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The 4 Seasons Of Your Sizzling Sex Life

10 years ago 8 minute read

For many, sex is just sex, something you can do any time of the day, no matter what the season may be. That’s true. Unlike sports where regular seasons highly depends on whether it is summer, spring, autumn or winter, sex doesn’t care about the type of weather outside. As long as two people feel so horny and decided to go humping until the “big O” comes, sex will be what it is – but, is that always the case?

Apparently – and surely you won’t even notice it – your sex life is also affected by the change of season. Blame it on the heat or the cold weather, but there’s something about the change of seasons that makes your sex life sizzle – or freeze. On the other hand, it just might be your crazy hormones that make you crave for sex some days, but not others.

Whatever. Here’s a look at how spring, summer, winter and autumn can change your sex life in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

1.  Summer Body Heat

Picture this: you’re in a world-class beach resort in your skimpy bikini and getting a tan with a glass of frozen margarita on your left hand.

You saw this group of hot guys with hard-rock, six-pack abs and noticed one of them is checking you out. Then your dirty mind started to imagine things and what the two of you can do in bed. Don’t worry. You’re not committing any mistakes here. You can blame the summer or the glass of margarita, or both, for having a horny mind.

According to sex therapist Christian Genest, the warm weather creates an instinct for a more intense pleasure and joy of orgasm. A survey was also conducted by an extramarital dating website among 2,406 women from France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium and Italy. The survey reported that 71 percent of women from these countries have more sex during the summer, while 76 percent of women experienced an increased sex drive during the hot months.

SunbathingYou have to thank Mr. Sun for this. Studies show that sunbathing delivers much-needed vitamin D. Further, the sunlight has a direct effect on the brain’s serotonin production, which helps regulate arousal. Summer is also a period where the daytime seems longer and the night cycle is shorter. This can also increase the level of dopamine, which also triggers you to be more horny.

And of course, the sweat from your body secretes attracting pheromones that affects your libido. And that’s not all. Summer is an excuse to wear short shorts, skimpy outfits, string bikinis and the like. You can practically walk around naked and it’s totally acceptable because of the hot weather. Therefore, less clothing plus more skin adds to your heightened libido.

Unfortunately, summer is not the perfect time to have a baby. Sperm concentration and count are at its lowest due to the heat, which explains why summer is the best time for casual hook-ups with no strings attached.

2. Spring Fever Down Under

mood for sexSpring is not just a time for baseball to begin, or getting drunk and dirty during spring break. Spring is also an ideal time to get down to business, sex-wise, at least. You’ve seen the movies about college boys and girls and the things they do during spring break – let’s just hope there’s a condom vending machine to keep these kids STD-free.

So why does everyone feel sexy during spring? And what’s up with spring fever, anyway?

According to LA-based urologist and sex health expert, Jennifer R. Berman, as the weather gets warmer, people tend to shed layers of clothes, work out more and become more conscious of the body, since they are going to be out under the sun and surf for all to see. This increases blood flow to your brain, then down to your body and your area down there, which can elevate your mood for sex, plus your endorphins.

Basically, it’s all about anthropology. The shift in the temperature changes your hormones and your circadian rhythm – due to the longer daylight time, of course.

Get marriedHence, spring has become ideal for mating season, as if humans are just like animals, but with protection. This also explains why there are a lot of sexcapades that happen during spring break. Kids these days feel so horny all the time, they are willing to do it, even in front of tons of people.

Among the four seasons, spring gets the highest nod as the best time to fall in love, date someone or get married. It’s just so nice to walk around the park or go on a hike while wearing your best sexy outfits, don’t you think?

A piece of advice, though. When you decide to hook up with a hot, frat guy during spring break, make sure to bring tons of condoms with you. You’ll never know what you are going to get when sleeping with someone who can’t even remember your first name.

3.  Autumn Arousal

Autumn ArousalLeaves are falling and there is a certain kind of scenery that autumn brings which makes you want to say “awww.” You may have seen “Autumn in New York,” countless times and wish you’re in the place of Wynona Rider, trying to find your Richard Gere, but younger. Despite the falling leaves and bald trees, does this mean you have falling libido, too?

Apparently not. Here’s what happens in the fall.

Based on several studies, autumn is the season where your level of testosterone is higher compared to any other seasons. It may be due to scientific speculation that compares humans to the ancient mating instincts of animals or the increased social activity. It doesn’t really matter. A lot of people love sex, women included, so leave it that way.

At the same time, autumn is the period where women are more attractive to men. According to researchers at Simon Fraser University, the higher testosterone levels cause women to have thicker waists relative to their hips. In other words, you are less curvaceous during autumn compared to any time of the year.

Pumpkin pieAnd if you are worried about the pumpkin pie you have to indulge on during Thanksgiving dinner and the days after, don’t fret. Studies show that a mere whiff of that sumptuous pumpkin pie can be sexually arousing for men.

So if you are looking for the ultimate date night, take out those rom-com DVDs on the shelf while munching on pumpkin pie or pumpkin doughnutsalong with some hot cocoa.You can even get pumpkin beer and wine.

Surprisingly, love is in the air during fall. Summertime is a season for casual hook-ups and breakups, but autumn is a period where most people change their Facebook status from single to “in a relationship,” or “engaged.” If you are thinking about having a baby with hubby, November and December is the most fertile season, statistically speaking.

4.  Winter Cuddles

Winter CuddlesIce storms, blizzard, and snow everywhere. Winter is definitely that time of the year where you want to ask your sister if she wants to build a snowman and maybe hope that your own Olaf will come to life. Sure, you would want to grab a cup of hot cocoa while in front of a fireplace with your significant other’s arms wrapped around you. But with the cold weather and snow outside, does this mean your sex life has gone cold too?

Based on the 2011 poll conducted by the Associated Press – Weather Underground, 2/3 of the participants reported no romantic happenings during the cold weather. On the other hand, 15 percent of the Americans reported having more sex than usual, while the remaining 15 percent said they have lesser sexy time.

What do you think is the reason behind this?

Winter is not exactly the perfect time for you to feel sexy. You’re all bundled up and sweaters, scarves and boots, which are not exactly the perfect sexy outfit during date time. At the same time, winter is not the ideal dating season. There may be instances where you need to cancel a date due to bad weather or slippery roads. Plus, a lot of people prefer long hike or stroll in the beach than ice skating and drinking hot chocolate.

SexYour mood may even be affected, since winter is not a perfect time to go soul searching. Dealing with icy, slippery roads and worrying about the effects of snow on your home or car is something mentally tiring to think about. Not only that, colds and flu circulate more in the wintertime, so you may be dealing with sickness, too.

Does this mean winter is not an ideal time to do it? Not exactly. Sex is sex, no matter what the season may be. If you feel like doing it with your partner, then go ahead and rip off those clothes. It’s going to take some time to undress each other, though. Nothing is better than a warm cuddle in the chilling nights of winter.

Given these circumstances, it is safe to say that weather does affect one’s mood for sex. However, the season shouldn’t stop you from doing it when you feel the urge.

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And the best part? You can use it anytime of the year, regardless of the weather.