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8 Ways to Lift Your Libido by the Time He Gets Home From Work

9 years ago 8 minute read

All too often, we assume that sex has to wait until everyone is tucked in bed. Spice up your sex life today, not tonight, by having a sexy greeting for your husband when he gets home. This might be completely out of the ordinary for you. But, pushing the envelope and keeping things spicy, you’ll liven up your relationship and certainly help boost your sex life.

That’s right. Liven up your sex life by having sex during the day. There are plenty of ways to build up your man’s anticipation while he’s at work. Don’t believe us? Here are a few ideas:

  • It’s Okay to Think Young

You might put down the youth of today, with their texting, sexting and who knows what else. But sexting can actually be a great way to rev up your sexual anticipation whenyou do it both respectfully and responsibly.

For any adult in a committed relationship, sexting can ensure that you are hot and ready to go when you see each other. Some sexy PG rated texts, just to give you an idea, could include, “I can’t wait to see you,” or “What do you want to do to me?”

These are pretty PG-rated ideas; thus, if your relationship is more risqué then we imagine, you can get a little sexier than that.

  • Pictures Are Possible

Sipping a drinkYou don’t exactly have to send a full nude picture to your man to be sexy. Send him a creative, yet suggestive – and not slutty, picture to get his mind wandering. Perhaps it could be you sipping a drink, or wearing a sexy outfit.

Or maybe you just send him a picture of your lingerie lying on the bed. Men respond best to visuals. Hence, give him something special to ponder on during his drive home from work.

  • Leave A Sexy Note For Him

sexy noteThe old-school alternative to a sext would be to leave him a sexy note where you know he – and only he, will find it.

He has to have a briefcase, lunchbox, daily agenda, or a car where you could leave a note for him to find. Let him know that you will be ready and waiting for him until he gets home.

So, now that you have him where you want him, at least the mental state, that is, you have to make sure that you can deliver. Deliver what, exactly? The great sexual encounter that you have revved him up for.

8 Ways to Prepare Your Libido for Your Man to Get Home From Work

Here are a few ways to check that you are ready to get down to it once he gets home from a hard day’s work:

1. Slip Into Some Sexy Apparel

Sexy ApparelThe truth is, you feel how you look, and if you dress sexy, then you will send some sexy vibes. The first order of business is to find something absolutely naughty to wear.

You can gauge this around your atmosphere. If you are going to have a quickie with your husband while the kids are busy with homework, then perhaps you could wear some sexy lingerie underneath a baggy T-shirt and sweatpants. If no one is home, then you could always leave little to the imagination and just cut right down to it.

Men are all about the visual. For that reason, leaving something for him to gawk at will really rev up his engines. This is also a great way to make you feel sexy, as well. There is nothing hotter than knowing that you are wanted. Ensure that you feel wanted and sexy by dressing the part.

You can also do a few other things to get your engine roaring.

2. Get Moving If You Want Some Booty

ExercisingExercising during or right after lunch is an optimal activity for you to do. This makes you and your libido ready to go for your man when he gets home.

Scientists have proven in multiple different studies that sexual satisfaction in all ages is directly correlated to physical fitness.

If you are not exactly the fitness type or you are on a busy schedule, then find time to fit in a quick power walk during lunch. Even a quick walk around the park or run on the treadmill will do the trick.

You know what else will do the trick? This next tip.

3. Keep Working Out

Cardio is not the only exercise you should be doing to boost your libido. You can also perform kegel exercises to not only turn yourself on, but also tighten your vaginal muscles. Double score on this one, trust us. Simply locate the muscles first if you have never done these exercises before. You can locate these muscles when you are urinating.

Kegel exercisesThat’s right; you have to be going to the bathroom to practice finding the muscle sets. Simply start to pee, and then stop your urine flow. The muscles used to stop the urine are the vaginal muscles that you should flex.

Warning: Do not do these exercises while urinating. This is only to find the right movements to perform them. You can do these anywhere. Just tighten your muscles down there for 10 seconds and work up to 10 reps at a time.

If you really don’t want to try this while going to the bathroom, then you can also insert a finger and flex your vaginal muscles. Your finger will definitely feel the difference, so can you imagine what he will feel if you pull this off during sex? Simply flex these muscles for eight to 10 reps daily, and definitely before he comes home from work. You can perform kegels anywhere. This exercise will help to get you in the right spot both mentally and physically.

4. Get Your Sexy Book Nerd On

50 Shades of Grey
Photo by Mike Mozart / CC BY

We all know about the recent 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. However, erotic literature has been around for decades. It does not exactly need to be a novel with Fabio on the cover, and we are not talking about romance novels here.

There is an entire genre of literature dedicated to turning you on. Sex therapists recommend newbies start with a PG rated novel, so that no one is turned off. Even if you are not an avid reader, you are sure to become one after you get into erotic literature. Just make certain to not leave it lying around. Perhaps you might want to cover it up on the train, too.

However, this next tip doesn’t need to be hidden.

5. Work Out The Kinks

No, don’t worry we are not talking about working out again. Another way to prepare your libido for your man’s arrival is to have a massage. Splurge a little and treat yourself to a professional massage. Scientists claim that the skin on skin contact boosts oxytocin released throughout the body, and this allows women to feel more sexual desire.

MassageIf you can’t exactly afford to treat yourself, then there are ways to perform a massage on yourself. Here are a few tips:

  • Massage your hands by using oil and slowly pulling on each finger. Then, rub your thumb on the opposite palm in circles. This will help to relieve tension and make you feel much more relaxed.
  • Grab a tennis ball and place it under one of your heels. Stand up and allow your body weight to force onto the ball. Roll the tennis ball from your heel to the base of your toes.
  • Look into foam rollers. They can help you massage your knees, hips, and even arms.

6. Use Natural Methods To Rev Up Your Own Libido

This one may require the consultation of a medical professional first. Talk to your physician about your low libido. It could be a health condition or the medications you are taking.

HerbsThey can suggest alternatives or treatments to help you. You can even try some natural aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, celery, watermelon or chocolate.

If you are concerned of your health, try natural libido enhancement supplements. They contain vitamins, minerals and herbs to help rev up your sex drive. Be sure to check the ingredients and talk to your doctor first, though. Companies such as are known for their effective, yet all natural product that guarantees a sexier you in no time at all.

7. Dirty The Mind But Clean Your Body

BodyThis one is perfect if you have a man who works a dirty job. Taking showers together makes you feel cleaner and, therefore, sexier. This also opens the door much wider for any possibilities of oral sex.

In fact, this also opens the door for a unique location for your sexual encounter. Why not start it off in the shower? Performing oral sex on your man while he’s under the hot, steamy water might just make that end right then and there.

8. Invite A Friend

No, we are not talking about a ménage a trois. Unless of course you are into that and all. We are talking about a different invitation. You can give the third invite to a sex toy of your choice.

Sex toy
Photo by VilHaMer / CC BY-SA

While a vibrator is usually pleasurable to only a woman, you can purchase vibrating cock rings that will bring you both tantalizing sensations.

Cock rings are basically donut shaped vibrators that a man can slip onto an erect penis. Once you start having sex, the vibrator stimulates both of you simultaneously. Truly, what could be better?

Don’t wait for the sun to set to get in bed. Get it on with your man as soon as you get a sexy chance. Spice up your sex life today and enjoy some afternoon or dinnertime delights.