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5 Smart Solutions for Women’s Sex Problems

9 years ago 9 minute read

No woman wants to find themselves struggling with sexual issues. Having any type of issue with sex, private areas or your libido can cause other detrimental issues, such as depression. Help keep your body, soul, and mind healthy by learning about different ways to solve your various ailments.

Sexual dysfunction is an issue that is prevalent within men, but sexual dysfunction can occur for women, too. Reportedly, two out of every three women suffer from some type of sexual problem.

The term,“sexual dysfunction,” means any problem that leads to ineffective or hardly satisfactory sexual experiences for a couple. From difficulty having orgasms to a low libido, it is helpful to learn about the most common issues, the various ways to solve them, and why they are occur in the first place.

Reasons Why Women Experience Sexual Issues

There are many causes for women’s sexual dysfunction. Determining the cause of the issue will help treat the problem, in addition to preventing it in the future.

Lack of interestOne of the primary reasons for a sexual issue occurring is the lack of interest in sex in the first place. There are quite a few different reasons for a drop in sexual desire, so analyzing the emotional and mental aspect of sex will help isolate this issue.

  • Emotional Upheaval

Psychological issues play a major role in decreasing your sexual urges. There are various psychological causes of lack of libido, such as poor body image, childhood abuse, a lack of self-esteem, work pressures, stress and bad sexual experiences in the past.

  • Physical Disorders or Drugs

Any physical or medical issues going on in your life can affect your sexual urges. Even if the original ailments have nothing to do with sex, they can still affect your interest levels.

DrugsCancer, arthritis, diabetes, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure are just some of the physical ailments that can cause a blow to woman’s sex drive. Moreover, any form of surgery affecting your body image can dampen your desire for sex.

Medications can also cause sexual dysfunction in women. Many antidepressants and anxiety medications cause difficulty in reaching an orgasm or having sexual desires. Approximately 15 percent of women who take oral contraceptives suffer from a lack of sex drive. This is mainly because of the lower levels of the sex hormones, including testosterone.

  • Aging

AgingIn addition, aging can commonly bring about many common sexual issues. The process of aging causes various changes in the body that can lower the ability to enjoy sexual activities.

For some women, aging enhances their desire for sex because of the freedom from the worry of unwanted conception.

However, there are numerous women for whom sex takes a backseat because of their growing age. They become over conscious of their changing appearance, wrinkles and greying hair, and that makes them feel less desirable and confident.

  • Lifestyle Habits

Unhealthy lifestyleSometimes, an unhealthy lifestyle is the culprit for low libido in women. A glass of wine may make you feel relaxed, but the excessive consumption of alcohol can also lower your sex drive.

The same is true for smoking. Tobacco consumption decreases the flow of blood towards the genitals, which in turns dampers your urge to have sex. Tiredness from taking care of your home, the kids, one or more older parents and tasks at work can contribute to low libido, as well. Exhaustion from surgery and illness can also damage your sex drive.

  • Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding

Hormonal changes are one of the main causes of lower sex drive in many women. Thus, pregnancy and breastfeeding can be a hindrance for your sex drive.

PregnancyApart from the changes in hormones that pregnancy brings; tiredness, changes in body image and the stress of pregnancy, and then taking care of a newborn can all add up to changes in your libido.

  • Relationship Issues

Most women link sexual attachment to emotional connection. Thus, relationship issues can be a major reason for lower sex drive in women. Unresolved conflicts, lack of communication and breach of trust are a few of the reasons for declined interest in sex.

All of the causes of sexual dysfunction come under two sections: physical and psychological. Do you feel as though you are suffering from one of these causes? Let’s find out what your exact sexual problem is and how you can solve it.

Common Sexual Problems in Women

We have listed a few of the sexual issues you may be experiencing. These are:

1. Lack Of Desire

Relationship issueWomen ages 35 and older usually experience the loss of sexual desire. However, this issue can still occur in younger women.

Menopause is the reason that older women experience low libido. During menopause, a woman’s levels of estrogen drop drastically, and this causes the vaginal walls to cease production of natural lubricant. In addition to the lack of self-lubrication, the vaginal walls become thinner and many women can experience pain during intercourse.

There are many other different factors that can also cause a loss of sexual desire. First is a relationship issue between partners. If you and your partner are not communicating effectively or partaking in a healthy relationship, then chances are that the urge to have sex will not be present. Also, other emotional and mental conditions can cause a halt to your sexual urges. Depression, stress, anxiety or guilt can all negatively influence a woman’s desire for intercourse.

How to Fix It

How to Fix ItA moderate lack of desire can simply alleviate over time. You will also get back your lost sex drive once you resolve your relationship issues.

Have a talk with your partner and iron out any difficulties you may have with them. Lowering your stress levels helps, too. However, if the lack of desire lasts for longer than a few weeks, then you must visit your primary care physician.

A doctor will more than likely perform a physical examination to check for any medical conditions causing your lack of desire. In addition, your doctor may conduct blood work and refer you to a specialist for a more thorough examination.

2. Discomfort During Sex

Pain can clearly cause some sexual problems for any individual. If intercourse brings about pain and discomfort, then naturally someone may not want to have sex anymore.

Photo by Ryan Weisgerber / CC BY

The most common cause of discomfort during sex is a lack of vaginal lubrication. Elder women commonly experience dry vaginal walls as a result of menopause and aging.

While lubrication can temporary solve the problem, eventually the dryness will affect the friction in the worst way possible.

STDs and various pelvic infections can also cause severe pain and discomfort. So, if you are experiencing any pain then it is imperative to seek medical help right away.

How to Fix It

Any pain immediately requires a trip to your primary care physician. More than likely, a pelvic exam will take place so that your doctor can identify the location and cause of the pain. This trip is absolutely necessary as many indicators of pain during sex can lead to further pain and conditions.

3. Trouble Reaching The Big O

OrgasmAchieving an orgasm is easier for some women. The inability to have an orgasm is definitely a sexual problem for many women.

Many different things can cause difficulty achieve the big O. Relationship issues and a lack of communication can surely lead to difficulty experiencing orgasms.

Eventually, the inability to orgasm can cause frustration and make one or both partners upset. These recurring negative sexual experiences will in turn manifest into a lack of sexual desire.

How to Fix It

Communication is key when trying to have positive sexual experiences. Make sure that you and your partner are effectively discussing these troubles, and you can attempt to work your way through them. Encourage your partner by telling them what feels amazing versus what is not so tantalizing.

CommunicationIf this is not enough, then a visit to a sexual therapist is nothing to scoff at. Sex therapists can help you and your partner work through any difficulties causing roadblocks on your path towards powerful orgasms.

Only rarely is this sex problem indicative of an underlying medical issue. Be sure to bring this sex problem up to your primary care physician if it is persistent.

4. Low Self Esteem

Believe it or not, but low self-esteem can seriously prove detrimental to sexual experiences. While low body image is a cause for a lack of sex drive, this sex problem is one of its own. Body dysmorphic conditions are rampant in our society today. And, the dire effects of this condition can seep into the bedroom unwantedly.  You are probably having sex with someone whom you feel intimate with; however, if you are feeling as though you are inferior, then it will affect your intimacy levels.

How to Fix It

Professional helpSeriously body dysmorphic and body image issues require professional help. A psychologist can help to sort out and work through any issues that may be causing your perceptions. Regardless of why your body dysmorphic disorder has manifested, a professional can help to solve them.

If reaching out to a licensed professional is not an option, then you at least need open communication with your partner. Explain to them why you may not be as frisky as you used to be, and perhaps they can help you find your sex drive once again.

5. Issues Becoming Aroused

Arousal difficulty
Photo by Tina Franklin / CC BY

Difficulty becoming aroused can put a serious damper on the sexy mood. Arousal difficulty is a different problem than lack of desire.

It is almost as if the desire is there, but once the deed has begun, the performance falls flat. Regardless of any foreplay, a woman may never feel aroused. This issue can be very frustrating for a woman. Thus, it is important to attempt some solutions before the problem magnifies.

How to Fix It

Female sexual arousal disorder is an actual diagnosis. Any woman who believes that she may have this disorder should seek the help of her primary care physician. A doctor or gynecologist will be able to help identify the problem and figure out the best type of treatment, too.

supplemental helpAdditionally, ensure that there is no issue with your relationship. Work with your partner and keep all lines of communication open. If your relationship is strong and healthy and arousal is still an issue, then work on your foreplay. Perhaps your sexual experiences have become stagnant. You and your partner can spice things up by switching it up a little bit.

You may also consider consulting some supplemental help to rekindle your sexual life.

Various pharmaceutical companies are working on a type of female Viagra, but it may not be a feasible solution for many because of its myriad of side effects.

Women feel sexierThere are also natural options to help women feel sexier and more ready for lovemaking. You can easily locate safe and effective means for female enhancement online.

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Do not allow yourself to suffer from the detrimental side effects of female sexual dysfunction. Learn about the causes, and seek out a minimally invasive solution. Enjoy sex today and say goodbye to your sexual problems forever.