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6 Naughty Ways to Spice Up Sexy Time

10 years ago 8 minute read

It’s great to follow a strict routine for work or workouts, but a similar monotony in love-making can definitely ruin your sex life.The fact is that most couples eventually realize their bedroom life has become the same old dull routine.

Spending time with kidsGetting home from work, having dinner, spending time with kids, and then landing on the bed to have some serious stress-busting moments gradually can become tedious. Couples who fall under this mundane pattern often don’t understand that the flame for their sexual life is slowly dwindling.

If you think your sack sessions are no more exciting than brushing your teeth in the morning, then read on to learn how you can turn up the heat in the bedroom and amp up your sex life.

1. Tell An Erotic Story – Once There Was A Sexy Woman…

If you have raised kids, then you must have spent at least fifteen minutes before bed each night narrating them stories of fairies, monsters, kings and queens.

But, what about telling an erotic story to your spouse? At times, when you think your sex burner is not burning enough, let your imaginative juices flow to create an altogether erotic story for your partner.

If you are not so good at imagining, then don’t worry. You can find many erotic magazines and adult websites that can help you pick the right story for creating the mood you desire. While your partner is lying beside you, you can whisper and moan a sensuous tale in their ear and provide them with illustrations. Visuals and illustrations are great to make things more passionate and intense.

The more sexual you make your story, the more aroused your partner will be. Remember, the largest sexual organ in the body is the brain. You can also caress, hug, cuddle and touch your partner in different positions as your story progresses; so get creative and spice up your mundane moves and have fun in the bedroom.

2. Toys – That’s For You, Not For The Kids

Adult toys
Photo by tox brown / CC BY

Hey, we are not talking about dolls, puzzles and Legos meant for your kids. We are talking about adult toys. Adding toys and other adult gadgets into your sex life is the perfect way to enhance variety and keep the fire lit.

Vibrators are one popular way to make sex more interesting and fascinating for both of you. Most men believe that vibrators are more of a girl’s dirty secret; however women enjoy using them with their partner as well, especially if he is not jealous of it. Vibrators definitely make things easier for men, as we all know women are hard to please and need extra coaxing.

Cock ringMen can use the vibrator as a foreplay tool to prepare the women for a more erotic sex session. Although none of the gadgets can replace the feeling of the man you love inside you, vibrators can add an exciting angle to your love-making for sure. And, of course men, we won’t leave you out of the equation. There are cock rings for you. Cock rings are a cheap and quick way to escalate mediocre sex to great sex. It is a small ring that is placed on the base of the shaft of the penis. They can vibrate and are intended to offer perfect clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

So, whenever you enter your woman, you can see her shaking with excitement all the way. For girls who can’t orgasm without direct clitoris contact, achieving an orgasm will be successful with a cock ring.

Start your shopping for adult toys today. And guys don’t be resentful of vibrators or vexed up when you find out how much they cost. They’re worth every penny.

3. Think Beyond The Bedroom – Changing Places Can Be Exciting

Spice up your sex lifeYes, we know- you love your bed more than anything else in your house for that peaceful sleep.

It’s comfortable and cozy. But, having sex every time on your bed can turn out to be a tedious and wearisome job, because it puts you into the same old comfortable routine.

Try having sex without your soft sheets and comfy bed in order to spice up your sex life. Most couples respond positively to this change. So, why not get innovative at home and explore the intimacy in the shower, bathroom or even the kitchen? What about the couch? Sex can turn out to be great, if you get dirty on the stairs, as well.

If you are extra daring, try getting intimate outside on your balcony, in your pool or yard, or even on the desk at your office – of course if you work together. But hey, don’t forget to latch your office door. Go wild and wet, but don’t get arrested for indecent exposure.

4. Add Food To Your Sex Menu – Licking Can Be Fun

blindfolding your partnerBringing food and beverages to your bedroom can be totally sizzling, but only when used in the right way. Both foods and sex are good for your physical and mental health. Try being innovative with food and use it to escalate your sack sessions.

What you can do with food? Here are some suggestions. Warm up a chocolate bar and draw a trail on your body. Ask you partner to lick it off without lifting his tongue off your skin.

If this tip seems too common, consider blindfolding your partner and hold different fruit pieces with your lips each time and ask him to identify. And don’t forget to caress, massage, and stroke each other’s exotic zones while participating in this food foreplay.

Pour honey onto your partner’s body and slowly lick it off. Sharing a lollipop can turn to be very sexy, and you never know when your woman will start licking your lollipop. You can use whipped cream to make sexy images on the skin and offer him to taste.

Food foreplayDon’t be afraid to enjoy these moments with each other – you will be amazed to learn how the food sitting on your kitchen shelves can end up being so erogenous.

Just a small warning: keep all the edible things away from your private parts and above the waist. We don’t want you to complain of skin irritation, possible infections and yes, sticky pubic hair. If you are really keen to lick your way to your partner’s private parts, try using ice cubes and sexplore all over.

Now, once you have satisfied your body, mind, and soul with good food and sex, don’t forget to wash up. After clearing your room of all the mess, hit the shower and help your partner clean those hard-to-reach spots. But, be careful; who knows, you may feel the burn once again. After all, the meal is not complete without a dessert.

5. Different Sex Moves – For Steamy Sex

Sex movesAre you changing your hairdo more often than you’re changing your sex positions? Similarly to any form of exercise, sex needs variety in order to keep lovemaking an altogether new experience for couples. It is common for men and women to complain of boredom from repeating the same sex position over and over again.

A simple change in your sex moves might be all you need to get your sexual essences rolling. There are numerous sex positions available on the Internet with proper instructions on how you can implement them.

You might consider stretching yourself first, because a few of them require some flexibility. However, even if you fail to perform while twisting your body like a pretzel, you will both have an exciting time together, which can itself make things saucy.

StretchingNow, as we have talked about a pretzel, here’s a steaming hot recipe for this sex move. Pretzel dip is one of the effective sex positions that encourages clitoral contact. Here, the woman lies on her right side as the man kneels up to her.

She will take her left leg and straddle around his side, so that he is entering her as she is twisted (almost as if the bodies are perpendicular to one another). This sex move offers deeper penetration as provided by doggy style and enables couples to look at each other.

Sex twists will definitely make you shriek with excitement. So, guys – without any more delay – shuffle up your sex moves and find your woman moaning with excitement.

6. Live Your Fetishes – Unless They Are Too Heroic

FetishesEvery person has some hidden fetish, or should we say fantasy, that turns them on instantly, even though they may not be so entertaining for others. For some men, it could be licking their woman’s feet, getting an intense blowjob, talking dirty to her, or the smell of her pheromones on her hair or panties.

Just to let you know, having a fetish is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed about, unless and until they are really bizarre, like having sex with balloons or dolls.

You both may try finding out the fetishes of each other, and catering to them as you set your bed on fire – not literally. However, be slow in your endeavors to discover your partner’s fetish.

If he asks you to do something you are not comfortable with, your sex life may take a back seat. If your partner is embracing a very baffling fetish, he will probably be more guarded about it. So, try having a more subtle approach.

Trusting relationshipFinally when you have found out your partner’s fetish, and it involves something that you find disparaging or humiliating, then by all means hold out and don’t do it. But if it’s something that excites you even slightly, then definitely go for it.

If you both understand each other, there should be nothing you two can’t try or talk to each other about. If you have an affectionate and trusting relationship, then you both should feel safe to make each other’s fetishes a reality.

It’s high time you refuse to have mundane sex, so try naughty ways to make your sex life more captivating.

Usually, women are the ones who need more cajoling to try exciting means to create more sensuous sack sessions. There could be numerous reasons for women to have a low-libido including a hectic lifestyle and stress because of work, children and home.

If you think your woman is not as active in bed as before, consider suggesting she try female libido supplements, like those from It may be the only tool your woman needs to jump into having sex without you begging her first.