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Pregnancy Sex: 5 Ways to Revive Your Love Life While Growing a Life

8 years ago 5 minute read

“Honey, I’m tired.” “I’m not in the mood.” “I don’t feel sexy.” “My tummy feels heavy.” “You’ll hurt the baby.” These are common excuses by many pregnant moms when turning down their partner for sex.

Throughout the nine months, there will be times sex is enticing and times when you’re not just in the mood for it. What gives? You had lots of sex to get pregnant, and now you won’t even lift a leg to do it. Experts say it’s important to stay sexually active before and during pregnancy. Once the baby comes, it’s even more difficult to restore your sex life if you don’t do anything now.

Here are five ways you can recover your love life while growing a life:

1. Explore Other Ways

FatigueFatigue normally occurs during early pregnancy as changes inside the body take place. At this time, you’ll want nothing but just to get lazy and sleep. All your mind and body craves is to slump than to hump.

It’s understandable if you are too tired to have sex, but you should also make an effort to give in to your partner sometimes. Sex is not just about intercourse. Now is the perfect time to explore other forms of sexual activities such as kissing, touching and oral sex. These activities are less energy draining but still pleasurable.

Discovering a whole new habit of pleasuring each other will not only help you during the nine months. It will also be very useful when the baby comes along.

2. Look At Pregnancy In A Different Light

Enhancing your assetsA lot of pregnant women turn down sex because they think they look awful with their huge baby bump. But, come to think of it. Your partner isn’t blind for him not to see your obviously growing belly yet he still finds you desirable. He wouldn’t even ask in the first place.

To regain your confidence, focus on enhancing your assets. If you have got smooth, flawless skin and beautiful legs, flaunt it with an above-the-knee length sleeveless maternity dress. Staying active and eating nutritious fruits can make you feel and look better.

A positive attitude towards your changing body will also help a lot. Just keep in mind that you are carrying and nurturing a life inside your big tummy. That alone should make you feel empowered, sexy and confident.

3. Concerns About Your Baby’s Safety

Most expecting moms and dads avoid sex during pregnancy for fear of hurting the baby. To make things clear, getting frisky is perfectly safe in a healthy pregnancy. The penis won’t hit the baby, and the humping won’t loosen the baby’s grip and cause miscarriage.Though you have to practice extra precaution and avoid doing bedroom stunts that might inflict an impact on your tummy.

There may be instances where you will be prohibited from having intercourse only if you have the following conditions:

Sometimes, even without intercourse, stimulation in the nipples and any sexual activity that leads to orgasm can cause light contractions. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you have any of these concerns. Your partner might be worried about hurting the baby too. Bring him along during checkups, so he’ll hear it straight from the expert’s mouth that sex is safe.

4. Ask Your Friends With Kids

Getting enough restIt’s totally fine if you’re scared especially if it’s your first pregnancy. To make you feel better, ask your friends with kids about having sex while they were pregnant.

The third trimester will be particularly hard for sex especially with the weight you are carrying and the bulge that looks like it’s going to burst anytime. But, a lot of pregnant women and their partners are successful in keeping their sex lives satisfactory and if not, active.

At this stage, getting enough rest and trying out positions most comfortable for you will surely help. The spooning and woman-on-top positions are the safest during this time.

5. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy LifestyleNow more than ever, it’s important to get the right nourishment from the right foods. Vary your food sources and always pick the healthier choice.

You’ll experience cravings for sweets and other comfort foods. It is okay to give in. You just have to limit the portion and frequency. Binging on unhealthy foods and overeating can make you feel heavy and lazy.

Exercise keeps the body limber so go for walks in the morning, swim and do other safe exercises. Feeling good inside can make you feel better about yourself. You can also do the following to get your groove back.

  • Put On Something Sexy

Wearing maternity dresses all the time may make you feel less sexy. Yes, you want to wear appropriate clothes but if you’re in the bedroom, put on sexy lingerie. Your regular-sized pieces may come in maternity sizes.

  • Relaxing in a beautiful placeShift To A New Environment

Relaxing in a beautiful place will lift up your mood and spirit. Book a trip to a summer place. The sunshine and sexy summer clothes can bring back the sexy feeling.

  • Pose For A Pregnant Portrait

A pregnant portrait is the“in” thing now a days. It’s a way of keeping a life-changing milestone and the photos being taken help soon-to-be moms to see the physical changes in a positive light.

Schedule your photo op on the seventh month of your pregnancy. Your tummy is openly visible, but not close to delivery, so it’ll be easy to project and move around.

  • Prenatal ExerciseEnroll In A Prenatal Exercise Class

Prenatal exercises offer a lot of benefits plus it is a lot of fun. You get to meet other soon-to-be moms, and it is a good way to bond with your partner. Spending time outside the home, exercising and socializing will lift your mood. You’re likely to respond sexually if you’re happy and emotionally well.
With a growing tummy, it’s definitely hard to feel sexy. By following these five tips, you’ll get your groove back in no time.