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A Detailed Revelation on Exactly What Men Want in Women

8 years ago 15 minute read

If you’re dating life has been less than amazing lately, don’t despair. Maybe you just haven’t met the right one yet. Maybe you are trying too hard to connect with a guy. Still, it could be that you just don’t understand men and their wants. If only there was a what men want movie to explain it all to women, life would be easier.

Admittedly, it can be hard to figure a man out. It is almost like they are completely of a different species. It can be almost impossible to figure out how they think or what they are trying to say to you. Some can be forthcoming, which women may or may not prefer. When it comes to most men though, it’s almost like they live by a secret code that is hard for women to decipher.

Diving right in and trying to interpret everything that a man is saying may not be the best way to achieve success with guys. Instead, why don’t you focus on what men find attractive first when it comes to women in general? This will also give you some insight on why they like what they like.

Sensual Cues: What Turns a Man’s Head to Get a Better Look at You

Sure, personality matters a lot when a man is trying to decide whether he’s going to come closer to you or not. Aside from this, what a man also wants is to get mesmerized. He wants to swoon at a woman. He wants his head turned and his thoughts completely captured by you. When he’s eyeing a woman, he tends to pay a good deal of attention to:

  • PosturePosture – Standing up or sitting down with your back straight is something a man will readily notice. When it comes posture, what men want is like with they see in a movie, a woman who stands tall and appears amazingly confident. That draws them in quickly. Pretty soon, they will find themselves looking at every other part of you.
  • Heels – They may not be the most comfortable as far as footwear go, but heels tend to be sexy to a man. High heels, in particular, are said to be a symbol of boldness, strength and sexiness. At the same time, heels have a way of saying that you’re ready and willing to put yourself out there and give the right guy a shot. Casual flats tend to say that you’re taken and rather unkempt.
  • Feet – Men find a good-looking pair of bare feet quite sexy. Your toenails don’t necessarily have to be painted, but they have to look well maintained. As you might guess, guys find dry cracked heels and damaged toe nails in a woman particularly horrible.
  • Fashion Sense – How you dress yourself says a lot about you and your personality. Men admire a woman who can express herself with what she has on. It tells them that you are confident about who you are and you are not scared to show your true self to the rest of the world.
  • LipsLips – If he’s interested in you, then most likely he will be thinking about what it would be like to kiss you. They can’t wait to see if your lips are soft and kissable. You also know they’re interested in you when it drives them crazy every time you do a little pout. Next time you go out, dab a little gloss on your luscious lips to make them shiny and more noticeable.
  • Voice – A man who is starting to get interested in you may also start to get drawn to the sound of your voice, especially when it sounds sexy.
  • Laugh – Much like your voice, an interested man would also be curious to hear and see you laugh. This will also help him decide as to whether he does want to go out with you or if the two of you should just remain friends.
  • Locks – A man can’t always help but check out your hair, how it bounces when you move and how well kept it is. The sight of your shiny locks can leave them in a daze. On the other hand, hair that looks untidy is a big turn off. Before you out at night, make sure to pay special attention to your locks. It might just help in reeling in your dream man.
  • EyesEyes – They say that eyes are a window to your soul and men just like to get lost in them. It also happens to be the best way to have a conversation with a man without having to utter a single word. This is why men who are interested in you like to establish eye contact. What they may be still hesitant to say in words, they can readily convey with one look, so can you.
  • Smell – A man who is starting to more than like you may be drawn to your scent, especially when he uses it as something that he can remember you buy. Because of this, it’s always better to use perfume or bath soaps that you personally like. That way, even your scent is a true reflection of who you are. A man can get to know you a little bit better just by the way you smell.
  • Butt – They cannot help but look at you buttocks. They are men after all. This is why they really appreciate when you wear something that hugs your body tightly so that they get a chance to admire your curves, especially your booty.
  • Breasts – Even the most well-mannered man would be lying if he said that they never pay particular attention to a woman’s boobs. They sometimes even evaluate. Some men have said they prefer it when a woman’s boobs are firm, instead of sagging. This tells them you take particularly good care of your health and you like staying fit.
  • SmileSmile – Any guy interested in you would love to see you smile, especially when you’re directing it at him. What men need here is a sign as to whether it’s alright for him to come over and talk to you or if you are the least bit interested in going out with him. Go ahead and make your smile warm and inviting for your dream guy.

What Men Want in a Woman: Things They Find Sexy Every Single Time

Guys may differ from each other greatly, but there are still some men’s preferences that are practically common among all of them. In particular, there are a number of things that all men find sexy in a woman every single time.

Some of them involve just you not getting yourself too styled up for the day. Others are just all about what you wear. Still, there are some things that men find sexy, which might surprise you. Here are some you may want to take note of:

  • Messy HairMessy Hair – Men can’t help it, the thought of you just having gotten out of bed gets them all hot and bothered inside. They especially like it when you leave your hair down. Just a word of caution though, make sure you still fix your hair before you show up in front of a guy. A messy hair look may be sexy but a messed up girl look is absolutely not. Be sure you take note of the difference.
  • Baseball Caps – Men don’t always want or expect a woman to be into sports, but they would always love to see you sporting a cap on. Perhaps, it gets their imagination going. It’s possible they are even picturing you in their head with that baseball cap on and nothing else.
  • Eating Seductively – Do you ever wonder why a man seems to be so engrossed with you while you are trying to enjoy your food? When women eat, they do with some style and even a hint of naughtiness. Men enjoy seeing this, especially when you’re biting into a strawberry or eating a banana.
  • Dressing Up Like a Man– Believe it or not, what men want in a woman would be to see her in his room, dressed in his own clothes while hanging out with him. There is nothing sexier than a woman who has decided to put a guy’s shirt on, along with his boxers. Go ahead, borrow his clothes the next time you come over. He will absolutely not mind.
  • Playing InstrumentsPlaying Instruments – Whether you are on the piano or simply strumming a guitar, the sight of you making music is enough for a man to stop whatever he is doing and simply focus his attention on you. A woman with an instrument is definitely sexy. If you’re in the bedroom, surprise him by playing your guitar naked.
  • Sweating – To a woman, a guy sweating can be disgusting. The stink can even be unbearable at times. A guy, however, view a woman who is glistening with some sweat as incredibly sexy. It doesn’t matter if your hair is a mess or you feel you don’t look good enough to face the world. Men don’t mind so long as you’ve got some sweat on you.
  • Stretching – Ever noticed that men tend to stop and hang around every single time they see a girl or a group girls doing some stretches. For them, it is almost a hypnotic sight and it’s something they definitely can’t get enough. At home, you can give your man a show by doing yoga in front him. Perhaps, clothes can be optional?
  • Getting Mad – There may be no rational explanation for this, but there is something that men definitely find sexy when it comes to an angry woman. It is probably the intensity that emanates from you when you’re showing off strong emotions. For some reason, it gets men all hot for you. This is perhaps why make-up sex is quite popular among a lot of couples.
  • Great LegsGreat Legs – They can’t help it – they are men after all. Every time you put on a short dress, skirt or a pair of shorts, you can be sure that a man is staring up and down at your legs. For them, tone legs are incredibly sexy, especially when they are already imagining themselves running their hands around it.
  • Cleavage – Before the two of you even start talking to each other, a man will tend to look at your chest area first, especially when you have a nice cleavage. Everything about this part of your body is sexy. Just one thing, men don’t necessarily want to see your entire breast the first time they take a look at you. They just want to see a cleavage that is still relatively covered.

Now that you know what qualities a man typically finds sexy, it’s time to find out what would drive your man crazy in bed.

Driving Him Crazy Between the Sheets: What Men Really Want When It Comes to Sex

hold handsOnce you’ve got your dream man interested in you, you may have already started going out often and enjoying each other’s company. Before long, things between you start to get more intimate and even sensual. You do more than hold hands and you can’t seem to get enough of each other.

When you get to this stage of the relationship, it’s time to make things a little bit more interesting. If you feel that you are ready to take your relationship one step further, you may want to discover what men want in bed first before you start taking each other clothes off. Here are some ideas that will leave your man wanting more and more:

  • Tease, tease and keep teasing. Part of an unforgettable sexual experience is giving him a good deal of sexual tease. Throughout the day, send him a series of naughty text messages that can drive him absolutely crazy. You know what men want to hear. It won’t be surprising if he comes home ready to get between the sheets with you. If you can though, try to hold the tease just a little bit longer.

It may be a challenge, but keep the teasing going at home. One of the things any man enjoys seeing is the sight of his woman wearing his clothes, particularly his shirt with no bra underneath and your lacey panties. To make him go even hotter for you, spray on that perfume of yours that he likes so much.

  • kitchen counterDo it in places other than your bedroom. Men appreciate it when you help keep the excitement going. If the kids are in school or out with their friends, make the most of your time alone and consider having sex in other parts of the house. The kitchen counter, living room and laundry room are particularly sexy and naughty.
  • Show up in front of him naked. Nothing makes a man go wild faster than the sight of you with all of your clothes off while standing seductively in front of him. The next time he goes to the bathroom to freshen up, hastily shed off your clothes and surprise him when he reappears. If he’s already fast asleep, go ahead and strip before giving him a naughty wake-up call.
  • Get those blowjobs going. You know that every man can’t get enough of them. After all, they all love the feeling of somehow being devoured sensually. Understandably, not all women enjoy giving blowjobs, mostly because they sometimes lose their libido when they do and it just starts to feel like a task.

In this case, you may want to take libido supplements such as HerSolution, which is a natural solution to getting your libido levels up and your hormones better balanced.

  • ice cubesDo the ice trick. Yes, ice more than just cools you down. Believe it or not, you can also use ice cubes to turn the heat up between you and your man. Slip one of them into your mouth just before you go ahead and go down on your guy. It will be such a pleasurable surprise to him that he may even forget his name for a few seconds.
  • Perform those Kegels. Nothing makes a guy crazier than the sensation of having his penis squeezed tightly for maximum pleasure. Especially when you like to stay fit, these Kegels are also a great way to get some exercise going while you’re having some naughty fun in bed.
  • Go on top. Men love it when you adopt a take charge attitude in sex. Not to mention, they also find it sexy when a naked woman is riding them. Go ahead and ride yourself to orgasm.

Relationship Keepers: What Men Want When They are Looking for Love

LoveWhile all men like to feel and experience sexual pleasure, they are also those who are looking for something more intimate. What you have to remember, however, is that what men want sexually is quite different from what men want in a relationship. For them, this is a commitment that they hold almost sacred.

When it comes to finding the right woman to have a long lasting relationship with, there is a completely different list of what guys are on the lookout for. Typically, men’s willingness to commit themselves to a woman for a long time depends on:

  • Emotional Maturity – A man wants to be with a woman who is good at handling her emotions. Even when she’s furious, she is able to tell him what she’s feeling calmly. A man also prefers a woman who doesn’t just stop talking to him every time they have an argument and just assume that her angry looks are enough for him to get the hint. Open, honest, non-dramatic conversation is much preferred.
  • Independence – Even when you are already a couple, a man prefers a woman who would take the time to see her friends without him from time to time while he is out to see his. As much as you love being together, it is also healthy for any relationship to be able to have some time apart.
  • Physical IntimacyPhysical Intimacy – For a man in a relationship, even non-sexual touching is of great importance. A touch on the neck or a stroke on his hair makes him feel loved. It shows him that even if your day is busy, you are still thinking about him and you are trying to tell him that you’re there for him.
  • Sexual Intimacy – Sex is more than just an act to a man who is in a relationship. It is also of his way of communicating with his partner. Being engaged in intimate acts with his woman makes him feel loved, wanted and connected with her. This is why, turning your man away can be the start of a bigger problem for the both of you in the relationship.
  • Security – Any man would want to be with a woman who makes him feel that their relationship is going somewhere deeper. And when it comes to his career choices, man wants a woman who supports his decision and more importantly, respects it.

He wants to feel secure in knowing you approve of what he has decided to do in terms of how he wants to go up the success ladder. He would even consult with you regarding what he plans to do before he commits to it.

  • RespectRespect – Men want to be with a woman who doesn’t just find them attractive, but one how has a good deal of respect for them. It’s important for him that his woman that truly believes in him and feels confident about his life choices.

Sometimes, luring the man of your dreams and then making him go crazy for you in bed is really just a matter of knowing what men want. Figure out which of these tips work best for you and go about getting that guy and making him your man.