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9 Hidden Health Benefits of Sex for Her

9 years ago 11 minute read

We often talk about healthy diets and regular exercise being good for us, but did you know that sex also offers a huge number of amazing benefits for your body, as well as your general well-being? Sex can boost your physical state, your mental health, your immune system and much more.

Unfortunately, health-conscious people are so busy reading about working out, doing yoga or eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, that they don’t realize engaging in such a fun activity can be equally beneficial for their health.

Here are nine incredible benefits that sex can offer you and your body:

1. Sex Is A Fun Pain Reliever

It might surprise you to learn that sex can actually be an effective way to free yourself of pain. In fact, at the point of orgasm, happiness-inducing chemicals called endorphins are released in the brain.

These chemicals numb the pain you might be experiencing from something like headaches, cramps or even PMS.

Sex is also able to trigger the release of dopamine, another chemical responsible for feelings of pleasure in the brain. Having sex secretes this chemical in large quantities. This can effectively make you forget about any pain you may be feeling and it helps you focus entirely on pleasure, instead.

After sex, a chemical called prolactin is secreted to calm your excitement levels. Fortunately, this chemical also has pain-relieving properties to help free your of any discomfort you may have been experiencing prior to sex. You can drop the “I have a headache” excuse now.

2. Sex Can Boost Your Immunity

Cold and fluWe can do a lot of things to keep ourselves free of viruses and infections. Everyone knows about hygienic practices, including washing your hands regularly.

But, did you know that sex is an effective immune booster too? Well, research has shown that regular sex sessions are actually responsible for increased immune system activity.

When you have sex, your body responds by producing something called immunoglobulin. It is an antibody responsible for protection us against cold and flu viruses. Effectively, it seems that the body realizes that sexual intercourse poses a risk of infection, so it doubles its efforts in terms of immunity to keep us extra safe when we make love.

3. Sex Melts Stress Away

It’s pretty obvious that making love can unclutter your mind of the worries and pressures after a busy day. Women often have to juggle careers, family lives and more.

StressAll of these things make modern life quite hectic and nerve-racking. Spending some quality time with your partner and focusing on nothing but pleasure can help you calm down and feel happier.

A recent study actually showed that women who have sex regularly are generally happier than those who don’t. This is because at the point of orgasm, oxytocin is released in the body. This oxytocin helps relieve you of any doubts and uncertainties, and makes you feel happy and content.

You might think that simple emotional connections can have the same effect. It is true that a good moment of intimacy with a partner can help you feel much better; however, science has proven that physical contact is an imperative part of the body’s stress-relieving process.

4. Sex Will Give You a Better Night’s Sleep

Better Night’s Sleep
Photo by you me / CC BY

It’s true that after a roll in the hay, we often fall asleep far more easily than we might have done otherwise. Studies show that ladies who have regular sex enjoy longer and calmer sleep. This makes them more alert during the day, and less likely to suffer from the effects of fatigue.

Plenty of scientific research exists to reinforce this idea. Research has shown that increased amounts of oxytocin helps you feel calm and sleepy after the act. Sex also reduces your levels of cortisol.

Cortisol is responsible for anxiety, so less of this chemical in your body means less taxing thoughts and anxious feelings. In fact, for women, the effect is even better, as sex can boost estrogen levels, which can contribute to a sound night’s sleep.

5. Sex Can Boost Your Blood Flow

BloodOne of the most significant aspects of sexual health is a good circulatory system.For both men and women, blood flow is essential, as it allows men to have erections and women to have sensitivity in their sexual organs.

When you are about to have sex, your blood is flowing much more rapidly than normal all around your body.

This increase in blood flow can naturally have some impressive effects on your sexual performance, but it can also benefit you in other ways.

As blood flows throughout the rest of the body, it delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to your muscles and organs. It also removes any waste products and carbon dioxide that has been building up throughout your system. Therefore, when you have sex, you are essentially allowing your circulatory system to clean out and replenish your body.

6. Sex Helps You Look After Your Body

Body imageMany women these days are worried about their fitness and feel the need to take part in a sport or work out every day. These things are obviously imperative, but sex can be quite a vigorous form of exercise, too. So, it’s clear to see that it can help you burn off some extra calories and raise your fitness levels.

As you burn off those calories and improve your body image, your confidence will see a huge boost.You will feel much better about yourself. A typical half hour of sex can burn off approximately 150 calories.

Hence, if you spend a couple of hours between the sheets with your lover each week, this can be a great bonus way of melting some pounds. If you and your partner take it to the next level and try out some crazy positions, you could easily shed off twice as much as this.

Losing weightAnother benefit of losing weight is that it can easily lead to you enjoying more sex and growing closer to your partner as a result. When you lose weight, you look sexier and feel much more inclined to get naked and enjoy some fun with your lover. If you don’t like the way you look, you will be less likely to have a healthy sex life, which can negatively impact your relationship.

7. Sex Keeps You Looking And Feeling Young

We all know about that wonderful glow people get after a good sexy session. This is because of the boost in blood flow that sex provides. More blood is directed around the body to your muscles and organs, including your skin, making it appear bright and glowing.

Many women have wished that this effect could last a little longer. Well, it can. Ladies who have sex regularly do witness an extended version of this glowing effect.This occurs because of the improved circulatory system by participating in a vigorous physical activity.

Looking And Feeling YoungIn addition, sexual activity actually causes the secretion of more collagen in your body. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin looking awesome and free of any spots or wrinkles.

Therefore, women who enjoy sex often actually look younger for longer and stay wrinkle-free.Sex also helps balance out hormone levels, reducing the chances of developing acne or pimples. On top of all that, the improvement in circulation helps to keep the skin moist and full of nutrients, preventing it from drying out.

What’s good for your skin is usually good for your hair and nails too, and sex is no exception to this rule. The hormonal balance you get as a result of sexual activity helps to keep your hair looking lush and shiny, and your nails strong.Overall, sex could be described as a full-body treatment to keep you looking spectacular from head to toe. Another amazing benefit of sex is that it doesn’t just make you look younger; it can actually help you live longer, too.

When you have an orgasm, a hormone known as DHEA is released, which has a variety of super effects on the body, including boosting your immune system and repairing your tissues. This hormone effectively keeps you healthy, and so sex could definitely make you live longer.

8. Sex Increases Fertility Levels And Calms the Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual CycleWomen with menstrual cycle problems often use alternate birth control pills as a form of treatment. However, switching pills can potentially pose some unwanted side effects.

Fortunately, sex is an all-natural and completely safe way to regulate your cycle. Studies have shown that women who engage in frequent sexual activity are far more likely to have consistent menstrual cycles. In addition, their fertility rates are subsequently much higher as a result. Research has also shown that regular sex can help prepare your body for pregnancy, and ensure that this part of your life passes smoothly without any problems.

As women come into contact with their partner’s semen more frequently, their body begins to recognize it and is therefore less likely to reject it. This means that it becomes easier to get pregnant. During the pregnancy, their body is less likely to react negatively to the baby as it develops, too.

9. Sex Makes Your Relationship Better Than Ever

intimate with each otherCouples who don’t have sex are often much less intimate with each other in general. And, this leads to a state where your partner is more like a friend than a lover. Sexual activity not only helps each of you feel less frazzled, it actually brings you closer together.

When you have sex with your partner, you are opening yourself up to them and engaging in one of the most personal and passionate activities in the world. By being completely open and trusting your partner, you are showing them how special they are and how much you love them. As a result, the two of you can easily feel much closer after a good sexy session.

It’s all about fulfillment, as well. In a relationship, we all have various needs that have to be fulfilled, otherwise we begin to feel disappointed and more distant from our partners. Sexual needs and fulfillment are a part of this, too. When a partner makes you feel good physically, you are much more content with the state of your relationship, and thereby feel closer to your lover.

Physical contactPhysical contact with someone you love will make you happier, and help you and your partner to strengthen the bonds that connect you.

Sex is vital, but we can all struggle with a low libido from time to time.

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Going Solo: The Benefits Of Masturbation

Too many women feel ashamed or guilty about their desire to masturbate. We tend to think it is just a guy thing and that women aren’t allowed to enjoy some private time, but this idea is complete nonsense. Not only is masturbation perfectly safe and natural for women, but it can also provide you with a bunch of positive effects, as well.

Photo by Robert McDonald / CC BY

Too many women never take the time to touch themselves. By doing so, you begin to figure out what turns you on and how to give yourself an orgasm. This is vital for your sexual well-being in the future. A huge amount of women can’t have orgasms through regular penetration. So, it’s important you know how to excite yourself, so you don’t miss out on the fun when having sex.

Below, we will give you a few helpful tips to get you through your sexy solo sessions.

  • Get some time to yourself in a private environment. You won’t be able to really let yourself go and enjoy the moment if you have a deadline to meet.
  • Get yourself in the mood by taking a nice bath and spoiling yourself. It might seem silly, but you can effectively have a date all by yourself and enjoy an intimate moment alone.
  • Sex toys
    Photo by Alper Iseri / CC BY-SA

    Use toys to make things easier. A lot of women nowadays make use of sex toys, and for good reason. It can be hard work to rely on your fingers and vibrating toys make the whole process much simpler.

  • Practice, practice, practice. It can be hard or awkward to start masturbating, particularly for a woman, but keep at it. As you continue, you will get better at giving yourself orgasms and the whole act will seem more and more natural.
  • Don’t focus entirely on the orgasm. You can enjoy plenty of other amazing sensations throughout the masturbation experience. So, don’t rush yourself to the end.

Sex is an important part of being human. If you aren’t getting the sexual satisfaction you need, it will reflect on many other areas of your life. Start improving your sex life today, so you can feel and look better tomorrow.