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How to Attract a Scorpio Man and Make Him Fall in Love with You

8 years ago 15 minute read

If you know a little about astrology, you have heard about how different zodiac signs can be. People born under a certain zodiac sign form specific habits, find their own ways of dealing with various situations and have unique personality traits. When it comes to love, some people believe each sign acts differently and needs a distinct approach.

If you have made it your goal to learn how to attract a Scorpio man, then you are in for a tough job. First of all, you will need to learn all the important details about the personality of such a guy. Then, you’ll understand him enough to decide if you want to make him fall in love with you. If you are ready to devote some time to doing your homework, you will surely succeed.

The Scorpio Guy: Who is He and Why Would You Want Him?

There are a few basic points you must learn about the object of your attention. In order to form a specific approach to a Scorpio guy, you need to know him better. Let’s take a look at some common personality traits Scorpio men possess to help you proceed further. For the most part, many Scorpio males are:

  • Reserved –A Scorpio male might look like a cold cynic on the outside, but in reality he is being torn apart by the emotions roaring inside him. He is passionate and if the emotions go overboard, he can explode.

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  • Perfectionist –Scorpios are always trying to arrange everything perfectly, be it their apartments or their lives. This personality trait is important to keep in mind since bringing disorder into his life can be a big mistake.
  • Intuitive –A Scorpio has a lot of internal energy and his intuition is at a high level. Sometimes it may seem that he can penetrate your mind and read your thoughts. In most cases this natural skill will help a Scorpio understand if you are lying.
  • Intellectual –Most Scorpio males are intellectual. They like philosophical conversations and will appreciate having someone just as intellectual to talk to. These men prefer smart companions who they can talk to about the meaning of life.
  • Not Too Tolerant –Scorpio men hate when they are objected to, especially, when it happens in public. This is one of the reasons women need to use a subtle approach when attracting Scorpio men.
  • Prone to Excesses –One of the negative Scorpio personality traits is his inclination to an overabundance in food, alcohol and sex.
  • Needs Sex Like Air –Sex is important to a Scorpio. Sometimes the desire for sexual relations becomes so high that he can forget about being reserved and explode. It is dangerous to consistently refuse sex to a Scorpio partner. He will immediately start looking for ways to get it elsewhere.

A Scorpio man requires sexual energy to strengthen his social status and find inspiration. Right after a wild night is over, a Scorpio man will run to finish his painting or a business plan. So, if you are too tired to give him the air he needs, consider taking some help from libido pills, such as HerSolution. If you really want to have sex, the Scorpio will sense it immediately.want to have sex

  • Doesn’t Feel the Border Between Love and Hate –Scorpio men can’t feel the border between love and hate. They are good at remembering all the insults from a person they love. They are also skilled at hiding their emotions and can seek revenge at the most unexpected moments. Scorpios can get angry at practically anything. They often break up with their partners without explaining the reason.
  • Goes All the Way –A Scorpio man likes to stick to his guns and finish whatever he has started. This approach works with love, as well. The good news is, he is ready to conquer the world for the woman he loves. The bad news is, he’ll do that no matter if she loves him or not.

The same trait makes it a bad idea to become a Scorpio’s enemy. When fighting for or against someone, Scorpio men are ready to do anything to win.

  • Keeps His Smiles to Himself –A Scorpio man rarely smiles; however, when he does, you can be sure that he is genuinely happy. A woman in love with a Scorpio will need to make it her goal to help him smile, at least once in a while.
  • Balanced –Scorpio is one of the few zodiac signs that can be proud of a great intellectual and emotional balance.
  • Dominant Figure –When a Scorpio guy falls in love and gets married, he immediately lets his woman know who is the head in the family. He requires all family members to obey him. Consider this fact before looking for ways to attract a Scorpio man. If such relationship scenario doesn’t satisfy you, your union with a Scorpio is doomed.

How to Attract a Scorpio Man: Important Tips to Remember

Scorpio men are often surrounded by women. Their inexhaustible energy makes them attractive. Women who are looking for ways to attract a Scorpio man will face some serious competition. Yet, there are still a few useful tips that can make you stand out of the crowd and help you show him you are the type of woman a Scorpio likes.girl who cares about her looks

  • Be Smart –If you are having a hard time telling Freud from Frodo, you can forget about winning a Scorpio’s heart. Scorpio guys are usually intellectual and require a smart partner. A girl who cares about her looks more than she does about her education won’t stand a chance.

Scorpio needs a woman who he can talk to about his ideas and discuss philosophy. If you can’t do that, don’t waste your time with him.

  • Look Attractive –Scorpio men appreciate a woman who looks attractive. High heels and short skirts are a must. Outline your best qualities and hide whatever doesn’t look perfect. Scorpios are usually good at taking care of their looks and they require their partner to do the same. That’s why it is imperative for a woman who wants to attract a Scorpio male to always look her best.

It is important for a woman to keep that fire inside a Scorpio burning. If after the initial stages of a relationship, if a woman stops taking care of herself, a Scorpio will sense it immediately. In the best case it will lead to a conflict. Worse yet, it is most likely that a Scorpio will keep the feelings inside and subconsciously look for revenge.

  • Play Hard to Get –It’s in the Scorpio’s nature to conquer, so let him fight for you. Don’t show the attraction you have for him right away. If he sees that you are already his, he will immediately lose interest. Don’t make it easy to conquer you.

If you are acting smart and looking your best while keeping a certain distance, a Scorpio will soon get interested. When it happens, don’t let him off the hook too easily. Allow him to wield all the weapons he’s got.

  • Don’t Tell LiesDon’t Tell Lies –Remember about their intuitive nature. Scorpio can easily sense if you are lying. Once your lie is discovered, you can say goodbye to any relationship hopes. Be as honest with a Scorpio as you can. As in any intimate union, don’t tell lies, because it might be the end of the relationship.

The same advice goes for girls who don’t act naturally. Forget about your drama skills. Don’t try to make him believe you are someone else. He will shortly sense the lie. Once a Scorpio man will understand that you are putting on an act, he will disappear.

  • Be Confident –Scorpios like a woman who is sure of herself and knows what she wants. This makes them wish to conquer her even more. However, not all such women are ready to bear a Scorpio. Remember, that he wants to be the dominant figure in the relationship and you will have to obey his wishes. Not too many confident women are ready to comply.
  • Be on Top of Your Game –Scorpios pride themselves on always being on top of their game and they expect their partner to do the same. In order to attract a Scorpio, you will need to show all your qualities in the best possible light. Don’t ever falter during the attraction stage of your relationship.
  • Get a Job –While being a dominant figure in the relationship, Scorpios want their woman to be financially stable. They don’t tolerate women who sit at home and do nothing. This might change when you get married and he will be ready to support you. But when you are out on a hunt, make sure you can pay for your coffee.
  • Lead an Active Social Lifestyle –It’s much harder to bore a Scorpio man than to make him think you are fun. Scorpios appreciate women who love an active social lifestyle. In fact, parties are a great place to meet a Scorpio. If you have something fun and exciting to tell or show him, you have much more chances to become his girlfriend.
  • Be Mysterious Be Mysterious –A Scorpio man is a good listener. It is simple to get into the trap of pouring your heart and soul out to him. Be careful not to overdo it. Once he knows everything about you, he might decide that there is nothing more to conquer.

Strike a balance, though. Make sure not to be too mysterious. If he believes that you are hiding too much, he might think you are being dishonest. Since honesty is important to Scorpios, he might easily get discouraged by such behavior.

  • Give Up Some Control –Scorpios love to be in control, so give some of it to them. You don’t have to act too lady-like and ask him to pick up your handkerchief. What you can do is ask for his advice on something. Let him help you make a choice and be grateful. Such approach will be appreciated by a Scorpio and will make him want to spend more time with you.

When you are thinking about how to attract a Scorpio male, take some time to understand if you really need this relationship. While having many good qualities, Scorpios can be tough to please. Make sure you are ready to make some sacrifices.

How to Seduce a Scorpio Man: 8 Tips for Brave Women

Scorpio men love sex so seducing them might seem like a piece of cake; however, it’s not as easy as you might think. Scorpio guys need a certain approach that some women can’t accomplish. Learning how to seduce a Scorpio man is not an easy task. But if you are really determined, there is nothing that can stop you. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Always be passionate with him. A Scorpio loves a woman who looks sexy, but not flashy. He will choose you if you can add an alluring image to your passionate nature that will reveal itself up in bed. Be open to sexual experiments.
  1. Learn to gaze mysteriously at him. Scorpios like a straightforward approach but not when it comes to women. You have to learn to look straight into his eyes while appearing mysterious. Practice the mysterious gaze. If you manage to make it perfect, any Scorpio man will become yours in no time.make him yours
  1. Show all facets of your personality to him. A Scorpio man doesn’t appreciate full obedience and softness of character. You have to excite him every day. Today you can be a love goddess with fire in your eyes and ready for any experiments. Tomorrow you can become a prudent nun who could care less for mundane desires.

Today you say you love him and tomorrow you don’t answer his calls or messages. If you learn to behave this way, you will seduce a Scorpio quickly and make him yours for a long time.

  1. Let him conquer you. You have to make a Scorpio feel as if he is conquering you and not the other way around. The more you will keep him at a distance, the more he will wish to get closer to you. In order to keep him interested for a long time, you need to show him what he is fighting for.

This means that you can sometimes allow yourself some “forbidden” moves. “Accidentally” touch him every once in a while, wear sexy dresses, beautiful jewelry and light perfume. Make sure your eyes meet for just a little longer than they should. Then make a pause and ignore him for a while.

  1. Be careful to choose and present the right gift. It’s hard to surprise a Scorpio but you can do it. Go to the sex shop. You will definitely find a suitable gift for your Scorpio. Since Scorpio males like a good mystery, make sure to pack all your gifts well. You can even come up with a fun game to make him search for the gift.
  1. Wear the rainbow, including the color red. Scorpio men love bright colors. Their favorite is usually red. This color excites them, so use it. When trying to seduce a Scorpio man, try wearing a wearing a red dress and shoes. Be sure not to overdo it. Scorpios usually have a good fashion sense and they will not tolerate bad taste.
  1. beefFeed him hearty meals. The quickest way to the man’s heart is through his stomach. This old wisdom applies to Scorpios in full. They consider a good meal to be a great source of energy and will be grateful if you replenish it. Scorpio appreciates hearty meals. If you are about to cook something, make sure it has a lot of calories and is hot and zesty.

Scorpios love meat, especially beef. Cook him a hearty meat dish and your Scorpio will be much more prone to seduction. Forget about low-calorie salads and sweets but consider pouring a Scorpio some wine.

  1. Make an emotional connection. If you are not just interested in having sex with a Scorpio man, but are actually planning to have a relationship with him, make an emotional connection. Emotional connections are important to Scorpios and they try to make them with everyone. Make sure your emotional connection is special by giving him something to think about. Show your emotional side, but do it briefly.

Common Mistakes Women Make with Scorpio Males

Women who are sure they know how to make a Scorpio fall in love with them still make some mistakes. Scorpio men are complicated people and they need a specific approach. One simple mistake can ruin everything you’ve worked for. Make sure you don’t make it.

  • Don’t ramble. When you are spending time with a Scorpio man and there is an awkward pause in a conversation, don’t fill it with rambling. Talking just for the sake of talking will turn a Scorpio away. He appreciates thoughtful conversations and wants to hear something substantial. He is not interested in wasting time on useless banter.

If that unwanted pause creeps up on you, don’t be nervous. Just spend some time without talking. Share the silence with him and you’ll realize that it can be just as comfortable as the deep conversations you have together.

  • Don’t pryDon’t pry. Scorpios like to hide their feelings. They even take pride in being somewhat mysterious. If you insist on him revealing some details about himself, it will make a Scorpio feel uncomfortable. He will want to get as far from you as possible.

Give your Scorpio a chance to share things with you. He loves meaningful conversations and as soon as he starts trusting you, he’ll let you know what you want. Just make sure to let him do it on his own. Don’t force it.

  • Don’t cave in. Scorpios try to take control of everything in their lives. This is true for women as well. He will try to fully control your actions. Don’t let him push you around. Once you become soft and spineless, the Scorpio will immediately lose interest in you.

It is always hard to find a behavioral balance when it comes to a relationship with Scorpios. Spend some time thinking about your priorities. In order to keep the Scorpio attracted, you need to be really smart and know how to plan. He will always be testing you and pushing your limits.

  • Don’t throw yourself at him. Scorpios love to have sex. If your goal is to have a one night stand then all you need to do is to ask him. He will be glad to oblige; however, if you are looking for a serious relationship such actions will be a huge mistake. Once that night is over, he’ll immediately forget about you.

A Scorpio man needs a challenge in his life and becomes bored with things that he can get easily. So make sure you don’t give him what he wants without making him work for it. The more effort he makes, the more rewarding the prize will be.

  • Don’t manipulate him. Scorpio men hate being told what to do more than any other zodiac signs out there. They will hate it even more if you are trying to manipulate them. They have to be in control of whatever is going. They are absolutely sure that they know what’s right for them and for their loved ones.
  • keeping him with youIf you need your strong-headed Scorpio to do something he absolutely refuses to, use subtle tactics. Never tell him that he is wrong outright. Your best weapon will be a well-researched and thought-out proof with evidence. Prove that you are right by appealing to his mind.

Scorpio men are complicated people. Knowing how to attract a Scorpio man is not enough, you need to work on keeping him with you. Not all women are ready to make the sacrifices a relationship with a Scorpio entails. But those brave enough to do it will make a perfect match.

You don’t have to be a certain zodiac sign to start a relationship with a Scorpio. Any woman who is up to the challenge can do it; however, most astrologists will say that Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces will have an easier time attracting such a man.