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8 Weird Ways People Boost Their Sex Drives

10 years ago 7 minute read

Your sex drive is one very important aspect of your life, and that goes for both men and women. If you’re in a relationship, you know very well how essential having a sex life is. You’re lucky if both you and your significant other always get turned on at the same moment, however not every couple is that fortunate. The truth is, it’s not always that easy to get excited about sex, especially after having a long day at work and spending time with the family.

Studies report that approximately 43 percent of women and approximately 31 percent of men in the United States report having problems with sexual dysfunction.

Now that’s a frustrating situation, indeed. The percentage may also increase for those individuals over the age of 50 years old, since there are more life stressors and pressures.

The good news about a decreased sex drive is that there are effective ways that people can try to boost their libidos. You may probably have done your own research regarding this topic in the past.

You may have even found a few tips for increasing your sex drive; however, here’s a list of some of the weirdest ways that people have implemented to increase their libido and surprisingly,these have worked for many of them.

#8 Flip Through Photos Of Your Significant Other

Flip Through PhotosOne way to increase your sex drive is to bust out some photos of your special someone and gaze at them for a couple of minutes.

Now, this may sound weird and unheard of, but studies have shown that looking at your significant other’s photos for 30 seconds or more could help the brain produce more dopamine, which is an instant sex drive booster. Although this technique may sound a bit different from the other tips you may have heard about, there’s really no risk in trying it for yourself. If you normally look at your lover’s photos, then this should be a complete breeze for you.

Go ahead and scan through some solo photos of your special someone and walk down memory lane. Just keep in mind, the next time that you’re looking at his or her photo, you’re aiming for that extra shot of libido.

#7 Pump Up Your Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline-boosting activitiesAre you into adrenaline-boosting activities and sports? If you answered no, well maybe you should reconsider and start trying these kinds of activities. What’s the reason, you may ask?

Studies have shown that after enduring adrenaline-pumping experiences, such as going bungee jumping, watching a scary movie, or jumping out of an airplane, people had an increase in their sex drives. This is even better when you and your partner do the heart jumping activities together.

If you do something daring, your heart will immediately start pumping up blood and this will help you feel more sexually aroused.

Besides increasing your adrenaline, it could also be a new experience for you and your partner. So, try doing some research on what activities you could try out for that exciting new rush. It will not only help your libido, because that adrenaline rush is good for your entire body, too.

#6 Make A Date With Mr. Sunlight

SunlightDid you know that women with a vitamin D deficiency can have low estrogen? This also leads to a low sex drive. Most women will admit that they feel sexier in the summertime and there’s a good reason. Heightened vitamin D causes your hormones, as well as your libido, to rise during the hot summer months.

Just be careful not to get too much sunshine. Limit it to fifteen minutes a day. If you also take a supplement with vitamin D in it, make sure that you don’t get too much.

You can have your doctor test your levels of this essential vitamin. The sun is relaxing and good for you in small doses; the rest of the time, be sure to wear a sunscreen with UV protection.

#5 Watch More Sports

Watch More SportsThis works for men, but also for many women, too. It’s the adrenaline thing again – getting worked up while rooting for your favorite team increases the levels of sex hormones. Both the levels of testosterone and adrenaline get fired up, which can fire up the sex urges.

So ladies, if you’re tired of watching your man watch sports, instead of feeling annoyed, frustrated and walking out on him,maybe you should join him in cheering on the home team.

Afterwards, you can seduce the living life out of him, because you’ll see the sudden increase in your sex drive – and his, too. You may thank sports on television, instead of cursing it like you did so many times in the past.

#4 Get Yourself Some Horny Goat Weed

Why wouldn’t you trust the libido-boosting properties of this herb, just from the name itself, right? Horny goat weed is actually an effective herb that people have used for many centuries. The ancient people of China used it to rev up the libido. This herb can do such sexual wonders, because it helps to increase the nitric oxide in your blood. This, in turn, actually encourages muscles to relax, which leads to feeling sexually aroused.

The technical name for this herb is actually epimedium, but that name is really no fun to say. Horny goat weed is legal and has been effective for many men who have tried it.

You can purchase some horny goat weed in herbal health stores around your area, or just look it up online. Be sure to check the ingredients and customer reviews on this horny herb before you buy it.

#3 Get Plenty Of Shut Eye

SleepLacking sleep is a total libido drainer. Your body has to recharge itself every night, and without having a good night’s sleep, your sex drive could also be negatively affected. Did you ever think sleep would be linked to your sex drive? According to studies, they actually are related to one another.

Getting in a power nap during the day could help in boosting your libido, too. Not only that, but you also get to catch up on some much needed Zzz’s. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard and nap for hours on end.

Get in a healthy power nap a couple times a week for around 15 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes, so that you don’t feel more drained and sluggish.

#2 Read A Book

Read A BookIf you aren’t a big fan of reading, you might want to consider it if you want to work on your sex drive. The reason behind that is because research has shown that those who read tend to be “in the mood” directly after their reading sessions. Of course, what you read does matter.

Try not to read those crime, horror novels that are becoming famous. Instead, focus on romantic love stories that could really help you get turned on.

Better yet, if you and your significant other go to sleep rather early and want to fit in a couple minutes of sex, go ahead and read together on the bed,so that afterwards you two can just get right on the bandwagon and turn on one another.

That’s perfect, after getting cozy in bed and reading a romantic novel, you two could reenact what you just read and make the night sizzling.

#1 Eat A Penis

Eat A Penis
Photo by Vincent Diamante / CC BY-SA

This may be a weird tip, because, well, it really is, but it works. Believe it or not, the phrase is correct, literally – eat a penis. In Asia, it’s fairly common to eat tiger genitals to increase a person’s sex drive. This mighty animal’s genitals have a secret that no one could really put into words. Eastern folklore promises that it really does work.

It has been a practice for many, many years and many believe in it. The only challenge is how you’re going to get your hands on that hearty soup. That basically means you would have to travel all the way to Asia to try out some tiger penis.It might be a whole different taste and experience for you, however you will get to try something new and also it has been known to improve your sex drive.

Did you get some great ideas from this compilation of weird ways that people boost up their sex drives? If you did, then that’s great, because you could also use these methods to help your own sex life.

Communicate with each otherThis is especially important if you and your partner notice a decrease in your sexual encounters because of having a hard time getting turned on by each other.

Try not to get too frustrated with the entire situation, because stress could also contribute to why you and your partner are having libido problems. The most important thing to do is to communicate with each other. Keep yourselves close by sharing what’s going on, and then working together to come up with the best solutions.

And, if all else fails, consider a visit to your doctor to have your hormone levels and other things check out. They can help you get back on track and enjoying life – and sex again.