there is one con to having sex right before sleepy time. If the sex you are having is incredibly intense and wild, then you may feel more energized than sleepy. We are not exactly telling you to have boring sex. But, you might want to keep the tantric, kinky stuff for other hours of the day.

A Sleepy Sex Tip

Slow and relaxedSince you should avoid high-intensity sex right before bed, why not use this opportunity to take your time and enjoy some romantic romping. Set the mood for bed by turning all of the lights off and relax.

If it is a quickie you are after, then you can still orgasm quickly. However, make all of your movements slow and relaxed. Besides, women love slow and steady movements.

3. That Headache Shouldn’t Stop You Now

Undoubtedly, everyone has used the headache as an excuse to get out of sex a time or two. Headaches can be debilitating, don’t get us wrong, but many people claim to not be in a sexy mood when their head hurts. However, did you know that sex can actually help your headache?

It’s true. The next time you want to use your headache as an excuse, think again and have sex. Similarly to the other listed reasons, hormones released during an orgasm help to alleviate the headache.

HeadacheIn fact, these hormones can help solve other painful problems, too. The endorphins released during an orgasm are similar to morphine, so they effectively relieve any pain you may be experiencing.

Even if you have to do it yourself, masturbating can help alleviate your pain. No need to wait for your man to come home. Simply self-medicate by practicing some solo sex.

A Pain Free Sex Tip

If you have never tried to masturbate, then what are you waiting for? Definitely, there are many stigmas associated with masturbation. But, squash them by trying it out. In fact, masturbating can help you locate what really turns you on, and you can better communicate this valuable information to your partner.

It might sound corny, but you really need to set the mood when you masturbate. Light some candles, make sure you are in a calm and sensual place, and really put your mind in the proper state. Relax and allow yourself to enjoy the process, and you will certainly have a fun time by yourself.

4. Healthier Immune System

ImmunoglobulinAs if the previous three reasons are not enough, there are other health benefits to having sex. The more sex you have in your life, the less likely you are to get sick.

Studies have proven that people who have sex regularly have higher levels of immunoglobulin in their system. This antibody helps to combat illnesses, and its presence helps eliminate any diseases that may be attempting to enter your body.

An Immune Sex Tip

Having regular sex can become monotonous and boring. Thus, to switch things up try having sex in a different place, like your couch or even kitchen table. Being in a risky situation helps the hormones rush throughout your body. And, youwill definitely experience orgasm from the feeling of danger.

5. You Will Physically Look Better

Physically Look BetterSex acts like a natural moisturizer for your skin and hair. As if the benefits were not enough, you can even cut the cost of your skin care creams. Studies have proven that people who have more sex are perceived to appear younger than their counterparts. This phenomenon occurs because of the release of various hormones into the body. Testosterone and estrogen particularly help to keep the body young.

So, regular sex, whether orgasmic or not, helps to get these hormones flowing. Yes, women have testosterone in their bodies as well as men, and it helps to keep hair, nails, and skin healthy and soft.

A Good Looking Sex Tip

In order to have more sex, why not incorporate some quickies into the mix? Some women feel as though quickies are insensitive and only for men, but why not have more sex at your convenience? Spontaneous quickies can offer a thrill that can lead you to an intoxicating orgasm. Try surprising your man with some sporadic sex today.

6. Alleviate Menstruation Side Effects

CrampsOrgasms cause the uterus to contact, and this movement can eliminate the elements that cause cramps. Studies have proven that contractions cause blood to release and tissue to move quickly, which ends periods more quickly. In addition, horizontal sex positions have been directly linked to the lessoning of endometriosis occurrences. This painful disease causes the uterine tissue to grow outside the uterus.

While it might sound messy and unappealing, sex during your period can be rewarding. Orgasms tend to be more intense when you are menstruating.

A Monthly Sex Tip

There are various ways to cover up the fact that you are having sex on your period and different positions that work best. Missionary is most ideal, and you can lay a towel underneath your lower body. When you are lying horizontally, your blood flow will be lighter and make less of a mess.

7. It Helps Keep You Fit

Working outWorking out can get boring and be no fun at all, but if you are using sex as your cardio exercises, then perhaps you are doing it right.

Sex can burn anywhere from 80 to 200 calories depending on the intensity level and duration of your sack sessions.

Cardio is not the only type of exercise you will get. Sex can provide strength training, as well. Your abs, back, and butt muscles tend to get a great workout as you thrust your significant other powerfully.

A Heart Racing Sex Tip

Be more conscious about your body’s muscles during sex. The next time your lover wants it doggy style, prop yourself up onto your elbows for a plank position workout while he works out your backside.

SupplementsHopefully our list has provided you with some encouragement to hit the sheets with your man tonight. If, however, you would like a little further of a boost to have sex, then perhaps you need some supplementation.

Female sex supplements are nothing to be ashamed of nowadays. In fact, men are not the only ones who suffer from sexual dysfunction. If you feel there is a larger reason why you are not interested in sex, then seek out a reputable company such as Her Solution. Visit today to find the top natural, yet effective female supplement.